25 Tech N9ne Quotes for the Kansas City Legend

Come and check out our Tech N9ne quotes and learn why this Kansas City emcee has been around for so long. 

Despite little commercial success, Tech N9ne has strung together a solid career. 

What keeps this veteran artists going?

Find out with our Tech N9ne quotes. 

Who is Tech N9ne?

Aaron Yates, better known as Tech N9ne, is a rapper from Kansas City.

He has sold over two million records and made music with legendary artists such as Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg

Check out these interesting Tech N9ne facts:

  • Tech founded the Strange Music record label. 
  • He won the MTV Left Field Woodie award in 2009. 
  • He got his stage name, Tech N9ne, for his rapid rap flow. 

Tech N9ne is a veteran artist with a solid fanbase 

The first time I heard a Tech N9ne song was around 1997, and I was in middle school. 

Back then, hip-hop music was still very regional. 

Only true hip-hop fans were into groups from different parts of the country, 

I am from the birthplace of hip hop, which offers advantages and disadvantages. 

New York was the Mecca of hip-hop for many years, making for classic material and a closed mindset. 

Many New Yorkers would not give artists from other states a chance. 

I never subscribed to that New Yorker elitism regarding Hip Hop. 

Many of my favorite artists were from out of state. 

I loved UGK from Texas, Ras Kass from California, and Slick Rick from the UK. 

I jammed to emcees from Virginia like Mad Skillz and Danja Mowf.

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And I was listening to the Goodie Mob before Atlanta blew up. 

The first time I heard Tech N9ne, I thought to myself: Where is he from?

I have lived in states nationwide, but I couldn’t place his rapid-fire flow or accent. 

Then I found out why I couldn’t place it!

He was from Kansas City!

I had never met anyone from KC, I had never been there, and I certainly didn’t know they had rappers out there. 

Yet, there he was, repping his city and being unafraid to stand on his own as an artist. 

It is no wonder his career has lasted over twenty years; he works hard and stays authentic. 

To learn more, check out our Tech N9ne quotes below. 

Short Tech N9ne quotes about what drives his creativity

These quotes remind us why Tech N9ne’s long career results from remaining authentic. 

1. “Some people like the dark music I do.” — Tech N9ne

2. “The dark music is my life; it isn’t make-believe.” — Tech N9ne

3. “Guns are going to be here until the end of time.” — Tech N9ne

4. “I originally got my name after a gun because the way I rap.” — Tech N9ne

5. “I’m not a horrorcore rapper. I rap my life, but I love horror movies.” — Tech N9ne

The best Tech N9ne quotes explaining why people love his music

Here, Tech breaks down why he thinks his music reaches multiple generations. 

6. “They know it’s gonna be something wild.” — Tech N9ne

7. “From generation to generation, I’ve seen it.” — Tech N9ne

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8. “The parents are bringing the kids, and then the kids start comin’ themselves. It’s crazy, man.” — Tech N9ne

9. “The reason why people still come to Tech N9ne shows is that they never know what to expect.” — Tech N9ne

10. “I know how to do music, no matter how weird I look on stage with the face paint, mask, and hospital scrubs.” — Tech N9ne

The top Tech N9ne quotes about making your dreams come true

Here, the rapper opens up about how he made his dream of meeting his idols become reality. 

11. “I made my dream come true.” — Tech N9ne

12. “I stuck with rapping about what I know.” — Tech N9ne

13. “My backpack is signed by three members of The Doors.” — Tech N9ne

14. “And I stuck to that, no matter how many people called me a devil worshiper, no matter how many people call me a cult leader.” — Tech N9ne

15. “When I was signed to Quincy Jones before I went independent, he told me to rap what you know, and people will forever feel you.” — Tech N9ne

Wise Tech N9ne quotes about art creation

Tech has been a professional artist for the majority of his life. 

16. “I don’t really want to do movies, but I tried.” — Tech N9ne

17. “I don’t feel like acting is my thing; I think music is my strong area.” — Tech N9ne

18. “The beautiful thing about being independent and having my own label is I can say whatever the hell I want.” — Tech N9ne

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19. “I feel like breaking barriers is necessary because man created barriers, which keep us separated as human beings.” — Tech N9ne

20. “When you think you have something special, you can’t be the only one who thinks it; everybody else has to agree.” — Tech N9ne

Famous Tech N9ne quotes about finding the spiritual side in music and art

We close our list with some fantastic quotes about violence, art, and the spiritual life. 

21. “We are blessed to not have violence at our shows.”  — Tech N9ne

22. “Since I can remember, being different was always hard around normal people.”  — Tech N9ne

23. “People come to our shows and act a clown. When you do music, you have no control who comes to your shows.”  — Tech N9ne

24. “I’m looking for 100 percent proof that there’s a spiritual realm, and I ain’t seen nothing in my 43 years of living but humans.”  — Tech N9ne

25. “That’s just how it is, whether you have vitiligo, a deformity, or a different way of thinking or dressing. It’s going to always be weird for normal people.”  — Tech N9ne

Can’t stop won’t stop

Tech N9ne seems to get better with age. 

As an artist and as an emcee, his transformation and evolution on the mic is evident. 

He still is performing and touring the country and world. 

What is your favorite Tech N9ne quote?

Be sure to tell us in the comments. 

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