Fence Quotes Compiled for Fence Lovers

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Fence quotes are interesting and inspiring both at the same time.

A homeowner knows the importance of having a good fence surrounding their property.

Fences help to keep the things you want to stay in your yard, like kids and dogs, from getting out.

And fences can also help keep unwanted things out of your yard.

Fences also create clear boundaries for others to see, like your neighbors.

These boundaries can help you have better relationships with neighbors since everyone knows where one piece of property stops and the next one begins.

Fences can be a good analogy for the important boundaries we need to set in life with others to maintain healthy relationships and protect our mental health and overall wellness.

The fence quotes below will share a little of both.

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Top Ten Fence Quotes

Some people like fences and what they accomplish, while others don’t. See what you think about these fence quotes.

1. “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

fence quotes about don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up

2. “A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep both ears to the ground.” – H. L. Mencken

fence quotes on politician

3. “The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” – John Locke

fence quotes about the only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it

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4. “They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbors away from her, and deface her with their buildings and their refuse.” – Sitting Bull

fence quotes about the earth

5. “If you strive for the moon, maybe you’ll get over the fence.” – James Woods

fence quotes about strive for the moon

6. “Love your neighbor as yourself, but don’t take down the fence.” – Carl Sandburg

fence quotes about love your neighbor as yourself, but don't take down the fence

7. “He has sat on the fence so long that the iron has entered his soul.” – David Lloyd George

fence quotes that the iron has entered his soul

8. “Honesty is never seen sitting astride the fence.” – Lemuel K. Washburn

fence quotes about honesty is never seen sitting astride the fence

9. “You can choose not to sit on the fence. You can choose not to criticise. You must stand as guard at the door of your own mind and choose to be positive.” – Gail Kelly

fence quotes about you must stand as guard at the door of your own mind and choose to be positive

10. “The security fence is reversible. Human lives are irreversible.” – Silvan Shalom

fence quotes about the security fence is reversible. Human lives are irreversible

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Interesting Fence Quotes

There are so many analogies using fences as examples. You can find some examples of them used below.

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11. “Human beings are human beings. They say what they want, don’t they? They used to say it across the fence while they were hanging wash. Now they just say it on the Internet.” – Dennis Miller

Interesting fence quotes

12. “The tradition is a fence around the law; tithes are a fence around riches; vows are a fence around abstinence; a fence around wisdom is silence.” – Akiva ben Joseph

fence quotes about the tradition is a fence around the law

13. “The concept of cultural appropriation is nothing less than an intellectual fence: Keep out.” – Richard Cohen

fence quotes of cultural appropriation is nothing less than an intellectual fence

14. “My earliest memories are being pinned to a fence with a switchblade.’ – Quincy Jones

fence quotes about my earliest memories are being pinned to a fence with a switchblade

15. “I’ve always felt like a guy where the grass is greener on my side of the fence.” – Jim Boeheim

fence quotes about the grass is greener on my side of the fence

16. “I used to go to Glastonbury when I was young back in the ’90s, back when you could jump the fence.” – Bonobo

fence quotes about I used to go to Glastonbury when I was young back

17. “I admire politicians. It is a really tough assignment, and I would fall at the first fence.” – Joanna Lumley

fence quotes about it is a really tough assignment, and I would fall at the first fence

18. “Young players will run through a barbed wire fence for you.” – Brendan Rodgers

fence quotes about young players will run through a barbed wire fence for you

19. “Viewers don’t want you to walk the fence – they do want a point of view – and that’s what we bring.” – Ed Schultz

fence quotes about viewers don't want you to walk the fence

20. “I think with social media and Instagram, people are able to see what’s over the fence of everyone else, and it all seems within reach.” – Max Joseph

fence quotes about I think with social media and Instagram

Engaging Fence Quotes

It’s easy to think the things on our side of the fence are better or worse than the other side. However, we often don’t have a clear picture of the other side. See what you can learn from these fence quotes.

21. “In a complex and troubling world, who wouldn’t want to simplify? Everybody does. Everybody wants to simplify and put up a picket fence.” – Gary Ross

Engaaging fence quotes

22. “All I watch is war movies. The stories be touching… just to see what they go through on both sides of the fence.” – 21 Savage

fence quotes about the stories be touching

23. “I go for my shots with no regrets, even if I play to the fence.” – Garbine Muguruza

fence quotes about I go for my shots with no regrets, even if I play to the fence

24. “We can build the fence. We can triple the border patrol. We can end sanctuary cities by cutting off funding to them. We can end welfare for those here illegally.” – Ted Cruz

fence quotes about we can triple the border patrol

25. “Even though the museums guarding their precious property fence everything off, in my own studio, I made them so you and I could walk in and around, and among these sculptures.” – George Segal

fence quotes about the museum

26. “I always thought it was a goat that kicked me over the fence. My mama told me the other day it was a cow. Now I’m sort of scared of both.” – Kelsea Ballerini

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27. “Nothing creative functions well when fenced in or leaning on a prop. A contract is a fence and a prop.” – Van Heflin

28. “Metal, I love metal sounds. If I have a stick with me, I just drag it across a fence. And all fences make different sounds, just like people when they laugh.” – Aurora

29. “Fear is the highest fence.” – Dudley Nichols

30. “I grew up with the white picket fence. My dad went to work nine to five, and he had a station wagon.” – Matt Dillon

Fence Quotes for everyone 

Some people share about physical fences and others use the word as a metaphor. These quotes have a wide range of meanings related to fences.

31. “I do get freaked out sometimes. I have kids hop my fence, get into my back yard, and just start screaming at me.” – Deadmau5

32. “I devoted my career to building an affinity with my fans who have supported me unflinchingly and no barbed wire fence or prison wall will stop that.” – Foxy Brown

33. “It’s all kind of a big illusion: the white picket fence and the perfect marriage and the kids. Check that box off, check that box off, and move forward.” – Sarah McLachlan

34. “You try to – you want to fly on both sides of the political fence because that’s where the – where the comedy is.” – Denis Leary

35. “Downhillers are going over 110 miles per hour. But no matter what, you can’t hit the fence at 100 miles per hour.” – Julia Mancuso

36. “Everyone saw me on TV or read articles, and it was all about my great marriage, the white picket fence, all this success and my perfect life. But behind the scenes, it was a struggle.” – Lindsey Vonn

37. “I was in my dad’s church, his Baptist church, and I think the first song I ever performed was ‘Jesus Be a Fence Around Me’.” – Aretha Franklin

38. “As you ride in a steeplechase, and you’re on the horse, going quite fast, you think, ‘That’s quite a big fence…’ But trust the horse, and don’t give him any reason to doubt you.” – Victoria Pendleton

39. “You can’t stop demographics. And show me a fence that ever worked. It didn’t work at Hadrian’s Wall. The Great Wall of China didn’t work. The Berlin Wall.” – James Turrell

40. “I think you start hitting home runs, and you start getting caught up in seeing how far you can hit them. They’re fun, but you really only have to hit them a foot over the fence. They all count the same.” – Vernon Wells

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More Fence Quotes for your inspiration

Can’t get enough of these quotes? Here are ten more for you to enjoy.

41. “I am the Internet guy. But the reason the ‘Onion News Empire’ was such an easy decision to make is I so trust that side of the fence now.” – Jeffrey Tambor

42. “I own a ranch in Texas, so there’s always something to do as far as work goes, whether it’s tractor stuff or tearing down fence.” – Stone Cold Steve Austin

43. “Great leaders are not proverbial fence sitters. They judge. They opine. They challenge. They fight for their vision.” – Gad Saad

44. “In our pugilistic take-no-prisoners era, preaching grace toward those on the other side of the political fence is decidedly countercultural.” – Kirsten Powers

45. “I’m the wrong person to ask for advice when it comes to losing weight because I’ve never been on that side of the fence.” – Diana Penty

46. “With training for T20, I try to clear the fence a lot.” – Steve Smith

47. “I think my strength as a performer is my ability to straddle the fence between comedy and tragedy.” – Mariette Hartley

48. “I just wanted to experience what it felt like on the other side of the fence. As we all know, the heels have the most fun out there in the ring.” – Ricky Steamboat

49. “I will support Ireland at rugby, but when England and Ireland are playing, I sit on the fence.” – Eoin Morgan

50. “If you’re on the fence about speaking your truth or sharing your world with a greater audience, don’t be. We need each other badly.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

Which of these Fence Quotes is your Favorite? 

Fences have been used in many analogies and sayings throughout history. 

We have expressions like “be on the fence,” “swing for the fences,” and also ones like “good fences make good neighbors.”

Fences create a barrier that shows there are clearly two sides.

Metaphorical fences can represent opposite sides of thought or differing opinions.

Physical fences can help you protect what is yours. Emotional fences and barriers can help you protect yourself as a person.

If you have fence quotes that are your favorite, please let us know by sharing them with us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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