50 Aunt Quotes that Prove She’s Your Biggest Fan

There is no one who loves you more than your parents.

Except maybe your aunt — and these aunt quotes will prove it.

The bond between a child and their aunt is extra special.

An aunt has the wisdom of a parent but the heart of a friend.

Why are aunts so awesome?

Aunts lack the discipline that moms and dads have, so you aren’t afraid to tell them your deepest secrets, like how you accidentally broke your mom’s vase or how you think Grandpa Frank is kind of smelly.

An aunt is your best friend, your cheerleader, and your confidante. 

Check out these 30 aunt quotes that prove that your aunt is your biggest fan (and you’re hers too.)

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Aunt quotes about bonding

1. “Aunt Yolanda opened my eyes to the world of food as art, cooking without cans. She introduced me to the magic of spices, the exotic perfume of fresh herbs crushed between fingers.” — Jennie Shortridge

2. “My aunt used to call me light bulb head because my head was small at the bottom and bigger at top. But it was a term of endearment.” — Tyra Banks

3. “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.” — Unknown
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4. “My mom, my aunt, and my grandma banded together and gave me a village of support when I was growing up.” — Michael Tubbs

Aunt quotes the prove she’s the coolest

5. “The best aunts aren’t substitute parents, they’re co-conspirators.” — Daryl Gregory

6. “I want to be the coolest aunt in the entire world.” — Bailee Madison

7. “I’d rather be the cool aunt than the authoritative aunt.”— Solange Knowles

8. “If I’m not the best aunt in America, then I don’t know what’s going on.” — Jenny Slate

9. “I didn’t want to be the aunt where you come over and can’t sit on the sofa.” — Tamron Hall

10. “My aunts still try to fatten me up.” — Randy Wayne White

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11. “Aunts are always offering cake, certainly you couldn’t have had enough.” — Barry Spacks

12. “If mom says no, my aunt will say yes.” — Unknown

13. “Every man should have aunts. They illustrate the triumph of guess work over logic.” — Agatha Christie

14. “I was really lucky that I had an aunt who was very inspiring to me. She was different than anybody in my family on either side.” — Geen Davis

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Aunt quotes that show their sage wisdom

15. “Aunt Marion was right… never marry a musician and never answer the door.” — Charles M. Schulz

16. “At my aunt’s funeral, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be bound by the belief that I’m supposed to stay in anything – whether it’s a relationship, a job, a house, or a circumstance – if it makes me miserable. She gave me the courage to find my own happiness.” — Jill Scott

17. “I have always maintained the importance of aunts.” — Jane Austen

18. “Aunts offer kids an opportunity to try out ideas that don’t chime with their parents and they also demonstrate that people can get on, love each other and live together without necessarily being carbon copies.” – Sara Sheridan

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Aunt quotes about what it means to be an aunt

19. “An aunt is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.” — Unknown

20. “Aunts are discreet, a little shy by instinct. They forbear to pry.” – Phyllis McGinley

21. Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose colored glasses.” — Unknown

22. “Aunts are to be a pattern and example to all aunts; to be a delight to boys (and girls) and a comfort to their parents; and to show that at least one daughter in every generation ought to remain unmarried, and raise the profession of auntship to a fine art.” — Dave Isay

23. “It is not money my aunt thinks about. She knows better than to value worldly wealth above its price.” — Anne Bronte

24. “An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” — Sara Sheridan

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25. “Being a sister is an honor. Being an aunt is priceless.” — Unknown

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26. “I am single and childless, but I have lots of friends and I am an aunt to three lovely children.” —Kate Dicamillo

27. “My aunt has ears that listen, arms that hug and hold, a love that’s never-ending, and a heart that’s made of gold.”— Unknown

28. “An aunt is very special. She’s considerate and kind. She’s thought of others and loved a lot each day throughout the year.” — Unknown

29. “Aunts are the ones who stand beside Moms when nieces and nephews enter the world.” —Karen Moore

30. “Aunt — a double blessing. You love like a parent and act like a friend. — Unknown

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More aunt quotes that are true and relatable

31. “The aunt is the mother’s sister, or the father’s brother’s wife, rather than simply an aunt.”     ― Kory Floyd

32. “Sometimes just being an aunt is pretty fun too. You can play with them for a week or a weekend and give them back to Mom and Dad.” ― Sue A. Kuba

33. “Listen, when you have kids, I’m still gonna be there. I’m gonna be their fun Aunt Penny who gives them candy, and teaches them swear words and tells them stories about what a weirdo their mother is.” ― Penny, ‘The Big Bang Theory’

34. “My father’s sister never married in order to raise me.” ― Marcel Carne

35. “My Aunt Raffie, gave me creativity and the inspiration to create new things.” ― Giada De Laurentiis

36. “I was really lucky that I had an aunt who was very inspiring to me. She was different than anybody in my family on either side.” ― Geena Davis

37. “My aunt played the piano and I used to sit and listen to it.” ― Dick Dale

38. “Even that crazy lunatic, my aunt the Empress, was absolutely sweet and charming.” ― Lord Mountbatten

39. “My aunt had a season ticket for the Friday afternoon concerts, and I would go down for lessons. My lessons were Saturday morning.” ― Robert Ripley

40. “Aunties may also be someone who seems glamorous, or simply lives a different life than our mother does and provides another example of who we can be as women.” ― Tamara Traeder

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Aunt Quotes For Celebrating The Family Bond

41. “Always wise aunts come in many guises. There are maiden aunts, dowager aunts, and that delightful creature, the eccentric aunt. I fear I fall into the latter category.” ― Sara Sheridan

42. “Many times aunties and nieces find amazing similarities in their tastes, attitudes, or even their appearances.” — Tamara Traeder

43. “Thee may tell Aunt Janet from me that she might as well try to stop the stars in their courses as to try to stop a love affair.” — Hannah Whitall Smith

44. “Arty farty, you’ll never fool your Aunt, who knew you picked your nose and wet your pants.” — Ray Davies

45. “Cuddling was for great aunts and teddy bears. Cuddling gave him cramps.” — David Nicholls

46. “My aunt and over privileged cousin only recognize two states of being: glitter and grunge. And if you weren’t glittering, well, that only left one other option.” — Rachel Vincent

47. “I always enjoyed acting. My aunt was actually an actress.” — Felicia Day

48. “My great-aunt. . . . said nobody under 18 had any business reading Dickens. . . . She was right.” — Ursula K. Le Guin

49. “But Aunt Margaret doesn’t like boys,” objected Elnora. “Well, she likes me, and I used to be a boy.” — Gene Stratton-Porter

50. “My aunts lived on liquor and seldom felt like eating much. I don’t know what’s wrong about a kid stealing when he’s hungry.” — Ethel Waters

Do these aunt quotes remind you of your aunt?

To be an aunt is a special calling.

Aunts are role models, mentors, and friends all wrapped into one huggable package.

An aunt may offer a different view on life that differs from your parents.

Their homes offer a safe place to listen to problems you may not feel comfortable disclosing to your mom or dad.

They’re cuddly, love to spoil, and are always willing to babysit when the parents need a break.

No matter what you’re going through in life, it is nice to know that you will always have someone on your side.

Do you have a favorite aunt?

Do you have any nieces or nephews you love to spoil?

Which of these loving aunt quotes resonates with you the most?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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