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Evangelion Quotes From the Controversial Anime Series

Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion) is a 90s Japanese anime television series and these Evangelion quotes come from all your favorite characters.

If you have heard of the show, you might have heard it was also a bit controversial.

Why is Evangelion controversial? Well, it mostly comes down to the violence. It isn’t your typical cartoon violence. The level of violence is much bloodier, darker, and often brutal than other animes. It can be downright frightening!

Despite this, the show is quite popular and can be watched on various streaming channels like Netflix, Google Play, YouTube, and VUDU. If you haven’t seen it before, and are a fan of anime, you should give it a go.

The multilayered approach and how the writers can make anime tropes seem unique is impressive. Technically speaking, the blocking and framing are also superb.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about violent monsters descending upon Earth to destroy humanity? The hero, Shinji, is a reluctant young man, who joins a small squad of pilots under the command of his unfeeling father to drive back their enemies.

Keep reading through these Evangelion quotes to learn more about the characters and the show that is an important part of anime history.

Don’t forget to also check out these anime quotes to motivate and inspire you.

Evangelion Quotes from Rei Ayanami

1. “Those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others.” — Rei Ayanami

2. “You misunderstood from the very beginning. You just believed what you wanted to believe.” — Rei Ayanami

3. “Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire.” — Rei Ayanami

4. “Man made from man and woman.” — Rei Ayanami

5. “That’s because you thought that everyone else felt the same as you do.” — Rei Ayanami

6. “You never understood anything.” — Rei Ayanami

7. “Then what is your heart for?” — Rei Ayanami

8. “The things I possess are a life and soul. I am a vessel for a soul.” — Rei Ayanami

9. “Very strange. I feel as if my body is melting.” — Rei Ayanami

10. “You don’t want to be by yourself, correct? We are many, but you are alone. You hate it don’t you?” — Rei Ayanami

Evangelion Quotes from Misato Katsuragi

11. “Giving up halfway is worse than never trying at all.”  Misato Katsuragi

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12. “Sometimes you need a little wishful thinking just to keep on living.”  Misato Katsuragi

13. “Never underestimate the ability of the human-animal to adapt to its environment.”  Misato Katsuragi

14. “Part of growing up means finding a way to interact with others while distancing pain.”  Misato Katsuragi

15. “Stop lying to yourself and realize that you *do* have options. Then… accept the choices you’ve made.” — Misato Katsuragi

16. “The power’s still on. There’s still time. Shinji, listen to me… from now on, you’re on your own. You’ll have to make your own decisions. No one can do it for you.”  Misato Katsuragi

17. I’m not gonna feel sorry for you. If you don’t like feeling pain, then you can just sit here and let them kill you! Crying isn’t going to solve anything either!” — Misato Katsuragi

18. “The one who deserves to survive is the one who has the will to make it happen. He wished for death. He ignored his will to survive and chose to die for a false hope. Your survival is not a mistake, Shinji.” — Misato Katsuragi

19. “That doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to give up! If you do, I’ll never forgive you as long as I live. God knows I’m not perfect either. I’ve made tons of stupid mistakes and later I regretted them. And I’ve done it over and over again, thousands of times. A cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself.” — Misato Katsuragi

20. “You hate yourself, don’t you? That’s why you hurt others. Deep down you know you suffer more when you cause someone else pain… than if you just let yourself get hurt. But Shinji, that was your decision, so it makes it a valid choice. That’s what you wanted. So, that makes it worthwhile.” — Misato Katsuragi

Evangelion Quotes from Kaworu Nagisa

21. “The thread of human hope is spun with the flax of sorrow.”  Kaworu Nagisa

22. “You are delicate like glass, especially your heart.”  Kaworu Nagisa

23. “Man cannot erase this sadness, because all men are fundamentally alone.”  Kaworu Nagisa

24. “Whether I live or die makes no great difference. In truth, death may be the only absolute freedom there is.”  Kaworu Nagisa

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25. “Pain is something man must carry in his heart, and since the heart feels pain so easily, some believe that life is pain.”  Kaworu Nagisa

26. “The fact that you have a place where you can return home, will lead you to happiness. That is a good fact.”  Kaworu Nagisa

27. “This song is good. Singing brings joy and revitalization of the human soul. I think that song is the highest achievement of the Lilim culture.”  Kaworu Nagisa

28. “I want to talk to you some more. May I come with you? To the shower I mean. Aren’t you going to the shower?”  Kaworu Nagisa

29. “Humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding onto something. After all, humans are not gods.”  Kaworu Nagisa

30. “Are you afraid of other people? I know that by keeping others at a distance you avoid a betrayal of your trust, for while you may not be hurt that way, you mustn’t forget that you must endure the loneliness.”  Kaworu Nagisa

Evangelion Quotes from Shinji Ikari

31. “Living alone is fine with me. I’m alone anyway.”  Shinji Ikari

32. “No one can justify life by linking happy moments into a rosary.”  Shinji Ikari

33. “I didn’t have a choice! They made me pilot the stupid thing!”  Shinji Ikari

34. “I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away!”  Shinji Ikari

35. “I thought this was supposed to be a world without pain and without uncertainty.”  Shinji Ikari

36. “I’m the one who deserved to be hit. Not you! I’m a coward. I’m dishonest. I’m sneaky. And a wimp!”  Shinji Ikari

37. “I’m not worthy of piloting an EVA, because I don’t understand anything. I’m incapable of doing anything good for anybody else!”  Shinji Ikari

38. “I hate myself. But, maybe, maybe I could love myself. Maybe, my life can have a greater value. That’s right! I am no more or less than myself.”  Shinji Ikari

39. “You betrayed me! You betrayed the trust I placed in you! You betrayed me just like my father did!”  Shinji Ikari

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40. “You can be so cool about it because you haven’t had the kind of experiences I had yet! I don’t want to go through it again!”  Shinji Ikari

Evangelion Quotes from Asuka Langley

41. “Yes, I enjoy living more than most people.”  Asuka Langley

42. “We’re all just looking for someone to believe in.”  Asuka Langley

43.“I can’t have a little sister. I would just be jealous.”  Asuka Langley

44. “It is simply the duty of the elite to protect the ignorant masses.”  Asuka Langley

45. “Goddesses of war are not the ones who scream the loudest.”  Asuka Langley

46. “If you’ve lived long enough, you learn to live with death…”  Asuka Langley

47. “I’d rather be hated for who I really am, than loved for someone I’m not.”  Asuka Langley

48. “What we see doesn’t matter… what matters is what we see in the eyes.”  Asuka Langley

49. “My mind is being eaten away… Kaji-san, it’s unravelling my mind! What do I do? It’s defiling my mind.”  Asuka Langley

50. “I am not perfect… but none of us are. If you are perfect, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just float around in the universe, doing nothing.”  Asuka Langley

Which of these Evangelion quotes is your favorite?

Another reason for the show’s controversy, and unfavorable reviews, was because of the last two episodes. Critics and viewers found them confusing and too abstract.

However, in 1997, the creators released The End of Evangelion, which provided some clarity. This led to a series of four films called Rebuild of Evangelion, which can be viewed on Amazon Prime.

The series was quite successful and is credited with the “rebirth of the anime industry.” The cultural icon reached record-breaking sales in Japanese markets through film, manga, home video, and other products in the Evangelion franchise.

The show has spanned from the early 90s through 2021, which is no easy feat!

The show deals with a myriad of human emotions and teaches some valuable life lessons, which you might have noticed in these Evangelion quotes and sayings. What are some of your favorites from the series? Let us know in the comment section below.

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