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Bhagavad Gita Quotes if You Seek Inspiration and Wisdom

These Bhagavad Gita quotes will teach you valuable lessons about life.

Known to many scholars and believers, they come from an ancient literature called the Gita – a Sanskrit scripture composed of verses taken from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Conversations between Arjuna and Krishna

Translated as “The Song of God”, Bhagavad Gita was written like a poem depicting conversations between Prince Arjuna and his guide, the god Vishnu disguised as a chariot driver named Krishna. 

As Prince Arjuna sought answers to his questions and disillusionment about the war, Krishna has provided the light through profound advice filled with wisdom and inspiration.

The Bhagavad Gita quotes are Hindu perspectives that touch on Indian traditions and philosophies. Many believe they are still relevant in our modern world.

If you’re looking for inspiration and words of wisdom, these quotes may be worth diving into.

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Bhagavad Gita quotes that are still relevant in our modern world

1. “One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Quotes about action

2. “You should perform your duty with a view to guide people and for universal welfare.” – Bhagavad Gita

wise Bhagavad Gita Quotes

3. “Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Quotes about discipline

4. “Even the wise are confused about what is action and what is inaction.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Quotes about life

5. “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Quotes about man

6. “A Karma-yogi performs action by body, mind, intellect, and senses, without attachment, only for self-purification.” – Bhagavad Gita

7. “One who neither rejoices nor grieves, neither likes nor dislikes, who has renounced both the good and the evil, and who is full of devotion, such a person is dear to Me.” – Bhagavad Gita

8. “Entering the earth I support all beings with My energy; becoming the sap-giving moon I nourish all the plants.” – Bhagavad Gita

9. “The deluded ones, who restrain their organs of action but mentally dwell upon the sense enjoyment, are called hypocrites.” – Bhagavad Gita

10. “The one who has faith, and is sincere, and has mastery over the senses, gains this knowledge. Having gained this, one at once attains the supreme peace.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita quotes on life lessons

11. “Those who always practice this teaching of Mine, with faith and free from cavil, are freed from the bondage of Karma.” – Bhagavad Gita

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12. “Valour, glory, firmness, skill, generosity, steadiness in battle and ability to rule – these constitute the duty of a soldier. They flow from his own nature.” – Bhagavad Gita

13. “Always perform your duty efficiently and without attachment to the results, because by doing work without attachment one attains the Supreme.” – Bhagavad Gita

14. “Your enemies will speak many unmentionable words and scorn your ability. What could be more painful than this? You will go to heaven if killed, or you will enjoy the earth if victorious. Therefore, get up with a determination to fight, O Arjuna.” – Bhagavad Gita

15. “Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore, grieve not for what is inevitable.” – Bhagavad Gita

16. “Having hands and feet everywhere; having eyes, head, and face everywhere; having ears everywhere; the creator exists in the creation by pervading everything.” – Bhagavad Gita

17. “On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear.” – Bhagavad Gita

18. “Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. The one who is motivated only by the desire for the fruits of their action, and anxious about the results, is miserable indeed.” – Bhagavad Gita

19. “Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires.” – Bhagavad Gita

20. “Whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps, and whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita quotes to elevate your perspective

21. “When a man dwells on the pleasure of sense, attraction for them arises in him. From attraction arises desire, the lust of possession, and this leads to passion, to anger.” – Bhagavad Gita

22. “Work for work’s sake, not for yourself. Act but do not be attached to your actions. Be in the world, but not of it.” – Bhagavad Gita

23. “You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become.” – Bhagavad Gita

24. “You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.” – Bhagavad Gita

25. “Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom.” – Bhagavad Gita

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26. “Approach those who have realized the purpose of life and question them with reverence and devotion; they will instruct you in this wisdom.” – Bhagavad Gita

27. “As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma.” – Bhagavad Gita

28. “At the beginning of time I declared two paths for the pure heart: jnana yoga, the contemplative path of spiritual wisdom, and karma yoga, the active path of selfless service.” – Bhagavad Gita
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29. “Delivered from selfish attachment, fear, and anger, filled with me, surrendering themselves to me, purified in the fire of my being, many have reached the state of unity in me.” – Bhagavad Gita

30. “Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.” – Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita quotes to inspire and teach

31. “From passion comes confusion of mind, then loss of remembrance, the forgetting of duty. From this loss comes the ruin of reason, and the ruin of reason leads man to destruction.” – Bhagavad Gita

32. “I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.” – Bhagavad Gita

33. “I am death, which overcomes all, and the source of all beings still to be born.” – Bhagavad Gita

34. “I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not.” – Bhagavad Gita

35. “I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation.” – Bhagavad Gita

36. “I am the ritual and the sacrifice; I am true medicine and the mantram. I am the offering and the fire which consumes it, and the one to whom it is offered.” – Bhagavad Gita

37. “I am time, the destroyer of all; I have come to consume the world.” – Bhagavad Gita

38. “I continue to act, but I am not driven by any need of my own.” – Bhagavad Gita

39. “It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another.” – Bhagavad Gita

40. “Pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first, but it is bitter as poison in the end.” – Bhagavad Gita

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More Bhagavad Gita quotes and verses

41. “That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but lets things come and go as they happen.” – Bhagavad Gita

42. “The intention behind action is what matters.” – Bhagavad Gita

43. “The Lord dwells in the hearts of all creatures and whirls them round upon the wheel of maya. Run to him for refuge with all your strength, and peace profound will be yours through his grace.” – Bhagavad Gita

44. “The wise see that there is action in the midst of inaction and inaction in the midst of action. Their consciousness is unified, and every act is done with complete awareness.” – Bhagavad Gita

45. “The wise work for the welfare of the world, without thought for themselves.” – Bhagavad Gita

46. “There are three gates to this self-destructive hell: lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three.” – Bhagavad Gita
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47. “They live in wisdom who see themselves in all and all in them, who have renounced every selfish desire and sense-craving tormenting the heart.” – Bhagavad Gita

48. “When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.” – Bhagavad Gita

49. “With a drop of my energy I enter the earth and support all creatures.” – Bhagavad Gita

50. “You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction.” – Bhagavad Gita

What did you learn from these Bhagavad Gita quotes?

These Bhagavad Gita quotes, spoken by Prince Arjuna and Krishna during their conversations, teach believers valuable lessons about life.

The verses encourage Hindus and other followers of the Gita scripture to live a life of purpose despite the ordinariness of everyday living while serving God and fulfilling their duties for the greater good.   

These verses reinforce the importance of yoga and acting upon a situation without focusing so much on the fruits of the action. 

As repeatedly stated in the texts, those who act without being attached to the outcome of their doing will achieve peace and freedom.

How do you perceive these Bhagavad Gita quotes and verses? Would you be able to apply such philosophies into your own life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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