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Who was Eric Andre

Eric Andre is an American actor, comedian, and television host.

He was born on April 4, 1983, in Boca Raton, Florida.

Andre is known for his boundary-pushing and unconventional comedy.

His impact on the entertainment industry is significant. 

The Eric Andre Show” is a famous TV show which took his popularity to new heights.

Introduction of Unconventional Comedy

Eric Andre is referred to as a unique brand of comedy.

He always tried to defy traditional norms of comedy. 

Andre fearlessly dives into absurd comic situations and brings out something hilarious.

His impressive and refreshing style is the true essence that engages a wide range of followers.

“The Eric Andre Show”

This particular show is considered the pinnacle of Eric Andre’s career being a comedian. 

Although it appears to be a parody of late-night TV shows, Andre gives a new feel to the show with elements like:

  • Chaos 
  • Absurdity
  • Uncertainty
  • Amusement

Commitment to Comedy

One of the key aspects of Andre’s comedy is his unshakable commitment.

He immerses himself into the character when performing a specific role.

Andre also bears the pain and humility associated with a character.

For instance, he has tried painful stunts and subjected his body to uncomfortable situations.

It’s his dedication to comedy that fuels his passion for pushing the boundaries. 

Social Commentary 

In addition to absurdity and chaos, Andre’s comedy usually unleashes social commentary. 

With his unconventional approach towards comedy, Andre carefully tackles a variety of unique topics, including:

  • Race 
  • Politics 
  • Societal norms
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He also challenged the status quo through various comic situations. 

Andre prompts his viewers to ask questions from the people who are responsible for the betterment of society.

Although his comedy tends to be subversive, it allows him to unveil the key issues that are usually swept under the carpet.

Top 5 Eric Andre Quotes 

Top quotes from Eric Andre are as follows that can give you an overview of many aspects of life.

1. “I think if the joke is in good taste – it’s a good joke.” — Eric Andre

2. “I think that we put too much weight on who the president is.” — Eric Andre

3. “You can make fun of your own a lot easier than someone else’s.” — Eric Andre

4. “If there’s an intelligence behind the joke – – it’s a good joke.” — Eric Andre

5. “I think we give human beings too much credit. We’re primates, you know.” — Eric Andre

Eric Andre Quotes About His Personality 

Everyone has many traits in their personality. The quotes below will help you know various things about Eric Andre’s personality. 

6. “I care a lot; I’m very sensitive.” — Eric Andre

7.  “I’m an Aries. I need everybody to like me.” — Eric Andre

8. “I’m an elderly Jewish lesbian trapped in a 33-year-old nerd’s body.” — Eric Andre

9. “I’m a lurker and a creep. Women don’t like me because I sleep standing up, like a horse.” — Eric Andre

10. “I’m insecure, and I need the validation of strangers to feel whole. So, I need every single racist 12-year-old on the Internet to like me, or I don’t feel complete.” — Eric Andre

Eric Andre Quotes Showing His Aims

Aims are really important for continuing the journey of life. Every great person has aims in his life. These quotes show Eric Andre’s aims.

11. “A hole is a hole has always been my motto.” — Eric Andre

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12. “How many n-bombs are dropped? It depends on what I post.” — Eric Andre

13. “I will smoke crack before I die. I want to see what all the hubbub is about.” — Eric Andre

14. “Let’s hit the joke once and move on to the next joke and just keep it where we have as many jokes per square inch as possible.” — Eric Andre

15. “I can’t tell if the world is worse now or if we just have more cameras. There are cameras everywhere, so now the world knows how bad the world is.” — Eric Andre

Eric Andre Quotes About Simpsons 

Simpsons famous cartoons are watched all over the world. These quotes show many facts related to the Simpsons, which you should know.

16. “They [The Simpsons] are just like the Bible to me as far as what the high-water mark of comedy.” — Eric Andre

17. “Before The Simpsons, I was 4 years old, so I don’t know exactly what I was thinking before that.” — Eric Andre

18. “The Simpsons was pretty experimental at the time, but it attracted a lot of sitcom writers that felt confined by the limitations of live-action sitcoms in the ’80s.” — Eric Andre

19. “Bill Cosby spoke out against The Simpsons and there was this kind of evangelical, right-wing sect that was against The Simpsons. Fox was a new network at the time, though, so they were going to take risks.” — Eric Andre

20. “I think part of it is the fact that they were kind of the first of its kind – there weren’t a lot of cartoons for adults. People forget at the time that The Simpsons started out, it was controversial – the fact that they said “hell” and “damn” in a cartoon was a lot. America was in an uproar.” — Eric Andre

Eric Andre Quotes About Acting & Television 

Andre made his name in the world of television through his acting skills and performance. These quotes can guide you if you want to follow the same path.

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21. “I’m not a very good actor, so I break character all the time.” — Eric Andre

22. “I don’t think comedians take advantage of the fact that television and film are visual mediums.” — Eric Andre

23. “I have done some formal acting training because I sucked at acting when I first got to Los Angeles. I’m still one of the worst actors and auditions out there.” — Eric Andre

24. “Wonder Showzen is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that.” — Eric Andre

25. “I feel the acting conservatory taught me how to be a working actor in the 1700s. We learned stuff like ‘to the back of the auditorium, to the back of the auditorium’ and the liquid “u.” ‘The payment is duuue on Tuuuesday.’ I also learned how to fence. If anything, when I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t fit in, in any way. I had to do comedy because I was talking so pretentiously.” — Eric Andre

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