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Neighbor Quotes For A Tighter Community Bond

Clifton Sankofa, Content Writer
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Look at these neighbor quotes and redefine your relationships with the folks next door.

We all have neighbors; some live closer to us than others.

The word “neighbor” can stir up strong emotions in some houses.

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What are the benefits of reading these neighbor quotes?

For some, a neighbor means a friendly acquaintance who can be relied on if we need to borrow a cup of sugar or have somebody monitor our house while we are on vacation.

For others, a neighbor can mean an adversary or even an enemy.

More and more people are less familiar with their neighbors.

Professional football player Will Shields pointed out, “You can have a neighbor you live next to for five years and never speak to, and nobody has a problem with that.”

These neighbor quotes will help you:

  • better understand the relationship between you and your neighbor
  • build stronger ties to your community
  • be a better neighbor

As the world becomes more globalized, it ironically results in people knowing less about those who live next door or on their streets.

Top 10 neighbor quotes about the people living around you

1. “I am a mirror to my neighbor.” Mother Angelica

2. “The envious man grows lean at the success of his neighbor.” Horace

3. “If your neighbor’s reality changes, yours will change as well.” Diego Luna

4. “Love your neighbor as yourself, but don’t take down the fence.” Carl Sandburg

5. “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage?” Rick Santelli

6. “Where ignorance is bliss, it’s foolish to borrow your neighbor’s newspaper.” Kin Hubbard

7. “We cannot afford to fight our neighbor, even if we disagree on many things.” Haider al-Abadi

8. “It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.” Harry S. Truman

9. “How much time he saves who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks.” Marcus Aurelius

10. “How can you satisfy your hunger while your neighbor is spending the night hungry?” Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi

Love thy neighbor quotes about God and the Bible

11. “Love thy neighbor is more than a divine truth. It is a pattern for perfection.” — Thomas S. Monson

12. “Flatter not thyself in thy faith in God if thou hast not charity for thy neighbor.” Francis Quarles

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13. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God.” Thomas Jefferson

14. “Empathy is born out of the old biblical injunction, Love the neighbor as thyself.” George McGovern

15. “You don’t know how to love God and your neighbor unless you look to the law to define it.” Randall Terry

16. “The basis of world peace is the teaching which runs through almost all the great religions of the world. Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Eleanor Roosevelt

17. “If people become kinder to each other and begin to forgive some bitterness if they begin to love their neighbor as the Most High loves us, then I am for it.” Oleksandr Usyk

18. “And it is so simple… The one thing is – love thy neighbor as thyself – that is the one thing. That is all. Nothing else is needed. You will instantly find how to live.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

19. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Why? Because every human being has a root in the Unity, and to reject the minutest particle of the Unity is to reject it all.” Baal Shem Tov

20. “Love thy neighbor as thyself: Do not do to others what thou wouldst not wish be done to thyself: Forgive injuries. Forgive thy enemy, be reconciled to him, give him assistance, invoke God in his behalf.” Confucius

Funny neighbor quotes about life and the people close to us

21. “Good fences make good neighbors. Robert Frost

22. “Even the devil’s eyes can’t be as sharp as the neighbor’s.” Heinrich Boll

23. “Hate your next-door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace.” Barry McGuire

24. “It’s never easy to be a small country next to a big neighbor.” Lee Hsien Loong

25. “I’ve never known of Wal-Mart to be a good neighbor in any town it’s ever moved into.” Steve Earle

26. “I grew up in the countryside, in literally the middle of nowhere. We had one neighbor and a lot of sheep.” Georgia King

27. “We kind of have an ingrained, parasitic society. We kind of think it’s okay to eat your neighbor.” Mark Pellegrino

28. “I think it was much better when you got on your horse and rode two miles to talk to your neighbor.” Laura Schlessinger

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29. “I grew up where my parents would literally shove me in the car rather than have to say hello to a neighbor.” Amy Sherman-Palladino

30. “It would be hard to go to your neighbor and say the things people say on the Internet without getting punched out or having your tires slashed.” Alex Gibney

Wise neighbor quotes about the relationship

31. “Few of us could bear to have ourselves for neighbors. Mignon McLaughlin

32. “All human beings are my neighbors. We share the same planet. Ana Monnar

33. “If you burn your neighbor’s house down, it doesn’t make your house look any better. Lou Holtz

34. “Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there. Franklin P. Jones

35. “Interpreting anyone’s marriage—a neighbor’s, let alone the president’s—is extremely difficult.” Jodi Kantor

36. “People glorify all sorts of bravery except the bravery they might show on behalf of their nearest neighbors. George Eliot

37. “You can have a neighbor you live next to for five years and never speak to, and nobody has a problem with that.” Will Shields

38. “We all have neighbors. Greet them on the sidewalk or in the elevator, but try not to peer through their windows. Windows are to look out from, not into. Alexandra Stoddard

39. “That’s the potential power of a single voice – a neighbor’s, a teacher’s, a parent’s, a friend’s. It can change you, make you feel as if you have a place in the world.” Doug Stanton

40. “I think as much as you would look to your neighbor to your friends to live out the same values as you are, we want to make sure that our allies are living out the same values that we push for here.” — Ilhan Omar

Good and bad neighbor quotes

41. “It is your concern when your neighbor’s wall is on fire.” Horace

42. “A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing.” Hesiod

43. “When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities.” Jennifer Pahlka

44. “A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence but doesn’t climb over it.” Arthur Baer

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45. “A man prone to suspect evil is mostly looking in his neighbor for what he sees in himself.” Augustus Hare

46. “Unfortunately, you cannot let your neck be kind of cut as a gesture for your neighbor, even if it’s a good neighbor.” — Hud Barak

47. “The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore, brothers.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

48. “Definition of good neighbor: someone to be trusted; a courteous, friendly source of help when help is needed; someone you can count on; someone who cares.” Edward B. Rust, Jr.

49. “The happiest people I know are people who don’t even think about being happy. They just think about being good neighbors, good people. And then happiness sort of sneaks in the back window while they are busy doing good.” Harold S. Kushner

50. “Because my parents were illegal, they couldn’t trust anybody. They were always nervous. A neighbor could be like, ‘These people are making too much noise. Their children are making too much noise,’ and the cops could knock at our door and ask for our papers, and that’s it. It’s that simple. So you’re always a little closed.” Giannis Antetokounmpo

What do you think about your neighbors?

Some of us are old enough to remember the classic children’s program Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. 

The iconic theme song, which children worldwide would sing, says, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be mine, would you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor?”

The message was more profound than seeking aesthetically pleasing real estate.

The show encouraged viewers to get out of their houses and make new connections with the people in their neighborhood.

Sometimes we wonder where the spirit of seeking new neighbors has gone.

Technological entrepreneur Jennifer Pahlka reminds us that, “When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities.”

It is easy to forget how interconnected our neighbors and neighborhoods are.

As the philosopher Horace reminds us, “It is your concern when your neighbor’s wall is on fire.”

We are all someone’s neighbors; make it a beautiful day in your neighborhood.

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