25 Pulp Fiction Quotes to Celebrate a Pop-Culture Phenomenon

Not sure which Pulp Fiction quotes are most quotable since the entire film is loaded with memorable, punchy one-liners from start to finish.

Samuel Jackson (Jules) quoting a Bible passage (Ezekiel 25:17) during a conversation with Brett is unquestionably one of the highlights of the film but several unforgettable scenes with classic lines casually thrown by characters like Mia, Vince, Pumpkin, and Jody are also worth relishing.

Dance Like It’s 1994

Uma Thurman (Mia) asked John Travolta (Vincent) to “dance good” because she wanted to win the Twist Contest and just like that, the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film took off with cult classic written all over it.

Below you’ll find unforgettable Pulp Fiction quotes from what has been hailed as one of the greatest and most significant films ever made.

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Memorable Pulp Fiction quotes

1. “A Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac.” – Pulp Fiction

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2. “Besides, isn’t it more exciting when you don’t have permission?” – Pulp Fiction

3. “Correctamundo. And that’s what we’re gonna be. We’re gonna be cool.” – Pulp Fiction

4. “Every time my fingers touch brain, I’m Superfly T.N.T. I’m the Guns of the Navarone!” – Pulp Fiction

5. “I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take ME out and do whatever I wanted. Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good.” – Pulp Fiction

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6. “I got a threshold, Jules. I got a threshold for the abuse that I will take.” – Pulp Fiction

7. “I love you, Honey Bunny.” – Pulp Fiction

8. “I love you, Pumpkin.” – Pulp Fiction

9. “I’m in a transitional period so I don’t wanna kill you, I wanna help you.” – Pulp Fiction

10. “It’s a chopper, baby.” – Pulp Fiction

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Hilarious Pulp Fiction quotes

11. “Just because you are a character doesn’t mean that you have character.” – Pulp Fiction

12. “Now, you’ve got a corpse in a car, minus a head, in a garage. Take me to it.” – Pulp Fiction

13. “The days of me forgetting are over, and the days of me remembering have just begun.” – Pulp Fiction

14. “They call it a Royale with Cheese.” – Pulp Fiction

15. “Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bull**t in order to be comfortable?” – Pulp Fiction

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16. “What is significant is that I felt the touch of God. God got involved.” – Pulp Fiction

17. “You just know, you touch him, you die.” – Pulp Fiction

18. “You must be Jules, which would make you Vincent.” – Pulp Fiction

19. “You read the Bible, Brett?” – Pulp Fiction

20. “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.” – Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction quotes that will make your day

21. “A dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.” – Pulp Fiction

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22. “Any time of the day is a good time for pie.” – Pulp Fiction

23. “Did you ever hear the philosophy that once a man admits that he’s wrong, he is immediately forgiven for all wrongdoings?” – Pulp Fiction

24. “Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.” – Pulp Fiction

25.“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.” – Pulp Fiction

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Which of these Pulp Fiction quotes is your favorite?

These Pulp Fiction quotes have not only entertained fans but significantly influenced the filmmaking industry after the tremendous box-office and critical success of Quentin Tarantino’s unconventional masterpiece.

Despite the graphic violence and depictions of gangster activities, Pulp Fiction has reaped major recognition for the cast, film, and those behind the scenes from different award-giving bodies and the media in different parts of the world.

Quentin Tarantino and his co-writer Roger Avary won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1995 among other recognitions from notable organizations.

If you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, take heart.

Your favorite lines from the 1994 film are still being quoted and referenced in films and content to this day.

Which of these Pulp Fiction quotes and lines makes you want to run up the stage and do that iconic Mia-Vincent dance?

Do you have any other favorite quotes to add?

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