50 Skateboarding Quotes For The Rider In You

Look at these awesome skateboarding quotes.

Skateboarding is a sport that was created in the United States of America.

Most historians recognize that the birthplace of skateboarding occurred in the state of California during the 1950s.

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What are the benefits of reading these skateboarding quotes?

It is difficult to say who made the very first skateboard, but we know that surfers who wanted something to do when the waves were not coming in strong created it.

During the 1970s, urethane skateboard wheels were created and replaced the metal or wooden wheels used in the fifties.

Not long after, the entire world would fall in love with the sport.

Today, skateboarders are in every country of the world, and the sport continues to grow.

Skateboarding can teach us a lot about life, including:

  • practice with people who are better than you (and practice in general)
  • be unique and be yourself
  • take care of your body

Like anything else that becomes a global phenomenon, skate culture has taken a life of its own and become part of the fabric of popular culture.

Short skateboarding quotes

1. “Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly.” – Bam Margera

2. “Life is a lot like skateboarding.” — Lil Wayne

3. “All skateboarding is, is putting ideas into action.” — Marc Johnson

4. “In skateboarding, you’re never bigger than the streets.” — Rob Dyrdek

5. “Skateboarding is a meditation.” — Rodney Mullen

6. “Skateboarding is poetry of motion.” — Stevie Williams

7. “I had an intuitive yearning that skating was for me.” – Rodney Mullen

8. “When I skate, it’s like my brain is turned off; not thoughts, just feelings.” — Valeria Figueroa

9. “I love skateboarding, but it makes me the worst psychopathic maniac.” – Mike Taylor

10. “I never wanted to look at those dusty trophies and say that’s who I was.” — Rodney Mullen

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Skateboarding quotes from Tony Hawk

11. “I never got into skateboarding to be number one.” Tony Hawk

12. “I won’t quit skateboarding until I am physically unable.” Tony Hawk

13. “Skateboarding doesn’t need the validation of the Olympics.” Tony Hawk

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14. “Having sponsors that aren’t skate companies is very commonplace now.” Tony Hawk

15. “The Olympic Games need skateboarding more than we need them.” Tony Hawk

16. “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport. ‘Action sport’ would be the least offensive categorization.” Tony Hawk

17. “I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle, and an art form, so there’s so much that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment.” Tony Hawk

18. “When I was around eleven or twelve, my board got hung up on the top of a bowl, and I got a concussion, and I knocked my teeth out. That was the first time that I got seriously injured, and I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and my parents briefly doubted.” Tony Hawk

19. “If I can stand up when I’m 80, I’ll be happy to cruise around on a skateboard. If I feel like my skills are fading, I just won’t do it publicly.” Tony Hawk

20. “When I started skating, it was such a small community. You didn’t aspire to be rich or famous or make a career out of it because that wasn’t something anyone had done yet.” Tony Hawk

Skateboarding quotes about life lessons

21. “There is no second place. There is only losing.” Rodney Mullen

22. “Its Physical and mental. You have something to focus on.” Dennis Busenitz

23. “Skateboarding is training, but I don’t think of it as training. It’s fun.” Shaun White

24. “If you skateboard, you can’t be afraid to have people laugh at you.” Mark Gonzales

25. “One thing about a skater, they never quit, so a skater, to sum it up, is awesome.” Lil Wayne

26. “Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway.” — Ryan Sheckler

27. “I see people with talent, but the one thing they don’t have is that love for doing it for the sake of it.” Rodney Mullen

28. “I think that’s one of the best things about skateboarding. We’re all competitors out there, but no one dislikes each other.” Nyjah Huston

29. “I’ve made money from a young age, but it’s never taken away from my love of skateboarding. I don’t just do this for money.” Nyjah Huston

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30. “Skateboarding helps a ton with balance, precision, with air awareness… it gets your senses to be spot-on, and it’s also a great way to take my mind off things.” Shaun White

What makes you a skateboarder quotes

31. “I honestly don’t even feel like I’m in the skateboarding industry.” Justin Schulte

32. “That is the most fun part of skateboarding, the challenges. There are always new possibilities.” Nyjah Huston

33. “Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder. Not being able to stop skateboarding make you a skateboarder.” Lance Mountain

34. “Skateboarding is a lifestyle. If I weren’t a professional skateboarder, I’d be skating every day.” Ryan Sheckler

35. “For me skateboarding is a lifestyle. I dont really know anything different. My life revolves around skating. If I wasn’t a pro skater, I’d still be skating everyday.” Ryan Sheckler

36. “I was a real skateboarder – not a gifted skateboarder. I represented that skateboarding was fun to do by being terrible at it.” Lance Mountain

37. “The beauty of skating is that everybody has a unique set of variables that they can put in place and express their individual identity in the form of – call it – greatness.” Rodney Mullen

38. “As skateboarding evolved, it evolved away from competition. Having a best-trick contest doesn’t work.” Rob Dyrdek

39. “My whole body is a wreck. I’ve injured myself so many times with jujitsu, skateboarding, football. I guess I like to live hard.” Scott Caan

40. “Skateboarding was the only thing I was ever good at. Growing up, I was doing that from, like, dusk till dawn.” D. J. Cotrona

More skateboarding quotes

41. “I personally think skateboarding is harder because it has so many moving parts. With snowboarding, your feet are strapped to your board.” Shaun White

42. “A lot of hip-hop sounds the same… same thing with skateboarding. But if you see someone coming out here doing some tricks no one’s done before that’s really cool.” Nyjah Huston

43. “When I was a kid, everywhere I went people said I should be a model, but I was more into skateboarding.” Daria Werbowy

44. “Usually the thing that signifies that I’m done with the winter and all that is that I start skateboarding.” Shaun White

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45. “If I weren’t skateboarding, I’d love to race cars. I like anything that’s fast and active.” Ryan Sheckler

46. “Growing up, I absolutely loved skateboarding and dirt bike riding with my brother and the neighborhood kids.” Daniella Monet

47. “I actually got into music because of art and because of skateboarding: All those graphics and punk bands and fanzines – they were glued together in my brain.” Alison Mosshart

48. “California just does not remotely embrace the fact that it’s where skateboarding itself was birthed and where 90% of the industry is.” Rob Dyrdek

49. “Skateboarding for me is a whole lot different for me than before the TV fame, if you will, because going out in the street is a little bit different.” Rob Dyrdek

50. “Snowboarding is skateboarding without the wheels, just on snow. It’s the same thing, just that one is on hard ground with the wheels, the other is on snow. You just have to know how to maneuver your board and do things you want to do.” Gza

Skateboarders are a dedicated and eclectic bunch

For an activity that started with surfers who wanted the thrill of riding even when there were no waves to an Olympic sport, skateboarding has come a very long way.

Today, millions of people love to skate for the sake of skating.

You can go to any continent on the planet and find inspired riders who are taking skating to new levels.

Skating crosses every boundary and is not limited to sex, race, gender, religion, or political party.

There are skates from all walks of life who are on their boards pounding the pavement.

Professional and amateur riders continue to push the limits of the sport.

Tony Hawk is probably the world’s most recognized skater.

Even with all of his accolades and accomplishments in the world of skating, he still loves the sport from his heart, often sharing that “I won’t quit skateboarding until I am physically unable.”

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