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I Got Your Back Quotes to Help You Remember You Are Not Alone

These ‘I’ve got your back’ quotes will remind you that you are never truly alone.

There are friends, family members, and sometimes even strangers who will help you out when you need it the most.

Of course, some people will claim they have your back.

However, when the chips are down, you might discover they don’t.

These fake friends (and sometimes family members) may cause you some heartache.

Try to remember that their shortcomings are not your fault.

You deserve loyalty, protection, and love—all the things that come along when someone actually has your back.

Having someone’s back should be a serious matter and not something you just promise lightly.

When you claim to have someone’s back, it means that you will help them when times are tough.

It also means that you will be there to protect and defend them.

The phrase actually originated during the Second World War.

The fact that it was originally a combat phrase should show just how serious it was.

Squads of soldiers cleared buildings and other defensive positions. 

When the first soldier entered the fray, they would depend on others in the unit to protect him from the rear.

This meant that he could concentrate on the dangers that lay in front of him.

Keep reading through these I’ve got your back quotes to help you take care of those around you or recognize that you are not alone.

Short I’ve got your back quotes

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words to convey an important message. These I’ve got your back quotes might be short (perfect for Instagram and social media), but they are still powerful.

1. “Keep calm I got your back, girl.” — Unknown

2. “You can relax, babe, I got your back.” — Unknown

3. “The man above has got your back!!!” — Ricardo Housham

4. “Friendship is… knowing someone’s got your back.” — Unknown

5. “It’s alright, I got your back, and I know you got mine.” — Unknown

6. “No matter how it all goes down, I got your back.” — Sasha Williams

7. “I got your back, you got mine. I’ll help you out anytime.” — Unknown

8. “Your true friends always have your back, no matter what.” — Unknown

9. “If the world attacks and you slide off track, remember one fact, I got your back.” Will Smith

10. “I want you to know without a doubt that I’ve got your back. And your front. And your sides.” — Maya Banks

I’ve got your back quotes about protection

Protection is an important aspect of having someone’s back. These I’ve got your back quotes are the perfect way to let someone know you will look out for them.

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11. “If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.” J. R. R. Tolkien

12. “I’ll protect you. I’ll stand by you if anything happens.” — Fuyumi Soryo

13. “You’re my life now, and I will do anything to protect you.” — Stephenie Meyer

14. “If you don’t look out for others, who will look out for you?” — Whoopi Goldberg

15. “I am here to love you, to hold you in my arms, to protect you.” — Nicholas Sparks

16. “Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.” — Richelle Mead

17. “I will always protect you. I will always put the safety of your heart above everything else.” — Erika Taylor

18. “Shoot first and inquire afterwards, and if you make mistakes, I will protect you.” — Hermann Goring

19. “I want a relationship where we talk like best friends, play like kids, argue like husband and wife, and protect each other like siblings.” — Unknown

20. “The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.” — Unknown

I’ve got your back quotes about loyalty and backstabbers

These I’ve got your back quotes to address what the difference is between someone who is loyal and will have your back versus those who are faking it. Sadly, the people who profess to have our back are actually looking for our weak spots.

21. “Loyalty is when you have my back behind my back.” — Matt Tolbert

22. “A real friend’s got your back, while the fake ones are sticking knives in it.” — Unknown

23. “Friends who always got your back are very rare. If you have one, keep them.” — Unknown

24. “Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.” Eminem

25. “True friends are those who do not let down even in times of distress and stand by you to share your burden.” — Anurag Prakash Ray

26. “Friends are supposed to have your back and accept you for you. If they don’t do that then sorry they ain’t your true friends.” — Unknown

27. “True friends are the ones that say I’ve got your back and really do.True friends Help you up.. when you fall.” — Nishan Panwar

28. “A true friend has got your back, wipes away your tears, and tells you everything is gonna be OK. A true friend knows when you need someone to talk to, even without asking.” — Unknown

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29. “Don’t mistake acquaintances for friends, acquaintances are the people you know, friends are the people you can depend on to be there for you, and that you can count on to have you back when nobody else does.” — Rashida Rowe

30. “Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they’re for you.” — Trent Shelton

I’ve got your back quotes for when times are tough

Life will hit all of us with some hard times. Not walking through those challenges alone is helpful, and someone having your back can make a world of difference.

31. “I’ll always be your umbrella when the rain comes!!” — Whitney Davis

32. “When you’re alone is when you can count your friends.” — Stephen Richards

33. “Maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain.” — Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon

34. “You’re not going to have to face things just by yourself, you’re not going to have to face things all alone.” —  Cruce Stark

35. “Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.” — Magica Quartet

36. “Don’t feel alone, because there is always someone out there who loves you more than you can imagine.” — Anurag Prakash Ray

37. “When the world seems unfair, just look into the mirror and say I’ve got your back baby. You are doing great and I love you lots.” — Neha Gaur.

38. “To anyone out there who has ever been assaulted: You will never be alone. You are never alone. We have your back. I’ve got your back.”Barack Obama

39. “I am for you. I’ve got your back. I am committed to your best. Help me understand things from your perspective. What can we do together to change things?” — Rob Bel

40. “Friendship means never having to be alone, it means there’s a constant wall of solidarity even when everything else is crumbling around you. If he’s the crumble in your life, then I’ll be the damn wall!” — Emma Hart

I’ve got your back quotes about family

Some families will guard your back like it is their life mission—these bonds are strong! However, not everyone has that kind of family. These I’ve got your back quotes address both situations.

41. “When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you.” — Guy Lafleur

42. “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” — David Ogden Stiers

43. “When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching–they are your family.” — Jim Butcher

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44. “Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family.” — Donna Hedges

45. “It’s funny how people who we fight with the most at the end of day are the ones that really got your back.” — Jasmine V

46. “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

47. “Sometimes my children think I’m getting on their back. What they don’t understand is that I’m the only one who has their back!” — Unknown

48. “No family is perfect… we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family. The love will always be there.” — Unknown

49. “No matter what Joe Hoffman and Wade Preston say, it’s not gender that makes a family; it’s love. You just need someone who’s got your back.” — Jodi Picoult

50. “When you come from a big family, you see that growing up, you’re learning how to share. Your family provides that; it gives you a sense of safety, and it’s a very grounding feeling.” — Gisele Bundchen

What to do when someone you thought had your back actually doesn’t?

It can be a heart-wrenching moment to realize that a friend or family member doesn’t actually have your back.

It can be even worse when those people turn out not just to be apathetic but backstabbers!

While it will be hurtful, there are some things you can do to help cope.

The first step is to acknowledge the hurt their disloyalty caused you.

You could not control what they did, but you could control how to react to it.

Second, take the time you need to reflect and heal.

Look within yourself and be truthful about the relationship. Were there signs they were disloyal?

Would you have cared enough to help them if the situation was reversed?

Journaling can be a great way to help you reflect.

Finally, practice self-care and remember that you are strong and can get through this.

Putting your feelings and growth on the back burner while trying to forgive your friend or make new ones is not the best course of action.

Make sure you are taking care of your needs, and then when you feel you are in a good place, you can move forward.

Do you have any other tips on how to deal with a friend who lets you down or, worse, betrays you?

Share with your friends and post your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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