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Bo Burnham Quotes From the Multi-Talented Comedian

Stephanie Kirby, Content Writer
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Check out these Bo Burnham quotes to learn more about this young and multi-talented entertainer.

Bo Burnham was born in Massachusetts in 1990.

He was influenced by the opportunities afforded to him by his upper-middle-class family.

Bo saw the success of both of his parents, his mother was a hospice nurse and his father owned a construction company, and he made a success of himself.

From the time he was a young 16-year-old, he started posting songs on the fairly new to the time social media platform YouTube.

His success on youtube led him to continue to develop and expand his talents.

Enjoy reading the Bo Burnham quotes below.

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Bo Burnham Quotes on Success

Bo Burnham has a different view of success that you can learn more about in the quotes below. After reading these quotes, do you agree or disagree with Bo?

1. “Being famous is complete luck, and that’s something you can’t bank on.” – Bo Burnham

2. “I just like to write and then perform.” – Bo Burnham

3. “I chose to do comedy instead of going to college.” – Bo Burnham

4. “I do weird things and people watch.” – Bo Burnham

5. “Your hard work and talent will not pay off.” – Bo Burnham

6. “Was Einstein’s theory good? Relatively.” – Bo Burnham

7. “When life gets you down, make a comforter.” – Bo Burnham

8. “I always wanted to be a comedian but never thought I’d be a musical comedian.” – Bo Burnham

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9. “Music is really, really mathematical.” – Bo Burnham

10. “Comedy is very strange to me and I don’t fully understand its purpose or function.” – Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham Quotes on His Career

The next set of quotes are really interesting in that Bo Burnham is open and honest about his career. Take a look at the quotes below to see if you see any similarities in your career path.

11. “I’ve found nothing but support and generosity from older comics. I think comedians are a lot nicer than the stigma is, at least from my experience.” – Bo Burnham

12. “I was doing theater in my high school, and I started writing sort of silly songs on the piano backstage in summer theater. I eventually put them online and started getting this little following.” – Bo Burnham

13. “I misdirect the audience so they have no idea where they are or who they’re listening to.” – Bo Burnham

14. “There’s a certain line between jokes and music and poetry that’s a bit blurred in my mind.” – Bo Burnham

15. “I always loved bands who would try to change their sound radically album to album, an experiment in one album and revert back in another.” – Bo Burnham

16. “The strange thing was, when I was starting on YouTube, even the paradigm of YouTube and Internet sensation—or whatever—didn’t really exist. So I didn’t even know that that was a thing.” – Bo Burnham

17. “I was definitely not the kid that just wanted to be famous for no reason whatsoever and then happened to find comedy. Fame and all that stuff have always been slightly terrifying to me, and it makes me very anxious.” – Bo Burnham

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18. “I think the love-hate is fundamental. Everyone hates reality television, and everyone’s watching it. Everyone hates Facebook, and everyone is on it.” – Bo Burnham

19. “I’m bored way too easily. I’m staring at screens half the day. I need to be overstimulated. And how will that express itself artistically.” – Bo Burnham

20. “What’s important is that you stay true to yourself. Because when you enter the real world, the most valuable thing you can bring is all your you-ness.” – Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham Took Chances and Was Rewarded With Success

As Bo points out in one of his quotes, success is not guaranteed.

With that said, success has no chance if you won’t take the chance to seize opportunities.

Bo Burnham took his opportunities, such as growing up in a successful family and going to a good high school, and turned them into a success of his own.

By developing his own skills and putting himself out there on youtube, he has become a famous comedian, musician, and filmmaker.

It is interesting to hear that Bo has learned to appeal to the “audience” and that the persona he portrays in his professional life is more arrogant and stuck up than what he is in real life.

Hopefully, the Bo Burnham quotes and sayings have inspired you to chase your own success and take chances along the way.

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