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Some Words about Toyota

Toyota is the name of a world-renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer.

This name is synonymous with innovation, reliability, and quality.

It has become one of the most trusted names in the automobile industry.

Toyota: A Legacy of Excellence

Toyota was founded in 1937 and still holds a reputation for excellence and reliability. 

The company is committed to delivering tough and rugged vehicles with exceptional performance.

Commitment to Reliability and Quality

Toyota is known for its unwavering commitment to reliability and quality.

Both these elements have been the cornerstone of its success. 

The revolutionized production mechanism focuses on continuous improvements while keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Besides, Toyota ensures that each of its manufactured vehicles meets stringent standards of durability and comfort.

Technological Advancements and Innovation

Toyota has been consistent when it comes to technological advancements. 

With the introduction of groundbreaking technologies and user-friendly features, Toyota has taken some huge leaps. 

The introduction of the latest technology has enhanced the following features of a Toyota Vehicle:

  • Overall efficiency 
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Comfort

Environmental Responsibility

Toyota recognizes its environmental responsibilities.

Hence, this company relies on sustainable energy solutions. 

It has started practicing environmentally friendly practices for a long time. 

For instance, the introduction of its Hybrid Version “Prius” is among the first ever hybrid vehicles. 

This is a clear indication of Toyota’s commitment to minimizing carbon emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency. 

Safety is the Priority

Toyota is committed not to compromising safety.

Hence, engineers are striving to offer safety features that ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. 

So, people can enjoy the drive with peace of mind. 

The company has already incorporated a wide array of safety features. 

Global Impact and Reach

The global presence of Toyota has allowed it to emerge as a significant player in the industry. 

With its state-of-the-art production facilities and sales networks, Toyota has captured a nice share of the global market. 

Toyota has helped countries with job creation and economic growth.

Top 10 Toyota Quotes

Here are the top 10 quotes about Toyota you’ll like reading and sharing with the car lovers around you.

1. “I like the way the old Toyotas look.” — Judd Nelson

2. “Bashing a Toyota won’t make a car better.” — Ross Perot

3. “My first car was a 1986 Toyota pickup.” — Michael Steger

4. “Toyota is competitive in anything they do.” — Kyle Busch

5. “In a Toyota, the cops don’t think about stopping you so much.” — Chuck Berry

6. “White Toyota crashed into a black Mercedes, for a moment blending into a blur.” — Neal Shusterman

7. “There is a great market for cars in the United States – as Honda and Toyota have proven.” — Alan Mulally

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8. “The car bomb was fertilizer, gasoline, fireworks, and propane tanks…still safer than a Toyota.” — Bill Maher

9. “If your thighs look like the hood of a white Toyota minivan after a hailstorm, you aren’t juicy.” — Jeff Foxworthy

10. “Whenever I’m suffering from insomnia, I just look at a picture of a Toyota Camry, and I’m straight off.” — Jeremy Clarkson

Toyota Quotes by Akio Toyoda

Below are insightful and inspiring quotes from Akio Toyoda, the president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation.

11. “It is in Toyota’s DNA that mistakes made once will not be repeated.” — Akio Toyoda

12. “I am at the top of Toyota and drive cars myself. I was also born with this name.” — Akio Toyoda

13. “I myself, as well as Toyota, am not perfect. I, more than anyone, wish for our customers’ cars to be safe.” — Akio Toyoda

14. “The priorities are the same we always have at Toyota: First safety, second quality, the third volume, and fourth profit-making.” — Akio Toyoda

15. “When consumers purchase a Toyota, they are not simply purchasing a car, truck, or van. They are placing their trust in our company.” — Akio Toyoda

16. “Toyota will increase its outreach to government agencies charged with protecting the safety of motorists and passengers.” — Akio Toyoda

17. “The hundreds of thousands of men and women at Toyota operations worldwide…are among the best in the auto industry.” — Akio Toyoda

18. “Everyone says Toyota is the best company in the world, but the customer doesn’t care about the world. They care if we are the best in town or not.” — Akio Toyoda

19. “After I joined Toyota, there was a period when I drove more than 200 cars in one year… I want to be able to tell what distinguishes one car from the next.” — Akio Toyoda

20. “For much of Toyota’s history, we have ensured the quality and reliability of our vehicles by placing a device called an andon cord on every production line – and empowering any team member to halt production if there’s an assembly problem.” — Akio Toyoda

With an emphasis on driving, these quotes serve as a pleasure source for the readers.

21. “I drive a tiny Toyota iQ. I’m quite frugal and often cut my own hair.” — Carol Vorderman

22. “I can’t really rap the way rappers rap; I drive a 2002 Toyota Avalon.” — Lil Dicky

23. “Driving the No. 26 Sandy Hook School Support Fund Toyota is like nothing I have ever been part of in my NASCAR career.” — Michael Waltrip

24. “If you come to my house for a dinner party, it looks like a Toyota dealership because every single person I know drives a hybrid now.” — Laurie David

25. “I can’t help thinking the failed New York bomber would’ve done far more damage if he’d simply driven through Times Square in a Toyota.” — Frankie Boyle

26. “It wasn’t until I filled up my husband’s Toyota Prius Hybrid that I had a moment of understanding of how people who drive gas cars feel.” — Alexandra Paul

27. “When I do drive, I drive a Toyota Prius. So driving around the streets of Albuquerque in a Bentley made me feel so fake-a-rooney.” — Jessica Hecht

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28. “I still drive a 1993 Toyota Camry. I do want to get an electric car, but it’s less of a carbon footprint if you keep your old, fuel-efficient car on the road than if you say, ‘build me a whole new car.’” — Josh Fox

29. “I rolled the second car I ever owned, a Toyota 4 Runner.” — Apolo Ohno

30. “If you rode to my mother’s house, it’s still a two-bedroom house, one floor. She still drives the same Toyota Corolla she drove for the last three years and is still trying to meet ends.” — O. J. Mayo

Toyota Quotes On Different Models

These quotes discuss numerous Toyota models and promote a sense of pride and joy in having one’s very own Toyota and driving it.

31. “My first car was a Toyota 4Runner when I was 17. I paid for it myself. I was very happy.” — Apolo Ohno

32. “The problem is Twitter is designing the metaphorical equivalent of a Toyota Prius. A car for the masses.” — Robert Scoble

33. “In 2010, I sold my car, a Toyota Majester, for just a lakh-and-a-half to be able to feed my horses.” — Randeep Hooda

34. “Nissan recalls almost 135,000 Infiniti G35s to address an airbag problem. When Toyota heard that, they said, ‘Airbags! I knew we forgot something.’” Jimmy Fallon

35. “My first car was a 1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback in red, like the one in ‘The Blues Brothers.’ I painted a Union Jack on the roof. I was absolutely in love with it until I destroyed it, which broke my heart!” — Richard Hammond

More Toyota Quotes On Different Models

Enjoy a few additional quotes discussing numerous Toyota models.

36. “In the case of all the carmakers, there’s a certain amount of greenwash. Take Toyota: They were pushing the Prius while they were meanwhile marketing the hell out of the Sequoia and other models with terrible gas mileage.” — Chris Paine

37. “When Japan was on the rise, American governors would come to inspect Toyota City and study ‘just in time’ manufacturing to increase efficiency; when America was at its peak in the late 1990s, the world beat a path to its venture capitalists.” — David E. Sanger

38. “Disruption is continuously afoot in every industry, especially in autos. It is how Toyota, Nissan, and Honda bloodied Detroit: They did not start their attack with Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura, but with low-end subcompact models branded Corona, Datsun, and CVCC.” — Clayton M. Christensen

39. “I used to have an ’89 Toyota Ford truck. On the front of the truck, I had this license plate with cowboy boots and a guitar that I had airbrushed at Wal-Mart. It said ‘Chasin’ A Dream.’ That was kind of my motto.” — Josh Turner

40. “Eventually, though, I came to the conclusion that I was the male equivalent of a Toyota Camry. You know: No one ever says, “I have to have a Toyota Camry.” But most people who spend some time in a Camry start to like it.” — Justin Halpern

Acknowledging Toyota Quotes

The Toyota quotes below are a lovely tribute to the expertise of the brand, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

41. “I am just so proud to be able to take my NAPA car, my NAPA Toyota, to the West Coast and race in front of the fans in Southern California.” — Michael Waltrip

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42. “One thing I’ve learned with Toyota being in our state is that they care for the communities where they do business – it is, after all, their home, too. And they prove it every day.” — Kay Ivey

43. “The Toyota style is not to create results by working hard. It is a system that says there is no limit to people’s creativity. People don’t go to Toyota to ‘work.’ They go there to ‘think.’” — Taiichi Ohno

44. “Toyota was the first to put a commercial fuel cell powered car on the road, and I have no doubt that Toyota will continue to be in the front lines in the development of competitive fuel cell vehicles.” — Maurice Strong

More Toyato Quotes for Fans of the Brand

Toyota fans will enjoy these last few quotes about the popular car manufacturer.

45. “Toyota is doing a neat job coming into the sport – no one ever thought that there would be a day when Toyota would participate in an American-made, American-born sport like Nascar, but they’re doing a fantastic job.” — Brian France

46. “Learning to see waste and systematically eliminate it has allowed lean companies such as Toyota to dominate entire industries. Lean thinking defines value as ‘providing benefit to the customer; anything else is waste.” — Eric Ries

47. “I’m a part of a program called Toyota’s Engines of Change Program. The message is that anyone can make a difference in their community or for whatever cause they feel strongly about. Everyone can be an Engine of Change.” — Aaron Peirsol

48. “I spent some time studying Toyota because how could a loom maker – they made looms. That was their business for 50 years, 35 years – and then they decided to go into the car business after everyone else was in the car business.” — Scott Cook

49. “There are various non-statistical tools that have been typically developed by lean companies, notably by Toyota, for minimizing variability in production, such as standardization, the introduction of takt time, synchronization, shortening the total production lead time, which I am fond of referring to as nonstatistical tools.” — Masaaki Imai

50. “John Shook’s experience shows just how important problem-solving is at Toyota – it comes before any other job skill for the graduate intake. When I joined Toyota in Toyota City (where for a time I was the only American) in late 1983, every newly hired college graduate employee began learning his job by being coached […]” — Martin Burns

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Toyota is committed to quality, reliability, and innovation.

It has solidified its position among the global leaders in the automotive industry.

This leads to the popularity of Toyota quotes among the masses.

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