50 Ladybug Quotes Honoring The Noble Insect

Relax, smile, breathe and enjoy these ladybug quotes.

Ladybugs are remarkable creatures known as ladybird beetles or lady beetles. 

Ladybugs play a tremendous role in protecting crop and noncrop plants from herbivores all over the world.

Scientists have even moved ladybugs to other countries because of their ability to fight against invasive species that eat crops humans grow. 

Not only are ladybugs pleasant to look at and admire, but ladybugs are crucial to our food chain and our gardens.

As humans have more of a negative ecological impact, the safety of ladybugs remains compromised. 

As a species, we depend on ladybugs and their natural abilities like we rely on bees.

Ladybugs are a gift from nature!

Pesticide use has resulted in sickness and disease in humans.

Ladybugs are a natural pesticide because they remove harmful bugs without hurting the environment. 

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Miraculous ladybug quotes

1. “Plenty of ladybirds, plenty of hops.” English Proverb

2. “Little red bug, oh so cute, here’s a black spot for your suit.” Susan M. Paprocki

3. “I am rather fond of ladybugs. They are so delightfully hemispherical.” Gail Carriger

4. “Ladybugs are possibly the only non-controversial subject left in the world.” Charles Harper

5. “I would like to turn into a ladybug so that I can add to the beauty of nature.” Prachi Pandey

6. “When I find a ladybug, I ask the butler to take it outside instead of killing it.” Winston Churchill

7. “You can start a ladybug conversation with a total stranger without getting hit in the mouth.” – Charles Harper

8. “In the light of the eye of a camel is reflected the glory of God, in the work of a ladybug is the soul of an artist.” Ethel Pochocki

9. “A brood of little ladybugs is wintering with me; one has just wandered across the paper—take it for a good omen!” Rainer Maria Rilke

10. “How brave a ladybug must be! Each drop of rain is big as she. Can you imagine what you’d do if raindrops fell as big as you?” — Aileen Fisher

Funny ladybug quotes

11.“Ladybug! Call me Ladybug.” Marinette Dupain-Cheng

12. “You can’t have a bad day in polka dots.” Anna Kendrick

13. “You know who must be very secure in their masculinity? Male ladybugs.”  Jay Leno

14. “And what about the ladybug man, the blue of his eyes over gray threaded black?” Janet Fitch

15. “The ladybug is probably useful, but Webster’s unabridged doesn’t tell us for what.” Josh Billings

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16. “Leapfrog over the ladybug. Leapfrog over the bee…. then leap back home to me!” Lauren Thompson

17. “I’d fish kamikazee-ladybugs out of my soup bowl, their Etna’s crater in the middle of the round kitchen table.” Aleš Šteger

18. “I was still only in a towel. And I was holding a box of condoms in my hand. My face was red as a ladybug. One dark eyebrow went up.” Jennifer L. Armentrout

19. “Sometimes, monsters are real,” Tess said, rolling over, leaving me alone with the ladybug staring up at me. “Even if they don’t look like monsters.” — Andrew Pyper

20. “The ladybug’s a beetle. It’s shaped like a pea. Its color is a bright red With lots of spots to see. Although the name is ladybug, Some ladybugs are men. So why don’t we say “gentleman bug” Every now and then?” — Anonymous

Ladybug quotes and sayings

21. “This little insect of the poets.” G. P. Disosway

22. “Please put the ladybug outside without harming her.” — Winston Churchill

23. “A ladybug landed on my notebook, and I suddenly felt no need for words.” Marty Rubin

24. “Hundreds of ladybugs had taken shelter from the winter in the crevices of the decayed windows.” Aleš Šteger

25. “The ladybug is the most genteel vermin in the market. They are spotted red and black for color and don’t look unlike a drop of red sealing wax.” Josh Billings

26. “Or perhaps you notice a congregation of ladybugs on a rose stalk. Don’t invoke the old nursery saying and ask them to fly away home. Their house is not on fire.” — Eleanor Perenyi

27. “Mary, as round as a ladybug, bounced on a donkey’s back. The hotel was full. The hour was late. The event was one big hassle. Yet, out of the hassle, hope was born. It still is.” Max Lucado

28. “The ladybug wears no disguises. She is just what she advertises—a speckled spectacle of spring, a fashion statement on the wing, a miniature orange kite, a tiny dot-to-dot delight.” — J. Patrick Lewis

29. “A small speckled visitor wearing a crimson cape, brighter than a cherry, smaller than a grape. A polka-dotted someone, walking on my wall, a black-hooded lady in a scarlet shawl.” Joan Walsh Anglund

30. “In old times, the ladybug was believed to live in the sun, and the German children still have a rhyme telling it to fly away up to heaven and bring back the sunshine, and they believe that if they were to kill one of these insects the sun would not shine the next day.” John Denison Champlin

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Ladybug quotes about life

31. “With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug.” Anonymous

32. “Hurt no living thing—ladybird, nor butterfly, nor moth with dusty wings.” Christina Georgina Rossetti

33. “Mom says it’s good luck if a ladybug lands on you. But club members do not think that is scientifically accurate.” Jane O’Connor

34. “I am not well-versed in theory, but in my view, the cow deserves her life. As does the ram. As does the ladybug.” Vincent J. Guihan

35. “Let your imagination… fly like the ladybug, “north, south, and east, and west,” but take care that it always comes home to rest.” Robert Southey

36. “They were genuine Berlin ladybugs; they’d occupied the windows illegally like my friends in apartments from which they were later evicted.” Aleš Šteger

37. “My joy at that first sighting of the ladybug spreading its lower winglets on the rim of the jam glass, flashing three spots of fortune, soon turned into something tragic and Greek, a bloodied slaughter.” Aleš Šteger

38. “We talked this afternoon of worlds that herd within the sky; of all the majesty and reach of stellar space, till I was grateful to the ladybug that crawled across my dress, just for its foolish speckled back and for its littleness.” — Ethel A. Turner

39. “In Westphalia, Germany, little girls set a ladybug on the end of their forefinger and ask it in rhyme when they will be married; in one year? Two years? Three years? etc.; and they grow very impatient if the insect lets them count too high before it flies away” John Denison Champlin

40. “They haven’t mastered the ability to use logic and words to express their feelings, and they live their lives completely in the moment—which is why they will drop everything to squat down and fully absorb themselves in watching a ladybug crawl along the sidewalk, not caring one bit that they are late for their toddler music class.” — Daniel J. Siegel

Ladybug garden quotes

41. “Red is the first color of spring. It’s the real color of rebirth. Of beginning.” — Andie Condie

42. “The little Wren is very small, the Humming-bird is less; The Lady-bird is least of all, and beautiful in dress.” Adelaide O’Keeffe

43. “Ladybugs all dressed in red, strolling through the flower bed. If I were tiny just like you, I’d creep among the flowers too!” — Maria Fleming

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44. “Oh ladybug, I wish you joy as you complete your garden chores. I’d like to put aside my work and join you in the out-of-doors!” Anonymous

45. “Your roses are, with aphids, which the ladybugs are feeding on—and you can bless yourself that they have come to your rescue.” — Eleanor Perenyi

46. “And as I removed the leaves, I saw a most wonderful congregation of these little Ladybugs – the ground was literally red with them for quite a distance around.” — Unknown

47. “This ladybug  I take from off the grass, whose spotted back might scarlet red surpass. Fly, ladybug; north, south, or east, or west, fly where the man is found that I love best.” John Gay

48. “I think people should maybe just go out into the garden and watch a ladybug crawl across a flower and relax their mind. That’s about all you need to know about life, I think.” Harland Williams

49. “Ladybug, Ladybug, whither fly you, to rest on the rose or to sip of the dew? Ladybird, Ladybird, come to my Bower; It will shade you from sun and defend you from Shower.” Anonymous

50. “They crawl out from warm mulch, just after snow, in hiding from tunnels row after row; They rest among dew drops and fly out to bring their red spots of colors to gardens of spring.” Marlene Glaus

What did you learn from these ladybug quotes?

Aphids are pests that harm gardens and human dwellings.

Ladybugs love to dine on aphids.

They can eat about 50 aphids in one day or about 5000 in their lifetime. 

Currently, we have about 5000 unique species of ladybugs on our planet.

Ladybugs are alive and thriving. 

Still, we do have several species that are extinct or on the verge of extinction.

Climate change and human intervention impact the lives of these noble insects. 

American artist Charles Harper once joked, “Ladybugs are possibly the only non-controversial subject left in the world. You can start a ladybug conversation with a total stranger without getting hit in the mouth.”

Ladybugs are a symbol of peace, kindness, and being gentle. 

They help humans and keep our ecosystem balanced.

What do you like about ladybugs?

Do you have any other favorite ladybug quotes and sayings to add?

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