50 Emma Watson Quotes Celebrating Self Love

These Emma Watson quotes highlight her views on fashion, self-image, and even romance.

Emma Watson rose to fame with her first role, which she landed as a child.

This role, as almost everyone knows, was the role of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

Prior to this opportunity, young Emma had only appeared in school plays and Stagecoach Theater Arts productions.

Emma knew that she wanted to be an actress from a young age, but she also wanted to do other things.

It was one reason she was so adamant about continuing her education in between filming the Harry Potter franchise.

She also attended Brown University, leaving behind her country to come study abroad.

Because of her acting projects, it took five years to complete her degree in English literature, instead of four.

In keeping with her desire to do many things in her life, she received a certification to teach yoga and meditation.

These Emma Watson quotes will show you who the actress is off the screen.

She talks about fashion, self-image, and even romance.

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Emma Watson quotes about fashion and style

1. “I used to look back at pictures and cringe, but actually, I’m quite proud that I’ve had fun with fashion and don’t always look perfect. The only regret I have is when I look at something I wore when I was very young, and it obviously looks like it belonged to someone else.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes about fashion and style

2. “If I could wear any label forever, it would be Burberry. It covers a huge span of stuff. You can’t go wrong with a classic trench and a pair of jeans.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes that will encourage you

3. “I love fashion. I think it’s so important because it’s how you show yourself to the world.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes to helping others

4. “It’s amazing people get so detached from what they eat and what they wear. No one has any contact with how things are made that are put in their body and put in their mouths, and I just find it alarming that no one questions it.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes to inspire you

5. I’m a multidimensional person and that’s the freedom of fashion: that you’re able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes and sayings

6. “I want to avoid becoming too styled and too ‘done’ and too generic. You see people as they go through their careers, and they just become more and more like everyone else.” — Emma Watson

Meaningful Emma Watson quotes

7. “Yes, I will put it out there – I will work for anyone for free if they’re prepared to make their clothing Fair Trade and organic. It’s really hard to get people interested in it.” — Emma Watson

Top Emma Watson quotes

8. “It’s very hard to describe your own style. And I’m young, so I’m still experimenting. But I think it’s quite British and very much about individuality.” — Emma Watson

Cool Emma Watson quotes

Emma Watson quotes that explain how she sees herself

9. “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.” — Emma Watson

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Emma Watson quotes that explain how she sees herself

10. “I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to be who I really am. I’m going to figure out what that is.” — Emma Watson

Amazing Emma Watson quotes

11. “I could never really imagine myself doing one thing, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll end up doing four or five different things. I want to be a Renaissance woman. I want to paint, and I want to write, and I want to act, and I want to just do everything.” — Emma Watson

Random Emma Watson quotes

12. “All I can do is follow my instincts because I’ll never please everyone.” — Emma Watson

Special Emma Watson quotes

13. “I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.”— Emma Watson

Appreciation Emma Watson quotes

14. “I feel like a voodoo doll. It’s grim. It’s gross.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes about I feel like a voodoo doll. It's grim. It's gross

15. “I don’t think my dad really knew what to do with me as a daughter. He treated me like a boy; my brother and I were treated the same. He didn’t do kid stuff. There were no kid’s menus; you weren’t allowed to order off the kid’s menu at dinner – we had to try something from the adult menu.” — Emma Watson

Favorite Emma Watson quotes

16. “I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love – and it being more important and special than anything and everything else.” — Emma Watson

Inspirational Emma Watson quotes

17. “I’m a perfectionist, so my bossiness definitely comes out.” — Emma Watson

Short Emma Watson quotes

18. “I was very keen. I was super eager to please and be good. And I was always kind of bossy.” — Emma Watson

Positive Emma Watson quotes

19. “But sometimes I’ve felt a little constrained by that idea of who I’m meant to be.” — Emma Watson

Funny Emma Watson quotes

20. “As I’ve got older, and since I cut all my hair off, I’ve felt a bit more liberated about trying different things out.” — Emma Watson

Wise Emma Watson quotes

21. “I’m very crafty! One time I made a television set out of a cardboard box – everybody thought it was a lark! This was the beginning of a love affair with the arts.” — Emma Watson

Relatable Emma Watson quotes

Emma Watson quotes about her career and acting

22. I stole a piece of the chess set on the first film. I took a piece of the treasure out of Bellatrix’s vault on this film. And I’ve taken my wand and I’ve got my cloak.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes about her career and acting

23. “It’s almost like the better I do, the more my feeling of inadequacy actually increases, because I’m just going, ‘Any moment, someone’s going to find out I’m a total fraud, and that I don’t deserve any of what I’ve achieved. I can’t possibly live up to what everyone thinks I am and what everyone’s expectations of me are.'” — Emma Watson

More Emma Watson quotes

24. “I could be 100 years old and in my rocker, but I’ll still be very proud that I was part of the ‘Harry Potter’ films.” — Emma Watson

Epic Emma Watson quotes

25. “Hermione uses all these big long tongue twister words. I don’t know what she’s going on about half the time!” — Emma Watson

Unique Emma Watson quotes

26. “I had a job when I was 10. I started living on my own when I was 17 or 18. I’ve earned my own money; I’ve traveled the world. What would I rebel against?” — Emma Watson

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27. “If anyone else played Hermione, it would actually kill me.” — Emma Watson

28. “I was working on ‘Harry Potter’ while I was growing up, and the attention it brought me made me feel quite isolated.” — Emma Watson

29. I mean, I have done scenes with animals, with owls, with bats, with cats, with special effects, with thespians, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain, boiling hot; I’ve done press with every syndication, every country; I’ve done interviews with people dressed up as cows – there’s honestly nothing that’s gonna intimidate me!” — Emma Watson

30. “Acting never was about the money for me… Maybe in 10 years, I’ll be able to appreciate the fact that I am financially stable and independent and I don’t have to make bad choices. I can be very picky.” — Emma Watson

31. “If I hadn’t done ‘Harry Potter,’ I would have gone and done years of art. I really do love it, and I’d love to write.” — Emma Watson

Emma Watson quotes about dating and what is sexy

32. “My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.”— Emma Watson

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33. “It sounds like a cliche, but I also learned that you’re not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are.” — Emma Watson

34. “I don’t have perfect teeth, I’m not stick thin. I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.” — Emma Watson

35. When I started dating I had this kind of Romeo and Juliet, fateful romantic idea about love which was almost that you were a victim and there was a lot of pain involved and that was how it should be. — Emma Watson
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36. “In terms of men I fancy, I think the actor James Franco is gorgeous. But I find it odd to be described as a sex symbol myself.” — Emma Watson

37. “I would love to not date someone in the same industry as me. Otherwise, it becomes what it means to everyone else.” — Emma Watson

38. “I’ve never understood having crushes on people who you don’t know in real life.” — Emma Watson

39. “I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing. If I do a photo-shoot, people desperately want to change me – dye my hair blonder, pluck my eyebrows, give me a fringe. Then there’s the choice of clothes. I know everyone wants a picture of me in a mini-skirt. But that’s not me.” — Emma Watson

40. “I like men with quick wit, good conversation, and a great sense of humor. I love banter. I want a man to like me for me – I want him to be authentic.” — Emma Watson

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Emma Watson quotes about her desire to be normal and learn

41. But it’s a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.” — Emma Watson

42. “I’m not going to school just for the academics – I wanted to share ideas, to be around people who are passionate about learning.” — Emma Watson

43. “Ignoring fame was my rebellion, in a funny way. I was insistent on being normal and doing normal things. It probably wasn’t advisable to go to college in America and room with a complete stranger. And it probably wasn’t wise to share a bathroom with eight other people in a coed dorm. Looking back, that was crazy.” — Emma Watson

44. “The entertainment industry is pretty nuts and having had that experience outside of it and going to university has really made a big difference. It’s important to me to feel like I have my own life.” — Emma Watson

45. “I want to be normal. I really want anonymity.” — Emma Watson

46. “I just try and surround myself, for the biggest proportion of time that I can, with people who make me feel normal because constantly feeling abnormal is quite difficult.” — Emma Watson

47. “I’m really interested in modern history, but to fulfill a History degree at Brown you have to do modern and pre-modern.” — Emma Watson

48. “I wasn’t one of those girls who always dreamed of being an actress. I went to a normal school and then these film auditioners turned up when I was nine. Then I just fell into this whirlwind.” — Emma Watson

49. “I still have friends from primary school. And my two best girlfriends are from secondary school. I don’t have to explain anything to them. I don’t have to apologize for anything. They know. There’s no judgment in any way.” — Emma Watson

50. “I don’t consider myself to be a celebrity. I don’t fit that mould.” — Emma Watson

Which of these Emma Watson quotes?

Emma Watson also starred in the live-action production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

She was phenomenal, and the film became the second highest-grossing film of 2017.

Her most recent role was as Meg in Little Women.

As an English literature major, I am sure this was a role she was excited to play.

She is not only an actress and certified yoga and meditation instructor, she has also done modeling.

Most recently, back in June 2020, Kering appointed Watson to the board of directors.

Kering owns various fashion brands such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

Her role as a sustainability director for Kering is in line with her activism efforts, even though her work leans towards more feministic causes.

In 2014, the UN-appointed her as a Women Goodwill Ambassador.

She has a lot more to offer this world and it will be interesting to see what she does next!

If you have any other Emma Watson quotes and sayings you would like to add, please them in the comment section below!

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