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Manifest Quotes for Those Unexplainable Moments in Life

If you loved the mystery of the television show, you’ll love these Manifest quotes.

Manifest is a supernatural drama series on NBC that premiered in 2018. It was created by Jeff Rake.

The story is about flight 828 and its passengers that reappeared after being presumed dead for more than five years.

Adding to the fear and confusion they experienced, they now have to face their loved ones who mourned for them during the years that they disappeared.

The mystery of their disappearance and the unexplainable abilities they gained serve as the sci-fi centerpiece.

The series also talked about callings and strange phenomena. Similar to this series, there are strange events that happen in our lives.

Some may be explained with evidence, but others are unexplainable, no matter how much we look into it.

These Manifest quotes can make you think about the unexplainable stories we may have heard during our lifetime.

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Manifest quotes by Mick

1. “Just what I need, a husband who can read my mind.” ― Mick

2. “Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your own son?” ― Mick

Manifest quotes by Ben

3. “I told you over and over again there’s some things science can’t explain. Some things you have to go on faith.” ― Ben

4. “Well, wake up Muck cause we are sinking fast.” ― Ben

5. “Suddenly, I have very little faith in us saving ourselves.” ― Ben

6. “We were wrong. We were so very wrong.” ― Ben

7. “I used to be a skeptic, too. Only focused on science. But once you’ve been a part of enough miracles, you realize you need to give in and embrace the miracle. You need to believe what happened out there.” ― Ben

8. “Flight 828, it just blew up all over again.” ― Ben

9. “We’re going to do this Mic. I don’t know how, but we’re going to crack it. Together.” ― Ben

10. “Whatever we’re meant to save the passengers from, it’s coming. It’s violent.” ― Ben

Manifest quotes by Eagan

11. “As for you, what does it feel like being a passenger rounding up passengers?” ― Eagan

12. “Hypothetical for you… can one be mauled to death during a Calling?” ― Eagan

Manifest quotes by Saanvi

13. “I don’t think you understand. I’m not hiding from her, I’m coming after her.” ― Saanvi

14. “We both took an oath, I betrayed mine. Don’t betray yours.” ― Saanvi

15. “Vance, I think figured out how to control the 828 anomalies. How to isolate it, eliminate it, and replicate it, and now The Major knows it all.” ― Saanvi

Manifest quotes by Grace

16. “I don’t give a damn about the science. It’s my son.” ― Grace

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17. “I understand. But it does us no good if in saving the lifeboat, you drown in the process.” ― Grace

18. “With all due respect, this is my son, and if you do anything to jeopardize him coming home to me safely, I swear to God, you’ll wish you didn’t wake up this morning.” ― Grace

Manifest quotes by Vance

19. “How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to the truth?” ― Vance

20. “As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we’ve taken “impossible” off the table.” ― Vance

21. “I covered up a murder to protect you and the passengers. Forget about the Callings, if my kinds went missing, I’d burn down the castle to get them back.” ― Vance

22. “You’re not the only one who can come back from the dead.” ― Vance

Manifest quotes by Mic

23. “Forget the fact that I’m a cop. You came out of that lake for a reason. This is your chance at redemption. You and I were supposed to find each other again.” ― Mic

24. “Why do I get the impression that everyone we’ve talked to is either lying to us or to themselves.” ― Mic

25. “The three guys who kidnapped Cal.. they’re alive again.” ― Mic

26. “Ben, I’m sorry. What more do you want from me? I’m already dying inside.” ― Mic

27. “If we have zero control over what we do than what was the point of us coming back in the first place?” ― Mic

28. “The Callings are a blessing in that they can save our lives, but hell if they are not a curse as well. And I can’t miss even one, not if I want to grow old with you.” ― Mic

29. “I am tired of being told to let this go. I’m not going to let this go. I am the one that took that bullet, I am the victim, and I am telling you that this man is innocent.” ― Mic

30. “You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.” – Mic

31. “I know you think it’s always too personal between me and Vasquez, but that’s the problem, he made it personal.” ― Mic

32. “He wants a final celebration instead of being hooked up to the machines at the hospital.” ― Mic

Manifest quotes by Zeke

33. “I don’t know if the people I hurt will ever forgive me. I don’t know if they should.” ― Zeke

34. “It was hard for me to process too, but I’ve come to accept it. But this last year has been a blessing, I got to make peace with my past, make amends with you and dad, found Michaela. I’ve never had one day in my whole entire life where I’ve just celebrated the moment. To go out knowing that I married the great love of my life and to have you there supporting me, I couldn’t ask for anything more.” ― Zeke

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Manifest quotes by other characters

35. “Careful, Saanvi. Those are the kinds of threats that get people killed.” ― The Major

36. “If you worked my mom’s case like I intended, then Jared and I probably would’ve never dated.” ― Sarah

37. “So, run of the mill crazy or is this cause you guys are magic? Either way, like every other man, he seems to be obsessed with you.” ― Drea

38. “That might be the coolest thing I ever heard. My nephew is a real-life superhero.” ― Tarik

39. “Mom, you’re not sure about anything. And you are lying if you say you are.” ― Olive

40. “You need to be with Michaela because she doesn’t have much time. And neither do you.” ― Cal

41. “She’s my best friend, *our* best friend, and I love that you stick up for her. But tell me that’s the only reason.” ― Lourdes

42. “You’re right, I do know Michaela Stone. And yeah, we were gonna get married. But then she went to Jamaica. I swear to god she died on that plane because 5-and-a-half years later, whoever came back, hell whatever came back, see that wasn’t her. See, this person destroyed my marriage and then she threw me under the bus in open court to protect some drug addict she barely knows, which destroyed everything that I have worked for. Yeah, Billy, you want to know why I’m here? It’s because Michaela Stone destroyed my life. My entire life.” ― Jared

43. “He’s going to be okay. They both are.” ― Captain Bowers

44. “Imagine how the world would feel about 828’ers if one of them stone-cold assassinated her boyfriend. They’d lose every ounce of sympathy.” ― Erica

45. “Well, the Callings will never come out and just say something. That’s the point of the puzzle.” ― Olive

46. “Michaela Stone is a threat, we’ll do what needs to be done.” ― Simon

Manifest quotes from memorable conversations within the show

47. Vance: “Once we get that thing out of here, it’s going to feel like the whole world’s against us.”

Ben: “The whole world is against us.”

48. Zeke: “It was an Earthquake.”

Grace: “In New York?”

Zeke: “Apparently no one saw it coming.”

49. Saanvi: “Vance, you know better than anyone that the Callings do not follow our rules.”

Vance: “Saanvi, the people I answer to have already been told we are on the brink of something huge. If we stop now, they’ll just replace me, find someone to do my job. But to me, this is more than just a job. We are closer than we’ve ever been to figuring out what happened to 828. Can you really stop now because of two possibly related events? Because I can’t.”

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Eagan: “It happened. Same dark clouds, but this time there was a lion.”

Ben: “Whoa, a lion, lion?”

Eagan: “Yes, Dorothy. It was roaring in my face. I thought it was going to rip my freaking head off.”

Grace: “Too bad it wouldn’t find a heart.”

Eagan: “Touche.”

50. Ben: “But that doesn’t mean Eureka is out to get us.”

Eagan: “Everyone is out to get us.”

51. Tarik: “This guy is here because of me. My stupid mistake.”

Grace: “Yeah, but he’s not here for you. None of this is your fault.”

Tarik: “I have to do this. Take the kids and run.”

52. Jared: “You guys want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

Mic: “I would say you wouldn’t believe us but I think we’re past that point.”

53. Mic: “What if the truth is impossible to believe?”

Drea: “You came back from the dead. I dare you to top that.”

54. Pete: “Please, you can still make the right choice.”

Jace: “I got no choice.”

55. Mic: “Are you saying that you felt what Beverly was feeling?”

Zeke: “I think I did.”

Mic: “That is next-level.”

56. Eagan: “I’m never wrong about Callings.”

Ben: “The Callings are never wrong either.”

57. Ben: “I think the Calling is trying to tell us that we died on that flight.”

Mic: “No, Ben. Look, we’re standing right here. Yes, something inexplicable is happening, but no, come on.”

58. “I can handle not being with you anymore. I can’t handle not having you as a friend.” ― Jared

59. Jared: “Mic, why does it always feel like you gotta justify the Calling?”

Mic: “Because I gotta believe they’re good, Jared.”

60. Grace: “The Callings didn’t do this to TJ, Olive.”

Olive: “Well, it sure didn’t save him either.”

Which of these Manifest quotes is your favorite?

The show ended on a lot of cliffhangers, but ultimately, the passengers believed that their disappearance was based on the divine’s plan.

They even mentioned in one episode the story’s connection to Noah’s ark. The show raised a lot of questions about faith, God, free will, and science.

Throughout history, people are introduced to the idea of faith versus science. Many attempted to answer and explain things by science, divine intervention, or as a part of an extraterrestrial event.

While some real-life events are easily explainable, some are left unanswered. Think of these Manifest quotes and sayings when faith and science cross your mind.

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