20 Steve Harrington Quotes from Stranger Things

You’ll love these Steve Harrington quotes from the popular character.

Steve Harrington is a character in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” 

On the show, Steve is played by actor Joe Keery.

He is a fan favorite among viewers due to his humor and endearing personality. 

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Why you should read quotes from Steve Harrington

What makes Steve a special character on “Stranger Things” is his character arc throughout the series. 

In the first season, he is introduced as the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler, one of the show’s main characters. 

Portrayed as a typical popular high school student, Steve is initially dismissive of the show’s younger characters. 

But as the show progresses, Steve becomes a major character and plays an important role in the plot.

His character becomes more complex and sympathetic.

Steve displays bravery in the face of danger and loyalty in the face of adversity. 

He eventually develops a bond with the show’s younger characters and becomes a mentor and protector for them. 

This is especially true with Dustin Henderson, another one of the show’s main characters. 

Throughout the show, Steve’s character undergoes significant personal growth.

Steve has several important moments throughout the series, including:

  • Season 1- He helps Nancy and her friends fight against the supernatural threats in the town of Hawkins
  • Season 2- He risks his life to help the kids fight a dangerous monster named Dart
  • Season 3- Steve shows love and acceptance for a new friend that he finds out is gay 
  • Season 4- He shows quick thinking and bravery in several key battles against the Mind Flayer and his minions 
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As Steve matures, he learns to value personal relationships over social status. 

He is an example to all of us that personal development is always possible, regardless of age or circumstance.  

Best Steve Harrington quotes

These memorable words are some of the best Steve Harrington quotes.

1. “Know who pauses Fast Times at 53 minutes, 5 seconds? People who like boobies.” — Steve Harrington

2. “I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.” — Steve Harrington

3. “Thank you for giving my head the biggest thump of its life two years ago. I needed it. It’s changed my life, and now I’m crawling forward. Slowly.” — Steve Harrington

4. “Everything that people tell you is important, everything that people say you should care about, it’s all just bullshit. But guess you gotta mess up to figure things out, right?”  — Steve Harrington

5. “It’s Fabergé Organics. Use the shampoo and the conditioner, and when your hair’s damp—it’s not wet, okay? When it’s damp, do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.”  — Steve Harrington

Funniest quotes from Steve Harrington

Get a good laugh from the funniest Steve Harrington quotes!

6. “I’m stealthy, like a ninja.”  — Steve Harrington

7. “Yeah, it’s me; don’t cream your pants”  — Steve Harrington

8. “Always the babysitter. Always the goddamn babysitter!”  — Steve Harrington

9. “He’s missing bones and stuff. He can bend like Gumbo.”  — Steve Harrington

10. “Ahoy ladies, didn’t see you there! Would you guys like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? I’ll be your captain. I’m Steve Harrington.”  — Steve Harrington

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Cute Steven Harrington quotes

He proves he’s a sweetie with these cute Steve Harrington quotes!

11. “You look great, and you’re gonna slay ’em dead.”  — Steve Harrington

12. “I love you, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry? The hell am I sorry for?”  — Steve Harrington

13. “It’s this stupid hat. I am telling you, it’s totally blowing my best feature.”  — Steve Harrington

14. “She’s only gonna break your heart, and you’re way too young for that.”  — Steve Harrington

15. “Remember the dream I told you about? About the Winnebago? About seeing the country with my six little nuggets? It’s all true. Every last word. But I left one part out. It’s the most important part. You’re there. You’ve always been there.”  — Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington sayings that will make you smile

These Steve Harrington quotes will make you smile and bring light to your day!

16. “You’re beautiful, Nancy Wheeler.”  — Steve Harrington

17.  “Ugh, you know I don’t do double VHS.”  — Steve Harrington

18. “Man, kids are the worst! Who needs ’em, anyway?”  — Steve Harrington

19. “You tell anyone I just told you that, and your ass is grass.”  — Steve Harrington

20. “The obvious things are not what people observe. Or… do…don’t observe. Or…Sherlock Holmes.”  — Steve Harrington

It’s easy to see why Steve is so lovable 

These sweet, funny, sincere Steve Harrington quotes make it easy to see why Steve is so lovable. 

With all the personal growth and development he has gone through on “Stranger Things” so far, it’s clear why his character has become a fan favorite. 

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Viewers have watched him transform from a typical high school jock with a terrible personality into a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful individual.

It becomes obvious that Steve, just like the rest of us, is simply a person with his own insecurities.

He has hopes, dreams, and fears and is trying to get through life’s tough times and find his own happiness. 

Steve just wants to do good in the world and help the people closest to him, making him a very endearing character. 

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