25 Roblox Quotes For Building New Worlds

Embrace your inner gamer with our Roblox quotes. 

Roblox has grown to become one of the most popular online game platforms in the world. 

Check out our Roblox quotes below to learn more. 

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game platform that allows users to program games and play games that other users made. 

James Baszucki and Eri Cassel released Roblox in 2006.

Check out these interesting facts about Roblox below: 

  • Roblox was originally called Drynabricks. 
  • There are over forty million games on Roblox. 
  • In 2021, Roblox paid out over five hundred million dollars to creators. 

People from all over the world connect and share on Roblox. 

Many users participate in multiplayer games via Xbox One, PC, phones, and tablets. 

You can do everything on Roblox, from delivering pizza, designing a fashion show, protecting a kingdom as a knight, or escaping prison. 

Roblox is popular with young people. 

The game grew in popularity during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

People were at home and naturally wanted something to keep them entertained. 

Roblox was created in 2004 but released in 2006. 

A decade later, it has grown to reach millions. 

One of the reasons young players love the game so much is because of the variety. 

With over forty million different games, Roblox offers an array of fun for everyone. 

Currently, Roblox has over fifty-seven million daily active users and around two hundred and fourteen million monthly active users. 

Does Roblox have its own money?


Roblox does have its own form of currency, known as Robux. 

Roblox makes money from in-game purchases, advertising, and membership subscriptions. 

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One of the main ways Roblox makes money is through Robux.

Players use Robux to buy virtual items and premium content. 

People also buy all sorts of things with Roblux. 

Some folks like to buy in-game add-ons such as hats or unique pieces of clothing.

Other people make big purchases for premium content and virtual passes. 

To learn more, check out our Roblox quotes below. 

Short Roblox quotes from founder and CEO David Baszucki

We start with some short and sweet Roblox quotes from the founder himself. 

1. “VR provides the most immersive way of playing with Roblox.” — David Baszucki 

2. “Above all else, everyone at Roblox is committed to member safety.” — David Baszucki 

3. “Roblox gives builders the tools and freedom to put their imaginations into action.” — David Baszucki

4. “Roblox provides a world where kids can get together and socialize in hundreds of different settings.” — David Baszucki 

5. “Roblox’s strength has always been both capitalizing on the early phase but playing the long game as well.” — David Baszucki

The top Robolox quotes about breaking out of the joint

Half the fun of Roblox is enjoying other people’s creativity

6. “There had to be a way to get out of this prison. Well, it wasn’t all bad.” Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Prison Life

7. “I participated in a jail riot, and I was handcuffed. And that sucked again.” Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Prison Life

8. “I was fooled into carrying a hammer and being a decoy, and that sucked.” Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Prison Life

9. “Right when I started thinking, that was when the tide turned, and for the worse.” Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Prison Life

10. “Okay. Before the day started, I thought about everything that had happened so far.” Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Prison Life

Here are some quotes from well-known Roblox users.

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11. “I’m the best of the best.” -Johnny613

12. “Quotes made me famous.” -Johnny613

13. “Guests are the future members of ROBLOX.” -vayerbob

14. “You are meant to be as famous as me one day.” -Johnny613

15. “Those that call people noobs are beyond worst than noobs.” -toxicfrozen

The best Roblox quotes about souls and noobs

If you know what a noob is, you will enjoy this section. 

16. “It all sounds cool, and in many ways, yeah, it really is.” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Roblox Bloxburg

17. “All around the different Roblox servers looking for action and adventure.” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Roblox Bloxburg

18. “You could say that I’m some kind of wandering soul whose only purpose in life is to look for adventure!” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Roblox Bloxburg

19. “I live life to the fullest, making the most of every opportunity and experience as it presents itself. Believe” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Roblox Bloxburg

20. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to wander from server to server in the wide and wonderful world of Roblox looking for adventure.” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Roblox Bloxburg

Roblox quotes and sayings about heroes, platforms, and life

Here are some memorable Roblox quotes. 

21. “Hello y’all! It’s everyone’s favorite Roblox hero, Noob.” ― Robloxia Kid, Diary of a Roblox Noob: Mad City

22. “It’s natural to assume Roblox will be on more and more platforms.” — David Baszucki 

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23. “You look completely different! You really look like a Roblox man now!” Kaz said.” ― Robloxia Kid, Roblox Books: Bee Swarm Simulator

24. “Roblox already works well on a phone. When we do ship on Gear and Cardboard, gamers on those platforms will be able to join and play along as well.” — David Baszucki 

25. “We think of ourselves as the best digital ‘toy’ around, and we are excited about the creativity, energy, and passion for success the Roblox platform continues to inspire in our builders.” — David Baszucki 

What is the controversy with Roblox?

There has been some concern from critics about certain aspects of Roblox. 

The platform has received complaints about its filtration system. 

The large majority of Roblox users are below sixteen years of age. 

Roblox is projected to reach four billion accounts by the end of 2023. 

Some have complained the company is not doing enough to combat offensive content. 

Roblox has been criticized for allowing racial and sexually explicit content on its platform. 

Others have complained that Roblox makes it easy for children to spend large sums of money through microtransactions. 

There have been many documented cases of children spending their parents or caretakers’ money, leading to evictions and other complications. 

Some university professors have accused Roblox of perpetuating consumerism in children. 

Despite some of these challenges, Roblox remains as popular as ever. 

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