25 Spartacus Quotes From the Famous Gladiator

To learn more about the fierce warrior and leader, check out these Spartacus quotes!

Spartacus was a Thracian, a mysterious collection of tribes living in the part of the Balkan Peninsula that lies east of Italy, who became a renowned Gladiator!

He was born in 103 BC and died in battle in Italy in 71 BC.

After serving in the Roman army and deserting, Spartacus was caught and sold as a slave to be a gladiator.

He would become a strong and fierce gladiator who helped lead 70 other gladiators to escape with him.

Together, the group of gladiators formed a fierce fighting force, and many joined their force.

After defeating Roman forces and taking Italy, the gladiators were surrounded, and Spartacus was killed in a fierce battle.

Take a few minutes to read these Spartacus quotes to learn more about the famous gladiator.

Quotes From and About Spartacus In the Historical Novel By Howard Fast

Howard Fast’s 1951 historical novel about Spartacus helped bring the legend back into the modern spotlight.

1. “They call me father.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

2. “Talk, talk to each other.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

3. “We are not lost. We remember how we came.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

4. “Let us say that kindness costs me so little and rewards me well.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

5. “I don’t think man is blessed with memory. More often, he is cursed with it.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

6. “There is nothing more important than being a man, just a plain, ordinary, human man.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

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7. “And Spartacus taught me that all the bad things men do, they do because they are afraid.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

8. “Trained to kill for the idle pleasure of his masters, he sparked the revolt against their cruel, degenerate rule.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

9. “It will be alright, for when you are called father by those old enough to be your father, what else is there to say?” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

10. “Spartacus was the gladiator who led the hopeless men, women, and children out of the kitchen, the fields, the slave pens, and the stockades, in the greatest rebellion the ancient world ever saw.” — Howard Fast, Spartacus

Enjoy these Spartacus Quotes From the Famous 1960 Movie Called Spartacus

Kirk Douglas plays a great role as Spartacus in this classic movie!

11. “I’m not an animal! I’m not an animal.” — Spartacus

12. “I’d try to stay alive, and so would you.” — Spartacus

13. “All men lose when they die, and all men die.” — Spartacus

14. “Who wants to fight? An animal can learn to fight.” — Spartacus

15. “One gladiator’s worth any two Roman soldiers that ever lived.” — Spartacus

16. “Don’t give them the pleasure of a contest. Lower your guard, I’ll kill you on the first rush.” — Spartacus

17. “I’d rather be here, a free man among brothers, facing a long march and a hard fight, than to be the richest citizen of Rome, fat with food he didn’t work for, and surrounded by slaves.” — Spartacus

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These Spartacus quotes show how powerful and passionate a leader Spartacus was!

18. “I am Spartacus!” — Spartacus

19. “I would kill them all.” — Spartacus

20. “There is always a choice.” — Spartacus

21. “A man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it.” — Spartacus

22. “A Gladiator does not fear death. He embraces it.” — Spartacus

23. “I’ve had my fill of games, let us leave this arena forever.”  — Spartacus

24. “Whatever happens, it happens because we choose for it.” — Spartacus

25. “Do not shed tears for me. There is no greater victory than to fall from this world a free man.” — Spartacus

Is Spartacus Still Famous Today?

Yes, Spartacus is still famous today and, in fact, is known to many as his story has been adapted into books, movies, and television shows.

In 1951, Howard Fast wrote a famous historical novel called Spartacus, and in 1960, the movie Spartacus became a hit. 

And more recently, there was a 3 season television series called Spartacus.

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