She’s All That Quotes For Nostalgic Romcom Lovers

Get nostalgic for high school romance with our She’s All That quotes. 

When it comes to romantic teen comedy, She’s All That is up there with the best.

The 1999 film stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Racheal Leigh Cook and is a modern adaptation of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady

Learn more with our She’s All That quotes. 

What is She’s All That?

She’s All That is a turn-of-the-century teenage romantic comedy about a young man named Zack Siler.

The film stars:

What is She’s All That about?

Prinze plays Siler, who bets a friend that he can transform or groom any girl at his high school into the prom queen. 

These types of movies are always funny because they poke fun at the fragility of public opinion.

Change the updo and let the hair down, remove the glasses, switch the oversized frock to a well-fit outfit, and boom, you have your glow up. 

Aside from the “I can make anyone desirable” motif, the movie still warms hearts with its classic high school drama tropes. 

Is She’s All That a Remake?

The setting and characters are new, but the story’s premise is old. 

My Fair Lady was a book, Broadway show, and movie that came out decades before She’s All That

Going back even further, the Greek story of Pygmalion is about a sculptor who overbelieves in his ability to create. 

The common theme in these stories is that certain people believe they can manufacture or create the ideal woman. 

Does She’s All That have a sequel?

There is no sequel to She’s All That in the sense that we get a new story with the same characters. 

However, a popular show, He’s All That, tells a similar tale from a different and modern perspective. 

To learn more, check out our She’s All That quotes below. 

Short She’s All That quotes from Zach Siler

We start with some of Zach’s best moments. 

1. “Sometimes when you open up to people, you let the bad in with the good.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

2. “Been there, done that.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

3. “She kinda blew me off.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

4. ”Embarrass me horribly in front of all these people.” — Zach Siler

5. “So, Laney, I was wondering if you wanted to.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

The top She’s All That quotes from Taylor Vaughn

Taylor is quick-witted and silver-tongued. 

6. “No, like the TV show. Real World LA. Second season. Hello?” — Taylor Vaughn, She’s All That

7. “Jump up my ass Zach.” — Taylor Vaughn, She’s All That

8. “Careful of what? Ok, I could win this thing in fluorescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in T.J. Max.” — Taylor Vaughn, She’s All That

9. “What kind of a name is “Zach?” — Taylor Vaughn, She’s All That

10. “OK, Brock is from “The Real World.” — Taylor Vaughn, She’s All That

The best She’s All That quotes from Laney Boggs

Check out this selection of quotes from Laney. 

11. “I was busy.” — Laney Boggs, She’s All That

12. “I did not wig.” — Laney Boggs, She’s All That

13. “What was it for anyway?” — Laney Boggs, She’s All That

14. “No, you can have the first.” — Laney Boggs, She’s All That

15. “I mean, what did you end up losing?” — Laney Boggs, She’s All That

Funny She’s All That quotes from Zach Siler

Below are some of Zach’s best one-liners. 

16. “This is all fascinating, Taylor, but could you skip to the part where you decided to screw me over?” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

17. “Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam. In six weeks, she’s being named prom queen.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

18. “Has anyone seen Taylor?” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

19. “Oh, there was major wiggage.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

20. “You know, Taylor, my girlfriend.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

Famous She’s All That quotes and quips

We close our list with these memorable moments from She’s All That

21. “The dyslexic volleyball guy? Yo, they kicked him out of the house.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

22. “You’re gonna take your magazine, get over there, and you apologize to my friend Simon.”  — Zach Siler, She’s All That

23. “Kinda tall, yells at everyone?” — Dean Sampson, She’s All That

24. “Brock Hudson? What kind of a name is that?” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

25. “All you have left is a C minus GPA with a Wonderbra.” — Zach Siler, She’s All That

Is She’s All That your favorite 90s teen comedy?

She’s All That is a successful movie that still has a strong following.

What is your favorite quote from She’s All That?

Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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