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What is silent treatment?

When it comes to the silent treatment, it’s an act of refusal to talk to another person. 

Sometimes, people giving silent treatment don’t acknowledge a person’s presence. 

By doing so, a person tries to control or manipulate the behavior/thinking of another person. 

This usually happens between romantic or any other type of relationship

So, you can witness silent treatment between parents, kids, colleagues, and friends.

How to respond to the silent treatment 

When responding to the silent treatment, the victim or the person affected by this treatment should act prudently. 

The response against such treatment depends on a wide array of aspects. 

If the silent treatment isn’t a part of the abusive nature of your partner, friend, or co-worker, you can respond to it in the following manners. 

  • Try to start a conversation 
  • Make some confessions 
  • Don’t forget to acknowledge the other person’s feelings 

Try to start a conversation

If someone is using silent treatment against you, don’t hesitate to acknowledge it.

You must find some ways to start a conversation.

For instance, you can say, ‘I am noticing that you are not interested in talking to me.

This will help you to take the first step toward engaging with a person showing silent treatment.

Make some confessions 

It is essential to make some confessions to encourage someone to break the ice and stop giving the silent treatment. 

You can confess that your fault led to the current cold war between the two of you. 

Try using “I statements” like I feel sorry, hurt, frustrated, etc. 

The most important thing is to make the other person believe you are interested in resolving the issue.

Don’t forget to acknowledge other person’s feelings 

Let the other person know how you feel about him/her. 

Also, try to listen carefully and stay engaged with the other person. 

If your partner is in threatening mode, separate yourself from the situation until things calm down between you. 

Top 10 silent treatment quotes

Let’s take a look at the best silent treatment quotes. 

1. “Ooh, the silent treatment.” Ally Carter 

2. “It’s such a simple torture—the silent treatment.” Holly Bourne

3. “The silent treatment: A deadly killer of friendship.” Peter Jackson

4. “Is your conscience giving you the silent treatment?” Frank Sonnenberg

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5. “I combat the silent treatment with the ‘didn’t even notice’ treatment.” Shelley

6. “A silent treatment is much effective than removing display picture.” — Radhika Goel

7. “Silent treatment is the worst and most painful way to ignore someone.” Dane Patrick 

8. “Silent treatment cannot be argued with. It’s based on emotions and not on logic.” Diana Macey

9. “Relationships are marked by criticism, defensiveness, and silent treatment” John M. Gottman

10. “Silent treatment in a relationship is often a sign of selfishness and weakness!” Malbro Kingston

Thoughtful silent treatment quotes 

These silent treatment quotes are thought-provoking, allowing you to think about your relationship.

11. “Your ‘silent treatment’ is like a slow poison to me.” Unknown

12. “The problem with when someone gives you ‘silent treatment’ is that they won’t tell you about it.” Anil Sharma

13. “At one time or another, we have all faced the temptation to disconnect by giving someone the silent treatment.” Victoria Osteen

14. “Silent treatment: the fantastic devastation of unwanted silence. That heavy slink; how it hangs with purpose; mean, easy.” Sabrina Benaim

15. “The ‘silent treatment’ is used, to punish another person, by someone who, most likely, was raised in a dysfunctional family.” James Thomas Kesterson Jr

16. “Strength doesn’t have to mean putting your problems aside or showing silent treatment. Strength is sometimes being brave enough to seek the help that you need.” J. Aleong

17. “The older I got, the more apparent it became that my mother was losing control over me. She fought back fiercely with black moods, silent treatments, and martyrdom.” George Carlin

18. “CNs often use passive-aggressive means to punish you when you do not behave in ways they want. Sometimes they will give you the silent treatment, act as if they didn’t hear you,” Debbie Mirza

19. “Until you feel sick of the presence of emotionally detached men and begging them to do right by you, they keep camping in your yard, offering you silent treatments each time a conflict arises.” Elelwani Anita Ravhuhali

20. “On those days when we’re not ready to stop being offended, not ready to forgive, still determined to dish out the silent treatment, what we’re actually saying is, ‘Thanks, but I don’t want to become more like the Savior today.’” Sheri L. Dew

Silent treatment quotes with a strong message

Going through this section, you can find silent treatment quotes with a loud and strong message.  

21. “The ‘Silent Treatment’ makes the loudest noise of all.” Aurora Wilson

22. “The ‘silent treatment’ solves no problems… it only makes more.” — Unknown

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23. “Don’t treat a woman’s silence as her weakness. Treat it like the calm before the storm. Yes, the silent treatment.” Unknown 

24. “The silent treatment is not blatant; it’s insidious. The only person who really feels the silent treatment is the target.” Sharie Stines

25. “Wren had never been tolerant of liars. When she was five, she gave her parents days of silent treatment after finding out Santa wasn’t real.” K. T. Hanna

26. “Emotional abuse is any kind of abuse that is not physical in nature. It can include everything from verbal abuse to the silent treatment.” Beverly Engel 

27. “Others manipulate through pouting, giving others the silent treatment, being secretive or stubborn, conniving behind others’ backs, or being intimidating.” Les Carter

28. “A narcissist’s silent treatment isn’t because you hurt their feelings. It’s manipulation to cause you psychological pain so they can further their control over you.” Russell Brand 

29. “The silent treatment can be very frustrating to us, not to mention the effect it has on others. Most of us know when we are doing it; few of us know how to stop it.” Robert J. Ackerman 

30. “This ‘silent treatment,’ the withdrawal and avoidance, may last for a day or for years. The longer it continues, the more certain it is that resentment and bitterness will grow and fester.” Gary Chapman  

Funny silent treatment quotes

These silent treatment quotes are funny enough to lighten up your mood. 

31. “God is not only not giving you the silent treatment, he is practically yelling.” — Jared C. Wilson

32. “I knew enough about women to take the “silent treatment” for the gift it was.” B. V. Larson 

33. “Talking to myself I used to talk to myself until myself criticized myself. Now I’m giving myself the silent treatment.” Beryl Dov

34. “So yeah. Jesse Walker was giving me the silent treatment. I was probably the only person who could claim that honor.” Nicole Williams 

35. “She reassembled her deranged silent treatment of the whole of the twentieth century, but it quit before she could fire it.” Jonathan Lethem

36. “‘I love you,’ I whisper in his ear. No response. ‘I love you.’ nothing. I love you, Sam.’ My silent treatment had been reinstated.” Maryanne Pope

37. “When your woman gives you the silent treatment, say you are sorry, or you will find out how truly sorry you are when her monologue resumes.” Unknown 

38. “Created a word game to play with a person you’re fighting with. ‘Silent Treatment.’ Nothing happens until one of you quietly says, ‘Hey, you hungry?’” Dane Cook

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39. “And they lived happily (aside from a few normal disagreements, misunderstandings, pouts, silent treatments, and unexpected calamities) ever after.” — Jean Ferris

40. “What?” I ask the back of his head. “Now you’re giving me the silent treatment?” His shoulders jiggle up and down. You know, one of those wry, silent chuckles, accompanied by a rueful shake of the head. Girls girls! so silly.” Rick Yancey

Silent treatment quotes you can relate to

Here, you can find a collection of silent treatment quotes that you can relate to.

41. “Relationships do encounter silent treatments.” Unknown 

42. “Are you ever gonna talk to me again? Dammit, Kiara, enough with the silent treatment.” Simone Elkeles

43. “Laid up in that all day, can’t get out that waterbed. Talk nasty for ya boy, silent treatment for the feds.” Norman Kent

44. “Do you want to tell me why I’m getting the silent treatment?’ He asked gruffly, his breath hot on my ear.” Samantha Young

45. “For me, family means the silent treatment. At any given moment, someone is always not speaking to someone else.” Sarah Dessen

46. “What many may call ‘the silent treatment’ is sometimes merely a matter of some individual being angry while trying not to be angry.” Criss Jami

47. “In real, adult relationships, however, the ‘silent treatment’ can be a vicious weapon when used with an undertone of intimidation.” Aubrey Cole 

48. “It’s not real anger if it is implied or a few degrees removed if it takes the form of whispering, or cold shoulders, or silent treatment.” Koren Zailckas

49. “Be wise and break the silent treatment before it breaks down your relationship beyond repair. Pride repels love ask the devil he will tell you.” Khuliso Mamathoni

50. “We have treated our most serious adversaries, such as Iran and North Korea, in the most juvenile manner – by giving them the silent treatment. In so doing, we have weakened, not strengthened, our bargaining position and our leadership.” Theodore C. Sorensen

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