50 Bowling Quotes for Tenpin & Cricket Fans

We usually use bowling quotes to reference two different games:

  1. Cricket
  2. Bowling

Bowling quotes from great bowlers of the time can give guidance and experience in bowling to new bowlers.

Talking about Bowling in Cricket, it’s a great skill.

Many people follow and like bowlers because of their amazing and aggressive personalities.

If you want to become a great bowler of Cricket game, you can take inspiration from the following bowling quotes.

Bowling is also a popular sport among the new generation, which they like to play in their leisure time.

Both games require almost the same:

  • skills
  • strength
  • fitness

Similarly, some common terms are used in both, like delivery of the bowl, line of the bowl, bowl speed, etc. 

Here we are going to share tips to improve bowling in Cricket.

And after that, we will also discuss tips for improving the bowling alley.

Tips to improve bowling in cricket

Bowling in cricket requires special skills to become a successful bowler and requires great effort.

Following are some useful tips to improve bowling.

Focus on fitness 

Fitness is the most basic step to becoming a good bowler, which can’t be compromised.

Exercises like cardio, running, swimming, jumping, etc., can increase your stamina and rhythm if you want to become a great and fit bowler in the long run.

Apart from exercising, you should also work out and increase your muscle strength to be in shape.

Also, focus on your diet, eat a protein-rich diet, fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed food and sugar.

Judge the batsman

As a bowler, you should be present-minded and stay focused to judge the batsman correctly.

Try to change your line, length, and speed in every bowl you deliver, and see how the batsman reacts to every ball.

Judge the batsman and try to find the batsman’s weakness, and you will dismiss the batsman.

Bring variations in bowling 

Variations are important in improving your bowling skills and making you the best bowler.

Try to change the line of the ball, which is the ball’s path on the pitch that confuses the batsman.

Change the length of balls which tells about the point at which the ball bounces on the pitch.

To disturb the batsman, you can use

  • Yorkers
  • Bouncers 
  • Off-cutters 
  • Leg cutters
  • Slower balls

Improve your delivery 

Improve your delivery to improve your overall bowling.

Learn how to hold the ball by placing your fore and middle finger at the top and your thumb at the bottom parallel to the vertical seam running down the center of the ball.

Increase your run up as it will give you momentum and will give strength to your bowling.

Focus on your speed of delivering the ball, which will give you an additional benefit while bowling.

Now let’s discuss Bowling in a bowling alley and tips to improve this game. 

Tips to improve in the bowling alley

Following are some tips for better performance at the bowling alley.


Concentration is a key to performing great at the bowling alley, so concentrate on your target mark first.

Gather your all focus on the target instead of focusing on your surroundings and try to deliver the ball with full concentration towards your settled target.

Shoulders square

For delivering consistent deliveries, place your shoulders square to the foul line every time you try to bowl.

If you are delivering a bowl with dropped shoulders, this will cause the ball to be delivered wider every time than the target.

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Straight back

Keeping straight back results in consistent deliveries towards the target and increases chances of success.

Although it is harder to learn how to straighten your back while delivering a bowl, it is still very important.

Bent knee

Begin your slide with a bent knee, and the moment you release the ball, straighten it as it will provide you more lift.

Also, you need to stay at the foul line to get higher scores and better performance.

Top 10 bowling quotes

Following are top quotes from some of the most famous bowlers.

1. “I always loved bowling.” — Stuart Broad

2. “I do like to go bowling a lot.” — Greg Oden

3. “I like bowling with my kids at Shoreditch House.” — Abi Morgan

4. “I do enjoy batting – if the bowling’s not quick!” — Fidel Edwards

5. “Every bowling center should have a house pro.” — Don Johnson

6. “I love bowling and could bowl, bowl, and bowl.” — Jasprit Bumrah

7. “I have tried to improve on my death bowling.” — Bhuvneshwar Kumar

8. “I miss bowling, I am what I am because of cricket only.” — Yuzvendra Chahal

9. “I hate when a batsman plays a pull shot off my bowling.” — Mohammad Amir

10. “Now I do bowling, golf, and tennis. I want to be a good bowler.” — Andy Lau

Inspirational bowling quotes 

Below mentioned bowling quotes are a great source of inspiration.

11. “The most important thing is to keep our basics strong in both batting and bowling.” — Shikhar Dhawan

12. “Being able to work with specialist coaches in Twenty20 cricket, I think my bowling has gone up another level.” — Ben Stokes

13. “I want my bowling to speak for me. In fact, not only my bowling, my batting, and my fielding. Overall, I want my cricket to speak.” — S. Sreesanth

14. “I always try and emphasize having specific net sessions on ‘death bowling.’ It is similar to length balls – the more you practice, the better you get at it.” — Jasprit Bumrah

15. “It was pleasing to see Jon Lewis confirmed as England’s new bowling coach. I actually lived with Jon for a couple of years as part of the deal when I first signed for Sussex.” — Jofra Archer

16. “It is one thing being scrutinised for playing a bad shot as a batsman or bowling a bad spell as a bowler, but the captaincy adds an extra dimension. The criticism is slightly harder to take.” — Andrew Flintoff

17. “There has definitely been an improvement in my bowling in terms of pace and variations like the slower ball and knuckleball. To add to that, I have improved fitness-wise.” — Bhuvneshwar Kumar

18. “Doing a film about my first passion Cricket. It is a very emotional feeling for me. I’ll be playing Madan Lal Sir, who, at the time when I played U-17 India, was also the bowling coach at the National Cricket Academy.” — Harrdy Sandhu

19. “My physical preparation for a series starts at least 10, 15 days before it begins, but mentally around a month before I start visualising things as to which bowling attack I will be facing, the conditions I will encounter, and other things.” — Ajinkya Rahane

20. “There was a time when I was studying in school when one of my coaches clearly told me I shouldn’t be bowling at selection trials. We had a couple of off-spinners from our own school, and he said that if I bowled off-spin, their chances would get affected. So, I didn’t really bowl at the trials till I was in my late teens.” — Ravichandran Ashwin

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Bowling quotes about fast bowling

The following quotes are about fast bowling skills and art from great fast bowlers.

21. “Fast bowling is an art, like spin bowling.” — Kapil Dev

22. “Not many days you get a nice, fast bowling wicket.” — Jofra Archer

23. “Conditions dictate how much fast bowling you face compared to how much spin you face.” — Michael Clarke

24. “I don’t know what it is about fast bowling. I guess it’s the ability to do something that nobody else can really do.” — Dale Steyn

25. “If I can bat against someone who is bowling 145 kph on a challenging wicket – that confidence is really important.” — Vijay Shankar

26. “I don’t bowl at 140 kmph or 150 kmph, so my best chance of getting the batsmen out is by bowling in the right areas and getting it to swing.” — Bhuvneshwar Kumar

27. “I bowled in tandem with Brett Lee, who produced some fast, fiery spells. When you’ve got someone bowling up above 90mph, it has a fear factor that not many people really enjoy.” — Glenn McGrath

28. “I used to bowl a lot of seam-up for Tamil Nadu, and then my pelvic disc slipped. Then I just started batting, I didn’t want to bowl at all. I wanted to do nothing with bowling.” — Ravichandran Ashwin

29. “When you go to Australia, you are always asked whether you can perform in hostile environments against high pace, and every Australian side I have played against has had guys bowling over 90mph.” — Joe Root

30. “Many England girls have grown up playing men’s cricket and trained in county men’s academies, so they’ve faced 70-80 mph bowling. So when it comes to the women’s game, you have a 75mph bowler who’s not as tall and not getting as much bounce, you feel more assured.” — Isa Guha

Bowling quotes that talk about the bowling skills  

Bowling is a great skill and requires to development of special skills.

31. “I guess bowling is pretty mechanical. It’s kind of a natural motion, but you have to stick within those mechanics.” — Mookie Betts

32. “Bowling was my natural skill. I didn’t know how I was doing it, but I was spinning it miles and bamboozling people.” — Nasser Hussain

33. ”With the spin bowling, it’s about landing the ball in the right area enough, trying to build enough pressure, not let the batters get away.” — Steve Smith

34. “The thing I’ve got to concentrate on for South Africa is bowling at a good pace, and if the ball is in the right area, that will cause enough trouble.” — Dale Steyn

35. “Whenever I practice in the nets, I practice each and every situation – be it with the new ball, be it with the old ball, or death bowling at the death.” — Jasprit Bumrah

36. “Dotting teams up and bowling maidens back to back cannot be underestimated in Australian conditions because it gives you control of the game.” — Glenn McGrath

37. “All I do is work hard. Try and work on my bowling and keep improving every day. That’s the key to success at the international level and in tournaments like the IPL.” — Imran Tahir

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38. “You need to plan your bowling. Whenever things are not working for you – like, if you don’t get swing – then you have to be ready with a backup plan and try something else.” — Bhuvneshwar Kumar

39. “There’s kind of a Zen aspect to bowling. The pins either stay up or down before you throw your arm back. It’s kind of a mindset. You want to be in this perfect mindset before you release the ball.” — Jeff Bridges

40. “I was away from the game for a few years, and it feels good to be back. I’m bowling quite well and also getting the ball to reverse swing. During the time off, I worked a lot on getting the ball to reverse swing; now it’s working well for me.” — Fidel Edwards

Below are some awesome bowling alley-related quotes.

41. “I grew up in bowling alleys.” — Mookie Betts

42. “Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain.” — Martin Mull

43. “I don’t know a single Republican in Montana who would get in a fight in a bowling alley for John McCain.” — Brian Schweitzer

44. “I performed in a bowling alley before while people were still bowling. Cut the check, and I will perform anywhere.” Kevin Hart

45. “When I was a kid, I was at a bowling alley, and I ran into a soda machine. I still have the scar on my right eyebrow, obviously.” — Luke Perry

46. “Back then, it was nothing like today. So you’d go to the bowling alley. We bowled and you could be in the back, and you could make out, you know? And you know how hot it was to make out.” — Steven Tyler

47. “Ronald Reagan gave our party a bowling alley image as opposed to a country club image. We were talking to people who go bowling on Thursday night, and they were understanding what we were saying.” — Pete du Pont

48. “But my husband came from a small town and hardworking parents like I did, and I don’t think we’ve lost that mindset. We don’t have a bowling alley in our basement. We don’t have houses on the beach and one in New York and one in L.A.” — Carrie Underwood

49. “Few Americans have ever met their Congresspeople. They don’t see them at the grocery store; they don’t meet them at the bowling alley. They’re more likely to see their representatives in photographs from the Daily Grill in Washington, D.C. than at a local town hall.” Ben Shapiro

50. “To my great surprise, Twitter is not housed in a silver pod that orbits Earth at supersonic speeds, vacuuming up and then dispersing digital bits of worldwide chitchat; it’s in a big, bland office building in downtown San Francisco, near a bowling alley and an Old Navy.” — Susan Orlean

Which one of the above bowling quotes is your favorite?

After going through the above bowling quotes, you have learned a lot of things about bowling.

Act on the lessons provided by the above quotes to make your bowling effective and become a skilled bowler.

Bowling needs passion; without it, you can’t become a great and successful bowler, so bring the passion of bowling to yourself.

Please share with us which bowling quotes you find the most inspirational and motivating.

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