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The Morning Show Quotes from Your Favorite Anchors

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The Morning Show is an American drama series starring some of the most iconic figures from classic sitcoms such as Friends and The Office.

The series is loosely based on Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. It highlighted some of the most controversial stories in recent history, bringing life to the show.

The series tackles the aftermath of television scandals and provides insights into how it affects everyone behind the TV screens. It is filled with realism and ensures that viewers will relate to the drama unfolding right before their very eyes.

Here are some of the most powerful and significant The Morning Show quotes you don’t want to miss.

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The Morning Show quotes from Alex Levy

1. “How nice it is to be so comfortable with someone that you can just sit in silence and not have to talk.” — Alex Levy

2. “The thing people don’t realize is that there is a cost to success and fame.” — Alex Levy

3. “Success is not the endgame. It’s not even the game necessarily.” — Alex Levy

4. “Sometimes women can’t ask for control, so they have to take it.” — Alex Levy

5. “Maybe you have to lose it sometimes to get people to take you seriously.” — Alex Levy

6. “It’s scary to be faced with something that is just beyond the mind to understand.” — Alex Levy

7. “In leadership, decisions have to be made. You can’t just have empathy for everybody and do nothing.” — Alex Levy

8. “It’s never straightforward when women try to take control of a male-dominated empire.” — Alex Levy

9. “All jobs are f***ed up. You do things you don’t necessarily choose to do in exchange for relevance and money, and you cannot let it kill you.” — Alex Levy

10. “The part you guys never seem to realize is that you don’t have the power anymore. The news division is held up by my show. And the only thing keeping us afloat is me. Because guess what? America loves me. And therefore, I own America.” — Alex Levy

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11. “You should always be striving for more. You should always strive to get to that next rung of the ladder. Should always just keep wanting more. But if you just spend all of your time wanting more, striving for more, you don’t spend any of your time living.” — Alex Levy

12. “We lived a life that we’re never gonna get back. And you’re not my husband, and you’re not my lover, and you’re not my family, and now you can’t be my friend.” — Alex Levy

13. “I’m pretty sure I understand you. It actually scares me how much I understand you.” — Alex Levy

14. “Families are f***ed up. You know why they’re f***ed up? Because they’re full of people.” — Alex Levy

15. “Don’t let your shame of what other people think run your life.” — Alex Levy

16. “Anything can happen when you lie.” — Alex Levy

17. “Fuck you. Don’t drag America into this. They’ve got enough shit to deal with.” — Alex Levy

18. “I’m sorry you’re such an asshole.” — Alex Levy

19. “I am a journalist. You don’t have to spoon-feed me this shit.” — Alex Levy

20. “You know, I think America is tired of Twitter fighting.” — Alex Levy

21. “Our star was built on chemistry and you just blew it up!” — Alex Levy

22. “There are consequences in life. As a woman, I can say there often aren’t enough of them.” — Alex Levy

The Morning Show quotes from Cory Ellison

23. “You think people in one town over are gonna be any better? No. Human nature, it’s surprisingly universal, and it’s universally disappointing.” — Cory Ellison

24. “Desperation is not a strong position to make a big move.” — Cory Ellison

25. “You cannot keep yourself pure just by moving on every time someone disappoints you.” — Cory Ellison

26. “One man’s tragedy, it can be another man’s opportunity.” — Cory Ellison

27. “I don’t need this job. The only reason I’m doing it is because it’s fun. I’m very, very good at it, and it’s easier to get laid when you’re employed.” — Cory Ellison

28. “Do you really think that’s what all this is about? Your little television network? This is a battle for the soul of the universe.” — Cory Ellison

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29. “Business is business. Those things don’t change.” — Cory Ellison

30. “Caring about other people, it limits your ability to make self-serving decisions.” — Cory Ellison

31. “People get their horrible news delivered to the palm of their hand 24/7, and they get it the way that they like it, colored the way that they want it. And news is awful, but humanity is addicted to it, and the whole world is depressed by it.” — Cory Ellison

32. “People are just getting too used to their favorite cuddly men turning into monsters, but watching a beloved woman’s breakdown is timeless American entertainment.” — Cory Ellison

33. “Peter Bullard, he’s making us money. He’s allowed to be full of s***. That’s the rule.” — Cory Ellison

34. “Most people don’t care if anybody lives or dies who doesn’t answer to the name of ‘me.’” — Cory Ellison

The Morning Show quotes from Bradley Jackson

35. “The truth matters. Sometimes it’s the only weapon that we have against the powerful men who are trying to shut us up.” — Bradley Jackson

36. “You don’t get to where she is by making other people’s lunch.” — Bradley Jackson

37. “The news is changing. And the news is changing because the people who deliver the news, who showed themselves as honest and decent and trustworthy, have in quite a few cases now proved themselves to be untruthful. And as a result, I think people are wanting more transparency in journalism. I think they want to know the person behind the facade. I think they want to trust that the person that is telling them the truth about the world is an honest person.” — Bradley Jackson

38. “Once you villainize someone, there is nothing left to do but go to war with them.” — Bradley Jackson

39. “Life just turns out to be a series of disappointments with just enough time in between them for the next one to catch you by surprise.” — Bradley Jackson

40. “I don’t have the right to tell the head of the network to fuck off. I’m a nobody. I’m not you.” — Bradley Jackson

The Morning Show quotes from Laura Peterson

41. “When you’re not wanted, people find a way of letting you know.” — Laura Peterson

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42. “F***ed-up kids have an excuse. F***ed-up adults get therapy. F***ed-up adults change their circumstances.” — Laura Peterson

43. “I’m not gonna waste my time with people who bring me nothing but chaos. Life is too short.” — Laura Peterson

44. “I need to let in hair and makeup. And there is not enough makeup in the world to make me look like I’m enjoying this.” — Laura Peterson

The Morning Show quotes from Mitch Kessler

45. “The world is unfair and sad. It’s ugly. And we hide from it in our wealth.” — Mitch Kessler

46. “Pain is the most innate part of the human experience I can think of.” — Mitch Kessler

47. “You see people come. You see people go. And you realize how replaceable everyone really is. I was there 15 years. I had to pretend to be amused by four different meteorologists. And then you realize that you’re the replaceable one.” — Mitch Kessler

48. “I don’t feel badly for anyone who can afford to fly private.” — Mitch Kessler

49. “You know, you can’t beat yourself up over not being a robot. Sometimes you just have to feel sad as shit and live with it.” — Mitch Kessler

50. “ It’s awful. But it might be the most natural thing there is.” — Mitch Kessler

Which of these The Morning Show quotes is your favorite?

The Morning Show is well written and delivers an honest narrative to the topics it tries to convey to the audience.

Stories like the #MeToo movement and the Covid pandemic were tackled with a bold and entertaining tone in the series.

It also filled the gap about the drama that happens in real life off-screen when the camera is not rolling for your favorite anchors.

The series appeals to our need for reliable journalism especially in this time of confusion and fake news. Regardless of how much information is available in various forms of media, we still cling to the idea that someone delivering us the news, whether it is hopeful or dreadful, is at least honest and trustworthy.

So share these The Morning Show quotes and sayings with your friends, and be sure to enjoy your following morning news.

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