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A Short Intro to Treasure Island

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island is a timeless classic.

This novel was first published in 1883 and tells the story of a boy named Jim Hawkins. 

Jim goes on a voyage to find the lost treasure of a pirate named Captain Flint. 

Even after decades of its publication, this novel still inspires readers irrespective of their age. 

Plot Summary

As stated above, the story of this outstanding novel revolves around Jim Hawkins. 

He sets off to discover the hidden treasure of an unpopular pirate. 

During his quest, Jim was accompanied by a couple of local guys named Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey. 

However, they are not the only ones behind this treasure. 

This is so, as they come to know that some other groups of pirates are also in search of this treasure. 

During this journey, Jim and his friends come across Long John Silver.

He is a pirate who wants to grab all the treasure by himself. 

So, Jim should rely on his courage and wisdom to survive pirate attacks and find the treasure.

Themes and Characters 

The book lets you explore a wide array of themes, including:

  • Adventure 
  • Treasure hunting 
  • Betrayal 
  • Loyalty
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All these elements add more thrill and adventure to this novel. 

Hence, it proves to be a captivating read for all types of readers. 

Talking about characters, this novel offers a variety of impressive characters.

For instance, Jim Hawkins is the hero of this novel who is resourceful and brave. 

On the other hand, Silver is a devious and cunning character. 

Although depicted as a pirate, Long John Silver isn’t a ruthless character, as he shows some acts of compassion and kindness. 


This novel was adapted into various TV shows, plays, and films. 

Numerous actors played the powerful character of Long John Silver. 

The Treasure Island leaves a strong legacy on various other literary works and inspires modern writers. 

Top 5 Treasure Island Quotes

Here are the top 5 quotes from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

1. “You may lay to that.” — Long John Silver

2. “Dead men don’t bite.” — Israel Hands

3. “I wish I had put his eyes out!” — Pew

4. “I’ll be as silent as the grave.” — Squire Trelawney

5. “Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!” — Captain Flint

Treasure IslandQuotes by Jim Hawkins

Here are the quotes by Jim Hawkins, the protagonist, and the story’s main narrator.

6. “But one man of her crew is alive. What put to sea with seventy-five.” — Jim Hawkins

7. “I no more fear you than I fear a fly. Kill me, if you please, or spare me.” — Jim Hawkins

8. “I scarce can say it was by my own volition, and I am sure it was without conscious aim.” — Jim Hawkins

9. “My heart was sore for him, wicked as he was, to think on the dark perils that environed and the shameful gibbet that awaited him.” — Jim Hawkins

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10. “From trunk to trunk, the creature flitted like a deer, running manlike on two legs, but unlike any man that I had ever seen, stooping almost double as it ran.” — Jim Hawkins

Treasure Island Quotes by Long John Silver

Here we showcase some of the most stunning quotes ever spoken by a figure who is both complicated and contradictory, Long John Silver.

11. “Them that die will be the lucky ones!” — Long John Silver

12. “Did any of you gentlemen want to have it out with ME?” — Long John Silver

13. “There’s never a man looked me between the eyes and seen a good day a’terward.” — Long John Silver

14. “It’s a pleasant thing to be young and has ten toes, and you may lay to that.” — Long John Silver

15. “There was some that was feared of Pew and some that were feared of Flint; but Flint his own self was feared of me.” — Long John Silver

Treasure Island Quotes by Captain Smollett

This section now includes a few quotes from Captain Smollett, a real-life professional in the novel.

16. “Spoil foc’s’le hands, make devils.” — Captain Smollett

17. “We must go on because we can’t turn back.” — Captain Smollett

18. “You’re too much of the born favorite for me.” — Captain Smollett

19. “You’re either my ship’s cook, and then you were treated handsome-or Cap’n Silver, a common mutineer and pirate, and then you can go hang!” — Captain Smollett

20. “Well, sir … better speak plain … I don’t like this cruise; I don’t like the men, and I don’t like my officer. That’s short and sweet.” — Captain Smollett

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Treasure Island Quotes by Dr. Livesey

This is a collection of quotes from a courageous character, Livesey, a doctor and a magistrate by profession.

21. “I consent to receive emails and personalized ads.” — Dr. Livesey

22. “There is a kind of fate in this … Every step, it’s you that saves our lives.” — Dr. Livesey

23. “Well, Silver, if that is so, I’ll go one step further: look out for squalls when you find it.” — Dr. Livesey

24. “Well, squire … I don’t put much faith in your discoveries, as a general thing; but I will say this, John Silver suits me.” — Dr. Livesey

25. “The captain has said too much, or he has said too little, and I’m bound to say that I require an explanation of his words.” — Dr. Livesey

Which One of these Treasure Island Quotes is your Favorite? 

No doubt, Treasure Island stands among some of the best classic novels of its era. 

The most noteworthy reasons for the popularity of this novel include a thrilling plot, adventurous themes, and memorable characters. 

Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a diehard fan of Treasure Island since it’s being published or a newcomer, this book is sure to captivate you.

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