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Some Words About “Signs” Movie 

Launched in 2002, “Signs” is a science fiction thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The movie blends a wide array of elements, including:

  • Horror 
  • Suspense
  • Family drama 

The movie is also known for its signature storytelling style.


The story of this movie revolves around the Hess family.

Graham (Mel Gibson) is the father of two children, Bo (Abigail Breslin) and Morgan (Rory Culkin).

The family starts to experience terrifying and mysterious crop circle formations on their land.

As this unnatural phenomenon escalates worldwide, the family eventually starts to think about extraterrestrial visitors. 

During the rising suspense and tensions, Graham tries every possible thing to protect his family.


“Signs” is a combination of different themes that are not only thought-provoking but thrilling, too.

The most noteworthy of these themes include:

  • Faith and Commitment
  • Strong Family Ties and Resilience
  • The Unknown

Faith and Commitment

At its core, “Signs” is a movie that revolves around commitment and faith. 

Graham is a former reverend who faced a personal tragedy and lost his faith.

While he passes through various spiritual crises, Graham encounters the unfolding of inexplicable events around him. 

The film also explores how one can challenge the odds with strong faith and belief.

Strong Family Ties and Resilience

The struggle of the Hess family for survival is the major theme of the movie.

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Due to their resilience, the family collectively faced the lurking dangers.

The power of family ties is also depicted in this film.

Fear and Suspense

Fear and suspense are a few of the other noteworthy themes of the movie.

Viewers can relate them to the fear of the unknown.

This relates to the idea that we are not alone, as there might be some other species out there in our universe.

Signature Style of Storytelling 

M. Night Shyamalan was successful in creating a thrilling sci-fi film full of suspense and unique events.

Occasionally, there are unexpected plot twists, which keep the audience engaged.

Shyamalan builds a tense atmosphere throughout the movie by utilizing exceptional cinematography skills. 

Top 5 Signs Quotes

Here are the top 5 quotes from the thriller film.

1. “The nerds were right.” — Merrill Hess

2. “Tell Morgan to play games, it’s okay to be silly.” — Colleen

3. “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” — Robert H. Schuller

4. “There’s a monster outside my room. Can I have a glass of water?” — Bo

5. “What kind of a machine bends a stalk of corn without breaking it?” — Officer Caroline

Signs Quotes from Graham Hess

Venture into the profound and thought-provoking quotes delivered by the conflicted former priest turned farmer.

6. “You want me to curse?” — Graham Hess

7. “My vote counts as two.” — Graham Hess

8. “Ahh! I’m insane with anger!” — Graham Hess

9. “I don’t know what got into me.” — Graham Hess

10. “Looks a little like our house, doesn’t it?” — Graham Hess

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Signs Quotes from Bo

Bo’s innocent yet perceptive observations about the world around her add depth to the narrative of the film.

11. “I dreamed this.” — Bo

12. “This is serious.” — Bo

13. “I’m already scared.” — Bo

14. “Why do you talk to Mom when you’re by yourself?” — Bo

15. “Morgan took a sip, and it’s got his amoebas in it.” — Bo

Signs Quotes from Merrill Hess

Explore here some of the most compelling quotes uttered by Merrill Hess, offering a glimpse into his complex character and the profound themes presented in Signs.

16. “Good enough for me.” — Merrill Hess

17. “You know, curse and stuff.” — Merrill Hess

18. “It’s like War of the Worlds.” — Merrill Hess

19. “How do you know boards will do anything?” — Merrill Hess

20. “They were for navigation. They made a map. They’re going to be within a mile of us.” — Merrill Hess

Signs Quotes from Morgan

Morgan offers a unique and haunting perspective through his memorable quotes. Some are here.

21. “Maybe we should say a prayer.” — Morgan

22. “It’s so the aliens can’t read our minds.” — Morgan

23. “Dad? What happened? Did someone save me?” — Morgan

24. “If you’re gonna make fun of it, then forget it.” — Morgan

25. “Some guy had a sign saying it was the end of the world.” — Morgan

Which of these Signs Quotes is your Favorite? 

“Signs” is a testament to the abilities of M. Night Shyamalan.

He successfully created a movie full of thrill and suspense.

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Besides, the art of storytelling is at its highest level.

All these aspects proved to be the key reasons for the popularity of this movie.

This is why Signs quotes are so popular among its fans.

If you are one of them, our list should help you find your favorite quote.

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