10 Ways To Live a Happy and Successful Life

Everyone wants to live a happy and successful life.

But the problem is that, most people treat success as something big and difficult to achieve.

As for happiness, many actually equate it to being successful.

If they did not achieve the success they want in life, they feel miserable.

It does not have to be this way.

You can have a happy and successful life.

In fact, anyone can.

First, you need to understand that happiness is a choice.

You can be happy if you choose to think about happy thoughts or doing things that make you cheerful.

The sad truth is that, most people choose to think negatively and they tie their happiness to a condition.

They say that they will only be happy when they have a million dollars in the bank.

You can be happy right now if you want to.

All you need to do is direct your thoughts that focus on things that make YOU happy.

At the same time, success is not something big and bold either.

Success is about taking that one small step. It is about taking one step at a time that leads you to a small victory. And small victories add up will give you the big success you want.

Some people are happy and successful because they define it differently.

They make the rules to success and happiness so easy that every day, as long as they are able to take just one small step to move toward their goals, they are successful.

Once you are clear that you can control your happiness and success it’s all about taking small steps and making progress.

Follow these 10 ways to live a life of bliss.

1. Live Your Dreams

happy and successful life

People who live their life without dreams will never achieve much.

Your dreams inspire and motivate you.

Your dreams are the reasons you wake up each morning.

When you don’t have a clear direction and without knowing what you want to do in life, you feel bored, sleepy, and directionless.

You will be like a lost sheep, following the crowd wherever the crowd leads you.

So discover your dreams.

Find out what you truly want to achieve in your life – and go for it.

2. Making Progress

You will experience a happy and successful life when you make progress.

There is no point to having a grand vision but is not doing anything about it.

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Most people feel like living a mediocre life because they are not doing anything about their dreams and goals.

They dare to dream, but they don’t dare to act.

So don’t stay stagnant and feel comfortable with where you are right now.

Keep challenging yourself and move forward.

Do you know that plain water will become poisonous if you leave it stagnant for a long time?

Thus, make progress and take action to make your dreams a reality.

3. Do What Makes Your Heart Sings Everyday

You don’t have to be successful only to feel the happiness.

You can feel good about your life right now by doing things that make your heart sing.

What do you love to do?

What is your passion?

What are your hobbies?

A very simple way reconnect with your heart is by listing down 10 interests or things that you love to do, pick one, and then do it right away.

It can be swimming, jogging, playing computer games, reading, or even a short getaway.

happy and successful life

The key is to do something to recharge and connect with your inner self.

Hence, a schedule plays into your timetable for a happy and successful life.

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4. Believe and Trust Yourself

You cannot be truly happy and successful if you don’t believe in yourself.

People who don’t believe in themselves are people who have low self-esteem.

They are doubtful, and they always care about how others look at them.

As a result, they lose confidence, and they will never live their life to the fullest.

It will become worse when people live in other people’s opinions and conditions.

If you score badly in school and people tell you that you should take menial jobs, are you going to listen to them?

This is what happened to Les Brown when he was young.

Luckily, he listened to his mentor and did not buy into other people’s opinions.

Always trust your ability and believe in yourself and your dreams.

If you have no idea how to do something, learn.

You can always learn through knowledge and experience.

This is how you build trust and confidence in yourself.

5. Connect with People You Care and Love

A happy and successful life is never complete if there is nobody there to celebrate with you.

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Never underestimate what a relationship can do or impact your life.

Studies have shown that people who are successful and happy are those who are able to share their achievements with people they care.

So build and nurture good relationships with people you care about from now on.

Spend time with people you love and friends who will support you.

You will be glad that you nurtured your relationships because when you need support the most, there will always be someone whom you can go to.

6. Stay Healthy for a Happy and Successful Life

If you think that you are young and you can afford to sleep for only three hours a day, you are wrong.

People who suffer chronic illness are usually those who did not take care of their health when they are young.

Imagine smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, what will it do to your health?

Well, nothing.

Now, try to stretch this bad habit to a decade.

What will smoking a pack of cigarettes a day do to your health for 10 straight years?

You know the consequences.

Furthermore, what are success and happiness when you have no health to enjoy life?

Therefore, take good care of your health starting today.

Eat nutritious and fresh foods.

Exercise regularly and sleep when your body is tired.

7. Help and Contribute

happy and successful life
Image credits to AlbertHerring via Wikimedia Commons.

Do something good each day if you want a happy and successful life.

When you help someone, even if it is just a small task, it will make your day.

You don’t have to donate all your money to charity.

If you don’t feel like donating, try to contribute your time and effort instead.

Visit the old folk’s homes and do some volunteer work.

You will feel extremely satisfied because you can do something good to the world and other people’s lives.

You don’t have to start big.

Just do something as small as opening the door, or holding the lift for someone.

You will feel better, and it will brighten up your day.

8. Improve Everyday

The only way to feel alive and live a successful life is to improve yourself everyday.

Read, practice, and learn to get better.

Imagine signing up for a violin class this year or committing to reading two books a month, you learn to swim, and the next year, you register for the Chinese language class.

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How would you feel?

You will feel that life is full of hope and excitement.

This is simply because you are moving forward each day.

You are improving yourself at every moment.

When you learn and improve, you will get better.

When you become better, you will be able to achieve more and feel happier.

9. Live with Gratitude

Everything will be worthless if you don’t appreciate it.

When you don’t feel grateful for what you have in life, you will not feel happy and satisfied even when you are rich.

You need to practice gratitude and appreciation for what you have in life.

If you want to have more money, value and appreciate the money you have right now.

How can you have more of what you don’t appreciate?

If you don’t appreciate your friends, do you think you will have many?

The same goes for everything in life.

Have gratitude towards the people you love and care about.

Appreciate all the things that you have right now: your house, your car, your laptop, your computer, money in the bank, your cat, your bed, everything.

When you value what you have, you will have more of it.

10. Be In the Moment

Do understand that you cannot guarantee your future nor can you change your past.

If you are too worried about the future or too concerned about the past, you will never feel happy and successful.

So live in this moment right now.

The present is what you can control and where you can choose to do.

It is a gift, and that is why people called it the “present.”

Thus, smile more and have fun.

When it rains, learn to dance with it.

When the tough time comes, learn to overcome it.

Treat it as character-building days.

happy and successful lifeConclusion for a happy and successful life.

Remember, happiness is a choice.

You can change your mood and your emotion by changing your focus.

You can make your life blissful everyday if you want to.

Success is about taking small and consistent actions each day.

You can always define your own success and create new rules to feel happy in life.

Follow the 10 ways above to live the happy and successful life you always wanted.

Are you living the life you desire right now?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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    April 21, 2019 at 1:00 PM

    Success is about taking small and consistent actions each day. You can always define your own success and create new rules to feel happy in life.

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