50 Applied Behavior Analysis Quotes for Autism

Check out these Applied Behavior Analysis quotes about the interesting therapy practice.

Applied Behavior Analysis is called ABA for short.

It is a therapy used to help children with autism learn new skills and maintain positive behaviors.

The therapy is devoted to developing procedures that produce noticeable changes in behavior.

ABA uses principles from respondent and operant conditioning to change behavior.

This therapy is traced back to the 1959 study called “The Psychiatric Nurse as a Behavioral Engineer,” which was performed by Teodoro Ayllon and Jack Michael.

The study showed that Ayllon and Michael trained staff at a psychiatric hospital to use token economy on patients who suffered from schizophrenia and intellectual disabilities.

Take a look at these Applied Behavior Analysis quotes to learn more about the therapy.

Top Applied Behavior Analysis Quotes

Here are a few quotes to explain a little about applied behavior analysis.

1. “ABA puts no ceiling on what any person with autism can achieve” — Lily Hechtman

2. “ABA is a tool that can help turn autism from a challenge into an advantage.” — Dr. Nancy Edwards

3. “Applied behavior analysis (ABA) gives individuals the skills they need to thrive in life.” — Margaret Owen

4. “By using ABA therapies, children are empowered to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.” — Jane Patterson

5. “Through ABA therapy, we build positive relationships between children with autism and those around them.” — Sarah Jensen

6. “Using ABA techniques enable us to help those with autism succeed in life and become independent.” — Dr. John Thomas

7. “ABA provides individuals on the autism spectrum with the skills they need to be successful in their lives.” — Brittany Clark

8. “ABA teaches us that our behavior isn’t random —there are underlying causes for it and ways we can change it.” — Michelle McGillivray

9. “The beauty of ABA therapy lies in its flexibility to meet each person’s unique needs for learning new skills and behaviors.” — Laura Schreibman

10. “When you understand autism better through ABA, it has such an immediate impact on the child’s life that it can be truly breathtaking!” — Dr. Mary Barbera

Applied Behavior Analysis Quotes About Autism

Understanding autism helps you understand the importance of Applied Behavior Analysis.

11. “Autism is not a tragedy; it’s an opportunity.” — Tony Attwood

12. “I have autism, but autism doesn’t have me.” — Henry Frost

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13. “Autism is not a disability; it’s a unique kind of ability.” — John Elder Robinson

14. “Autism is a journey, and every person’s experience is unique.” — Stephen Shore

15. “Autism is as much a part of humanity as is the capacity to dream.” — Kathleen Seidel

16. “The greatest strength of people with autism in their unique perspective.” — Temple Grandin

17. “Autism doesn’t have to define who a person is; it’s just one part f who they are.” — Temple Grandin

18. “Acceptance of the diagnosis of autism can be a huge relief, and can be the beginning of a positive journey.” — Sarah Wild

19. “Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you’re destroying the peg.” — Paul Collins

20. “I view ‘autistic’ as a word for a part of how my brain works, not for a narrow set of behaviors and certainly not for a set of boundaries of a stereotype that I have to stay inside.” — Amanda Baggs

ABA Quotes About Applied Behavior Analysis

The following quotes explain how ABA helps children with autism.

21. ABA creates pathways of communication and understanding between children with autism and the world around them.” — Rachelle Sheely

22. “ABA gives individuals with autism the ability to take control of their lives and reach goals they may never have thought possible.” — Sarah Murray

23. “With applied behavior analysis, autism doesn’t have to limit someone’s potential —it can actually open new possibilities for them.” — Joanna Brown

24. “Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), children with autism are given options & opportunities that allow them to thrive in life.” — Ella Moore

25. “ABA is a science-based practice that helps individuals with autism to live rewarding and productive lives while decreasing difficult behavior.” — Dr. Lise Fox

26. “ABA is about more than just treating autism—it’s about giving individuals the tools and strategies to actively participate in their own lives.” — Dr. Tamara Kasper

27. “Behavior analysis allows us to break down complex behaviors into smaller, achievable steps — making progress more manageable and accessible.” — Madeline Bremmer

28. “We must remember that autism is not only about challenging behaviors—it’s also about understanding different perspectives and learning new ways of communicating.” — Kelly Owens

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29. “We must remember that autism isn’t something to be cured; it’s something to be accepted and understood in order for individuals on the autism spectrum to live fulfilling lives.” — Dr. Rachel Boughton

30. “Behavior analysis helps identify how best an individual responds or reacts within different environments, allowing professionals to work together to develop a plan of action which maximizes success.” — Dr Samantha Brown

The Impact of ABA Quotes

Learn more about the impact of this type of therapy on children with autism.

31. “Through ABA therapy, children with autism learn skills they need to succeed in their everyday lives.” — Lisa Walker

32. “ABA gives us an opportunity to better understand autism so we can make positive changes in our classrooms, homes, and communities.” — Kelly Walker

33. “Behavior analysis helps us to understand the functional relationship between behavior and environment so that we can create meaningful change.” — Emily Fraser

34. “Applied Behavior Analysis offers us a way of understanding autism on a new level and creating individualized solutions for each person.” — Alexandra Johnson

35. “Behavior Analysis can help us create behavior plans that are tailored to the individual, and provide them with the skills they need for a successful life.” — Whitney Clark

36. “ABA is about understanding autism and creating individualized solutions tailored to the individual in order to help them reach their highest potential.” — Dr. Anna Walker

37. “In ABA, we strive to give children with autism the skills they need to be successful in all areas of life—from communication and socialization to self-management.” — Dr. Gail Richard

38. “Behavior analysis teaches us that lasting change starts from within; it’s about teaching people how to learn so that they can better manage their own behaviors.” — Jenna Hensler

39. “ABA isn’t simply a method of autism treatment — it’s an effective way of teaching individuals with autism new skills and helping them reach their potential.” — Kori Gannaway

40. “Autism isn’t something you can fix — but ABA helps us take advantage of each individual’s strengths while addressing areas where they need support.” — Brett Silverstein

More Applied Behavior Analysis Quotes

Here are a few more quotes from professionals about ABA.

41. “We have to remember that autism is not an obstacle; it’s just another way of looking at the world.” — Dr. Amanda Martin

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43. “No two people with autism are alike…ABA helps us learn how to leverage those individual strengths while addressing areas where they need support.” — Erin Holley

42. “Aba gives people on the autism spectrum a voice; it bridges the gap between how they can express themselves and how others need them too.” — Jennie Rothenberg Gritz

44. “When working with children on the autism spectrum, ABA encourages a strengths-based approach, focusing on what they are able to do rather than what they cannot.” — Anna Nalick

45. “ABA therapy is an evidence-based approach to helping children with autism reach their full potential through the use of positive reinforcement techniques, skills assessments, and data collection” — Shawna McElroy

46. “ABA has taught me that I have far more potential than I ever thought possible—that autism doesn’t define me or limit my potential for growth and development…it just requires different teaching tools!” — Jenna Dewar

47. “Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides an invaluable tool for understanding why someone with autism acts out or doesn’t do what we want them to do – so that we can address their needs better.” — Emily Williams

48. “ABA can empower people on the autism spectrum in so many ways; from increasing communication skills, learning more appropriate social interactions, improving academic performance or even decreasing unwanted problem behavior.” — Angela Moore

49. “The key to successful ABA intervention is understanding the individual within autism and appreciating his/her unique behavior patterns as well as building upon strengths while working towards reducing problem behaviors using proven evidence-based practices.” — Macy Rogers

50. “ABA is a science-based approach to autism treatment that seeks to understand why individuals with autism behave the way they do and then use evidence-based strategies to teach new skills, reduce problem behaviors, and increase independence.” — Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh

There are Mixed Feelings about ABA

Generally, Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is considered a good thing.

Still, some feel that the repetitive nature is tough on the children involved.

Some also feel that the therapists are taskmasters push the kids too hard, but most research has shown that the therapists are trained to be fun and interactive with the children.

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