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50 Guy Fieri Quotes From the Host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

These Guy Fieri quotes will get your mouth watering as you hop on the bus to Flavortown.

Since 2006, Guy Fieri has been the reigning champion of food hosts on the Food Network.

Viewers love this chill, California dude with his bleached blond hair and the racer stripe in his goatee.

Fieri has hosted big hit shows like Guy’s Big Bite, Diners, Drive-Ins, and DivesGuy’s Grocery Games, and also often guest stars on Food Network Star.

Fieri’s success has come from being undeniably himself.

He claims that what you see on screen is what you get in real life.

He’s even come up with his own colloquialisms for when food tastes totally badass.

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy these Guy Fieri quotes.

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Guy Fieri quotes about food

1. “Some people are just born to cook and talk.” — Guy Fieri

2. “You’re like a blackjack dealer at the Flavortown Casino.” — Guy Fieri

3. “That [deep fryer] looks like the community pool in Flavortown.” — Guy Fieri

4. “I can’t play the guitar, but I can play the griddle.” — Guy Fieri

5. “In Japanese, sushi does not mean raw fish. It means seasoned rice.” — Guy Fieri

6. “No matter how tough the meat may be, it’s going to be tender if you slice it thin enough.” — Guy Fieri

7. “Short of screaming-hot Thai food, everything can be suitable for kids too.” — Guy Fieri

8. “I wake up in the morning thinking about food.” — Guy Fieri

9. “Dude, I’ve been stricken by chicken!” — Guy Fieri

10. “If you’re cooking and not making mistakes, you’re not playing outside your safety zone.” — Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri quotes about cooking

11. “Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least 10 times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.” — Guy Fieri

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12. “I don’t expect it all to be good. I have fat dogs because I scrap that stuff out the back door.” — Guy Fieri

13. “I’m a five-seasons griller… I don’t care what the weather is like. My hair is impervious to any kind of dampness, so I don’t have too much to worry about.” — Guy Fieri

14. “It’s always good to go over the recipe beforehand, so you can easily think of the next thing that needs to be done.” — Guy Fieri

15. “I don’t know if it’s fair to call their Russian dressing Russian dressing — it should be called something sexy, like liquid Moscow.” — Guy Fieri

16. “When cooking for a big crew of hungry dudes who’ve been sleeping in a parking lot, do not think you can get away with fettucini Alfredo.” — Guy Fieri

17. “If you slow it down, eat in courses, your body, mind, stomach will catch up with this full feeling and you won’t eat as much.” — Guy Fieri

18. “You don’t have to eat a whole cheeseburger, just take a piece of the cheeseburger.” — Guy Fieri

19. “You know what, it might just be a mound of oil-logged Pillsbury crescent dough, but it’s bomb-dot-com tasty amigo.” — Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri quotes that take you to Flavortown

20. “[Those] fried green tomatoes, brother that’s a symposium of flavor.” — Guy Fieri

21. “I wanna be the ambassador to Chimichanga Flavour Town.” — Guy Fieri

22. “Liver is my number one most hated food. Oh, God, I get sick talking about it!” — Guy Fieri

23. “People who like [haggis] call it spicy, creamy, rich, and buttery — I don’t wanna tell you what I call it… ha ha.” — Guy Fieri

24. “Sometimes you pull up to a place and you just know it’s going to be good.” — Guy Fieri

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25. “We’re takin’ you on a road rockin’ trip down to Flavortown, where the gravitational force of bacon warps the laws of space and time.” — Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri quotes on what to say when you eat really good food

26. “We’re Riding the Bus to Flavortown!” — Guy Fieri

27. “This is Gangsta!” — Guy Fieri

28. “This is Money!” — Guy Fieri

29. “This is Out of Bounds” — Guy Fieri

30. “This is off the Hook!” — Guy Fieri

31. “Shut the Front Door.” — Guy Fieri

32. “Bomb-dot-com tasty.” — Guy Fieri

33. “Funkalicious.” — Guy Fieri

34. “Capital T tasty.” — Guy Fieri

35. “Holy moly, Stromboli!” — Guy Fieri

36. “What a hot frisbee of fun!” — Guy Fieri

37. “I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good.” — Guy Fieri

More fun Guy Fieri quotes

38. “[Splash] some [rub] around the rest of the hog for good measure. This really doesn’t do a dang thing, but it makes you feel good about things and makes for good drama.” — Guy Fieri

39. “[They] make a porchetta that you won’t forgetta.” — Guy Fieri

40. “Don’t ever use lighter fluid, It’s un-American. Amateurs, losers, and idiots use lighter fluid.” — Guy Fieri

41. “His seafood is so fresh it’ll slap ya.” — Guy Fieri

42. “Kids want to saute, to cut the pizza, to see how the ingredients come together. If you let them do the fun stuff, they’ll develop skills and interests that will stay with them forever.” — Guy Fieri

43. “My friends and my family are such a massive part of my life. My kids are everything.” — Guy Fieri

44. “Peace, love and taco grease!” — Guy Fieri

45. “What you see is what you get with me. There’s no show.” — Guy Fieri

46. “It’s never too late to get good at something.” — Guy Fieri

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47. “My philosophy is “Where is it written that at 40 you give up all your toys?” If I’m still having a great time doing something, I’m going to keep on doing it.” — Guy Fieri

48. “Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.” — Guy Fieri

49. “I know how lucky I am. I never take it for granted. In this country [USA], anything can happen – anybody can be what they want to be. All I ever wanted was to be a good husband and father, a good chef, and to have my own restaurant. And the celebrity was never expected. Wouldn’t have even dared dream of it. And here I am. So anyone’s dreams can come true. And I’m very, very grateful for everything that’s come my way. I thank everyone who enjoys what I do.” — Guy Fieri

50. “I think anyone that grew up in the ’70s and ’80s grew up with Bob Barker and Wink Martindale and I think that was just always… when you were a game show host, you were a man of the hour.” — Guy Fieri

Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?

Guy Fieri’s passion for cooking doesn’t stop at making great food.

He’s also passionate about kids and teaching them how to cook as well.

In 2008, Fieri influenced the state of California to create Cook With Your Kids Day, an annual holiday encouraging kids and their parents to spend more time in the kitchen together.

In 2010, Fieri launched CWK (Cooking With Kids), a program that motivates children to develop healthy eating habits in response to the childhood obesity crisis, as well as strengthen families as they share more quality time in the kitchen together.

Did you enjoy these Guy Fieri quotes and sayings?

Which quote is your favorite?

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