ODAT TV Show Quotes from the Reimagined Series

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These ODAT TV show quotes will make you miss watching sitcoms on your lazy days.

One Day at a Time is a sitcom running on Netflix that was reimagined from a 1900s version of the same show but with entirely different characters and plots.

This version follows a Cuban-American family inspired by real people who reflect personal experiences, which makes the presentation more relatable and hilarious.

This show received tons of praise from the audience and press for its accurate yet fun portrayal of immigrant issues in America, such as complex topics of racism and stereotypes.

Regardless of its funny delivery, this series has raised serious issues and societal concerns that should be addressed.

Enjoy these ODAT TV show quotes!

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ODAT TV show quotes from Elena

1. “If I’m being generous, the things they care about are the same things we care about.” — Elena

2. “It turns out people want to believe what they believe more than what is actually true.” — Elena

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3. “Changing people’s minds about politics is hard. How did you think it was going to go?” — Elena

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4. “You’re a rich, straight, cisgender white dude; you won at life!” — Elena

5. “You’re saying I’m going to go through my whole life without being oppressed at all?” — Elena

6. “You’re watching me parallel park and screaming, ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.’” — Elena

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ODAT quotes from Penelope

7. “Politics and family do not mix.” — Penelope

8. “I don’t have years! There’s Cubans in an Uber right now; we still have no plan! Ugh, this is so much harder than I thought.” — Penelope

9. “It’s okay to be bad at some things. Dare to suck! It’s the first step to getting good. And if you love the fashion thing, you have to keep going back and not be afraid to be bad at it for a while. Because you’ll get better. We’re all learning. It’s a process.” — Penelope

10. “Alex, relax. You only took one class; it’s okay not to be perfect.” — Penelope

11. “Boundaries are for white people.” — Penelope

12. “So listen, I’m sorry I got so upset. But I need you to understand where I’m coming from. Money and I have never had a great relationship.” — Penelope

13. “But it’s okay for me to admit that I can still be a feminist badass and want a boyfriend.” — Penelope

14. “Actually, I’ve been talking about this in therapy, and I love being alone; it’s the best. And we’re strong women who don’t need a partner to define us.” — Penelope

15. “No matter where you hide it, kids find it. And accidents happen. And things that aren’t accidents. We have teenagers in this house; we have a gay teenager in this house; we have a veteran with PTS. This is the last house that should have a gun.” — Penelope

16. “I know what the last part sounds like, but I promise I would never do anything like that.” — Penelope

17. “You and your brother are of different shades.” — Penelope

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One Day At A Time quotes from Alex

18. “It’s just… you know, there’s like… sex, right? And then the next thing you know, you’re married, and then you get a divorce, and then I’m a single mother struggling to have it all!” — Alex

19. “For once, can’t you just give me five hundred dollars without asking any questions?!” — Alex

20. “I thought that since Elena had a quince, obviously, I would also be getting a party to celebrate my coming of age. This being a house of gender equality and all.” — Alex

21. “I mean, everyone here is killing it! And a badass! And a strong, independent woman!” — Alex

22. “I know it’s good to save money. But maybe the first time meeting my girlfriend isn’t the right time to threaten to burn this mother down.” — Alex

23. “I can’t believe you embarrassed me in front of Nora like that. For thirteen dollars, and a brownie that the waiter definitely spit on.” — Alex

24. “I want to impress her by making her think I don’t have a crazy mother.” — Alex

25. “Why don’t you do a trial run? Like, you go to the bathroom, and Syd, you try not to file a missing persons’ report.” — Alex

Which of these ODAT TV show quotes is your favorite?

The series portrays the normal everyday life of an immigrant family in America, with each character going through their own journey and issues in life.

It follows the story of Penelope, a US Army nurse veteran starting a new life with her two kids and her mother.

The engaging story can make you feel attached to the characters and may even make you want to be a part of some crazy, hilarious family that values their bond and kinship more than anything else.

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After reading these ODAT TV show quotes and sayings, check out your loved ones and start small conversations that put everyone at ease.

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