20 The Society Quotes from the TV Series

This collection of The Society quotes will take you back to the most engaging scenes of this series.

The Society is teen mystery drama series on Netflix.

It follows the story of a group of teenagers as they rebuild society from scratch as the rest of the world’s population disappears in an instant due to unknown causes.

The mystery begins as they arrive back in town from a canceled field trip only to find themselves isolated from the rest of the world.

In a world without adults, the kids must come up with their own laws and rules to survive as a society with limited resources.

The only problem is, everyone wants power and this is a perfect chance to rule over others.

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The Society quotes from Cassandra Pressman

1. “Do you want chaos? Fucking shoot me.” — Cassandra Pressman

2. “Everything that kept us safe is gone.” — Cassandra Pressman

3. “We’re not going to ask for power, we’re going to take it.” — Cassandra Pressman

4. “Mom, I’m alive. And Allie is alive. We just want to be with you at home, if there is a home.” — Cassandra Pressman

The Society quotes from Becca Gelb

5. “Summer solstice. Long days. But our nights are about to get a lot longer.” — Becca Gelb

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6. “But the sun just keeps coming up…every day and you can’t cry forever. You have to put your shoes on, you have to eat, you have to have hope. Don’t you? Because who knows? Maybe tomorrow.”” — Becca Gelb

7. “Some people believed we would wake up from this, and the dream would be over and that everything would, again, be like it was before.” — Becca Gelb

8. “We found a balance between doing what’s expected of us and finding happiness where we can. In love, or in sex, or play.” — Becca Gelb

9. “Six months ago we were children. This is who we are now. We eat and live communally. We even sweat communally.” — Becca Gelb

10. “We waffle between following the rules and bending them, constantly worrying that if we bend too far, this whole rickety structure might topple and break. Because we know that we’re always one dumb move away from ruin.” — Becca Gelb

11. “A midnight curfew, mandatory weekly town meetings, and the community doctrine: those who don’t work…don’t eat.” — Becca Gelb

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The Society quotes from Grizz

12. “There’s no more legal system, Jason. We’re living in some sort of fucking black hole universe” — Grizz

13. “I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I can learn what it had to teach, and not when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” — Grizz

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The Society quotes from Sam Eliot

14. “There’s a reason why we never had a dog growing up. We had a bird one time when I was little. It was yellow and green. His name was Oliver. It vanished from its cage one day, and I went to see if it got outside somehow… because the window was open. I saw Campbell playing with it. And he cut its wings off. Fully off. And was watching it try to walk away. Try to fly…with its bloody stumps. It kept losing its balance and falling over.” — Sam Eliot

15. “My parents tried to hide the truth from people. Pretending that he was just a difficult kid. Like a normal version of a problem child. Anti-social and moody, but Campbell is not a normal version of anything.” — Sam Eliot

16. “ They had him tested. He’s a psychopath.” — Sam Eliot

The Society quotes from Allie Pressman

17. “Sometimes I wonder if there’s another version of this world where we’re friends.” — Allie Pressman

18. “Who am I in this story?” — Allie Pressman

19. “Guns don’t keep people safe. They get people killed.” — Allie Pressman

20. “You know how you said everyone we go to school with is an asshole? Well, you were right.” — Allie Pressman

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In this seemingly parallel universe, the kids will have to find a way to restore order and manage their supplies until they figure out what’s going on.

Unfortunately, they will quickly learn that it is human nature to want power and seek control.

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Soon violence and feuds brew among the factions fighting for their right to rule.

Although the series had an amazing run and was received well by the audience, the show was canceled because of the pandemic.

Fans hope that this show gets renewed and picks up the pace where it left off.

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