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25 The Witcher Quotes From The Hit Netflix Series

The Witcher quotes below capture the appeal and fantasy of this Netflix series.

The Witcher is a recently released hit series on Netflix.

It is created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich based on the book series written by Andrzej Sapkowsi.

The heart-pounding medieval setting of this fantasy drama series will take you to a whole new level of entertainment.

The story revolves around the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer who’s always in internal conflict with his humanity inside a corrupt world.

This series represents our fascination with the deep fantasy world and fiction novels that showcases the grey areas of humanity.

Enjoy these The Witcher quotes and feel the thrill and lore of this amazing fiction.

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Memorable Witcher Quotes

1. “If I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.” ― Geralt of Rivia

2. “Sometimes a flower is just a flower, and the best thing it can do for us is to die.” ― Tissaia de Vries

3. “They are not demons, not devils… Worse than that. They are people.” ― Yennefer

4. “A true witcher should never abandon poultry in distress.” ― Geralt of Rivia

5. “The girl in the woods will be with you always. She is your destiny.” ― Renfri

6. “Happy childhoods make for dull company.” ― Yennefer

7. “It’s like ordering a pie and finding out it has no filling.” ― Geralt of Rivia

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8. “Why look for truth in a ballad? Truth is one thing, poetry another.” ― Dandelion

9. “Nobody smart plays fair.” ― Yennefer

10. “People linked by destiny will always find each other.”  Visenna

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The Witcher quotes by Geralt of Rivia

11. “‘Every myth, every fable must have some roots. Something lies among those roots.’ ‘It does,’ Geralt of Rivia confirmed. ‘Most often a dream, a wish, a desire, a yearning. Faith that there are no limits to possibility. And occasionally chance.’” ― Geralt of Rivia

12. “I manage because I have to. Because I’ve no other way out. Because I’ve overcome the vanity and pride of being different. I’ve understood that they are a pitiful defense against being different.” ― Geralt of Rivia

13. “It is easy to kill with a bow, girl. How easy it is to release the bowstring and think, it is not I, it is the arrow. The blood of that boy is not on my hands. The arrow killed him, not I. But the arrow does not dream anything in the night.” ― Geralt of Rivia

14. “A story is a largely false account, of largely trivial events, fed to us by historians who are largely idiots.” ― Geralt of Rivia

15. “Only in fables survives what cannot survive in nature. Only myths and fables do not know the limits of possibility.” ― Geralt of Rivia

16. “People… like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves.” ― Geralt of Rivia

17. “Your vision is a world of bribery, blackmail and entrapment, a world of turning imperial evidence and false witnesses. A world of snoopers and coerced confessions. Informing and the fear of being informed upon. And inevitably the day will come in your world when the flesh of the wrong person will be torn with pincers, when an innocent person is hanged or impaled. And then it will be a world of crime.” ― Geralt of Rivia

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18. I run into dilemmas all the time. Situations where it’s hard to judge, hard to know what’s right, make a decision. This is not one of them. You disgust me. And deserve to die.” ― Geralt of Rivia

19. “There is no destiny… It does not exist. The only thing that everyone is destined for is death.” ― Geralt of Rivia

20. “Time eats away at memories, distorts them. Sometimes we only remember the good… sometimes only the bad.” ― Geralt of Rivia

21. “You can’t stop a soldier from being frightened but you can give him motivation to help him overcome that fear. I have no such motivation. I can’t have. I’m a witcher: an artificially created mutant. I kill monsters for money. I defend children when their parents pay me to.” ― Geralt of Rivia

22. “To be neutral does not mean to be indifferent or insensitive. You don’t have to kill your feelings. It’s enough to kill hatred within yourself.” ― Geralt of Rivia

23. “I don’t believe in Melitele, don’t believe in the existence of other gods either, but I respect your choice, your sacrifice. Your belief. Because your faith and sacrifice, the price you’re paying for your silence, will make you a better, a greater being. Or, at least, it could. But my faithlessness can do nothing. It’s powerless.” ― Geralt of Rivia

24. “The sun shines differently, but it will continue to shine, and jumping at it with a hoe isn’t going to do anything. We’ve got to accept facts, elf. That’s what we’ve got to learn.” ― Geralt of Rivia

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25. “Your vision is a world where people are afraid to venture out after dark; not for fear of cut-throats, but of the guardians of public order. For, after all, the result of all great crackdowns on miscreants is always that the miscreants enter the ranks of the guardians of public order en masse.” ― Geralt of Rivia

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Which of these The Witcher quotes is your favorite?

Millions of people welcomed the Netflix adaptation of one of the masterpieces of fiction literature in modern times.

Also, its console game counterpart has sold millions of copies worldwide and influenced a lot of artists and authors in the medieval space.

This show set a whole new bar of expectation when it comes to dark fantasy series, especially in live-action.

In the end, the persona of The Witcher, played by Henry Cavill, successfully connects with a lot of people.

The rich lore and setting of the story give hope to many fans of medieval fantasy that the TV industry is on the right track of catering to its audience.

So, hit that next Netflix recommendation, and feel free to look back at these The Witcher quotes and sayings whenever you want to.

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