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Fans of classic literature will know and remember these Where the Red Fern Grows Quotes!

Wilson Rawls wrote Where the Red Fern Grows, published by Doubleday in 1961.

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The story is an autobiographical fiction based on Rawls’ childhood as he grew up in the Ozark mountains.

The story follows young Billy Coleman and his two coonhounds, named “Old Dan” and “Little Ann.”

Billy works hard to save up the money for the puppies.

Then, with the help of his grandfather, they train the dogs to become some of the best hunters in the Ozarks.

The dogs and Billy work together so well that they even win a coon hunting championship.

Look at the following Where the Red Fern Grows Quotes to learn more about the heartfelt tale.

Best Where the Red Fern Grows Quotes

Enjoy reading some of the most popular quotes from the story.

1. “There is a little good in all evil.” — Wilson Rawls

2. “You can train a dog, but you can’t train a heart.” — Wilson Rawls

3. “I also buried a part of my life along with my dog.” — Wilson Rawls

4. “No man can know what he can do until he tries.” — Wilson Rawls

5. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” — Wilson Rawls

6. “Then with one last sigh, and a feeble thump of his tail, his friendly gray eyes closed forever.” — Wilson Rawls

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7. “Yes, I know it is still there, for in my heart I believe the legend of the sacred red fern.” — Wilson Rawls

8. “People have been trying to understand dogs ever since the beginning of time. One never knows what they’ll do.” — Wilson Rawls

9. “I suppose there’s a time in practically every young boy’s life when he’s affected by that wonderful disease of puppy love.” — Wilson Rawls

10. “I looked at his grave, and with tears in my eyes, I voiced these words: ‘You were worth it, old friend, and a thousand time over.’” — Wilson Rawls

Where the Red Fern Grows Quotes to Remember

If you’ve read the book before, these quotes will take you right back into the story.

11. “Sometimes things have to be believed to be seen.” — Wilson Rawls

12. “It’s strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a man’s mind for so many years.” — Wilson Rawls

13. “I knew that dogs could sense death, but this was the first time I had ever seen a dog grieve.” — Wilson Rawls

14. “With a heavy heart, I turned and walked away. I knew that as long as I lived, I’d never forget the two little graves and the sacred red fern.” — Wilson Rawls

15. “I thought of the many times I had lain in my bed and listened to the squeaking of the door as my dogs went in and out. I didn’t know I was crying until I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.” — Wilson Rawls

16. “It was wonderful indeed how I could have heart-to-heart talks with my dogs, and they always seemed to understand. Each question I asked was answered in their own doggish way.” — Wilson Rawls

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17. You can read every day where a dog saved the life of a drowning child or lay down his life for his master. Some people call this loyalty. I don’t. I may be wrong, but I call it love – the deepest kind of love.” — Wilson Rawls

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Where the Red Fern Grows Quotes to Learn From

These quotes show the emotion weaved throughout the novel.

18. “If a man’s word isn’t any good, he’s no good himself.” — Wilson Rawls

19. “A part of me died each time one of my dogs died. They take a part of you with them when they go.” — Wilson Rawls

20. “When a man’s dog turns against him, it’s time for a wife to pack her trunk and go home to mama.” — Wilson Rawls

21. “I learned a long time ago that worrying doesn’t change anything. It only makes things worse.” — Wilson Rawls

22. “I don’t think anybody knows anywhere near all there is to know about a dog’s emotions.” — Wilson Rawls

23. “It’s funny how dogs and people develop the same kind of bond, even though they’re not the same species.” — Wilson Rawls

24. “Time is a funny thing. It can give, and it can take away; a single moment in time can truly change one’s life forever.” — Wilson Rawls

25. “There’s a lot of good in the world, but it’s mixed with bad, too. The bad comes along with the good, and you have to take them both.” — Wilson Rawls

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What Happens to Billy and His Coonhounds?

Sadly, one night, while out hunting, a mountain lion attacks the dogs, leading to their deaths.

A red fern grows between their graves, and Billy’s family moves to town.

At the end of the story, Billy is a middle-aged man, but he dreams of visiting the graves of his dogs and seeing the red fern again.

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