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Indiana Jones Quotes From the Iconic Movie Series Starring Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones is an iconic film series that began in the 80s. The movies follow the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr., a professor of archaeology. The films are funny and thrilling, as you can see with some of these Indiana Jones quotes.

Harrison Ford first appeared as the character of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was released in 1981. The prequel, The Temple of Doom, was released in 1984. The sequel, The Last Crusade, made its debut in 1989. A fourth film, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was released in 2008. The series was created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, who directed the first four films.

Sean Connery played Dr. Jones Sr., in the third film, and the chemistry between Ford and Connery was so good that you almost believe they are father and son.

By the time that the fourth film was in the works, Connery had retired. There was some talk that he would come out of retirement for the movie, but in the end, decided not to.

He said, “If anything could have pulled me out of retirement, it would have been an Indiana Jones film. But in the end, retirement is just too damned much fun… I love working with Steven and George [Lucas], and it goes without saying that it is an honor to have Harrison as my son.”

A fifth film is in development and is slated for release in 2022. Until then, you can read through these Indiana Jones quotes about archeology and life from several of the movies.

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Funny Indiana Jones quotes and lines

1. Indiana Jones: (Passing a torch) “Take this. Wave it at anything that slithers.”

Marion: “Thanks. Oh, my God! This whole place is slithering!”

2. “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?” ― Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

3. “You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together. I’ve got nothing better to do.” ― Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

4. Willie: “We’re surrounded. The entire place is crawling with living things.”

Indiana Jones: “That’s why they call it the jungle, sweetheart.”

5. Walter Donovan: “We’re only one step away.”

Indiana Jones: “That’s usually when the ground falls out from beneath your feet.”

6. Dr. Henry Jones: “We named the dog ‘Indiana.’”

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Indiana Jones: “I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.”

7. “You can’t do this to me, I’m an AMERICAN!” ― Marion, Raiders of the Lost Ark

8. Belloq: “Where shall I find a new adversary so close to my own level?”

Indiana Jones: “Try the local sewer.”

9. “Sallah, I said *no* camels. That’s *five* camels. Can’t you count?”  Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade

10. Professor Henry Jones: “I didn’t know you could fly a plane.”

Indiana Jones: “Fly, yes. Land, no.”

Famous Indiana Jones quotes about archaeology

11. “Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”  Dr. Henry Jones, The Last Crusade

12. “The search for the Grail, is not about archaeology. If captured by the Nazis, the armies of evil will march across the face of the earth!”  Dr. Henry Jones, The Last Crusade

13. “You and I are very much alike. Archeology is our religion, yet we have both fallen from the pure faith. Our methods have not differed as much as you pretend. I am but a shadowy reflection of you. It would take only a nudge to make you like me. To push you out of the light.”  Belloq, Raiders of the Lost Ark

14. “Professor of archeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities.” ― Major Eaton, Raiders of the Lost Ark

15. “What a fitting end to your life’s pursuits. You’re about to become a permanent addition to this archaeological find. Who knows? In a thousand years, even you may be worth something.”  Belloq, Raiders of the Lost Ark

16. “This site also demonstrates one of the great dangers of archaeology; not to life and limb, although that does sometimes take place. I’m talking about folklore.”  Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade quotes

17. “He’s got a two-day head-start on you, which is more than he needs. Brody’s got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan. He speaks a dozen languages and knows every local custom. He’ll blend in, disappear, and you’ll never see him again. With any luck, he’s got the grail already.”  Indiana Jones

18. “Don’t call me junior!”  Indiana Jones

19. “You lost today, kid. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it.” ― Fedora

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20. “My boy, we’re pilgrims in an unholy land.”  Dr. Henry Jones

21. “He sticks out like a sore thumb. We’ll find him.”  Walter Donovan

22. “Germany has declared war on the Jones boys.”  Walter Donovan

23. “Throw down the gun or the girl will die.”  Colonel Vogel

24. “It was just the two of us, Dad. That was a lonely way to grow up, lonely for both of us. I can remember the last time we had a drink together; I had a milkshake. But we didn’t talk; we’ve never talked. If you’d been an average and regular father, like all of my friends’ dads, you would’ve understood.”  Indiana Jones

25. “What you taught me is that I was less important to you than people who’ve been dead for 500 years in another country. And I learned it so well, that we’ve hardly spoken for 20 years.”  Indiana Jones

26. “And in this sort of race, there’s no silver medal for finishing second.”  Dr. Henry Jones

27. “I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.”  Indiana Jones

28. “Sorry about the head but I thought that you were one of them.” ― Dr. Henry Jones

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom quotes

29. “Indiana Jones, this is one night you’ll never forget. This is the night I slipped right through your fingers. Sleep tight and pleasant dreams. I could’ve been your greatest adventure.”  Willie Scott

30. “I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer!”  Short Round

31. Willie Scott: “There are two dead people out here!”

Indiana Jones: “There’s gonna be two dead people in here! Hurry!”

32. “Okey dokey, Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes!” ― Short Round

33. “We’re not sinking… WE’RE CRASHING!” ― Willie Scott

34. “He no nuts, he’s crazy!”  Short Round

35. “Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist.”  Indiana Jones

36. “Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love. We’ve got company.” ― Short Round

37. “I’m not going to have anything nice to say about this place when I get back!”  Willie Scott

38. “They crash the plane to make you come here?”  Short Round

39. “Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”  Indiana Jones

40. “Dr. Jones! No more parachutes!”  Short Round

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41. “Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali… in hell!”  Indiana Jones

42. “Hang on lady, we going for a ride!”  Short Round

Quotes from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

43. “The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste in entire regions. An Army that carries the Ark before it… is invincible.”  Marcus Brody

44. “An army that carries the ark before it is invincible.”  Marcus Brody

45. “Let’s go. There’s nothing to fear here.”  Satipo

46. “You’re not the man I knew ten years ago.”  Marion Ravenwood

47. “The Ark. If is there at Tanis, then it is something that Man was not meant to disturb. Death has always surrounded it. It is not of this Earth.”  Sallah

48. “Come on! Show a little backbone, will ya?!”  Jock

49. “It’s not the age, it’s the mileage!”  Indiana Jones

50. “So once again, Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine.”  Belloq

Which of these Indiana Jones quotes is your favorite?

A 1977 encounter between Lucas and Spielberg was the catalyst that moved the idea of Indiana Jones from Lucas’ head and into the studio. Lucas was in Maui, trying to find some peace after the enormous success Star Wars had garnered.

Spielberg was on vacation following Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The pair, who were friends, got to talking and Spielberg told Lucas he was interested in making a film like James Bond. Lucas claimed he had an idea “better than James Bond.” Spielberg loved it and had the character’s surname changed to Jones (in Lucas’ original version, his name was Indiana Smith). They signed a deal with Paramount Pictures for five Indiana Jones films.

It is a little ironic, that the one role that might have pulled Connery from retirement, was inspired by the series he hated talking about! Harrison Ford has played tons of successful characters, but Hans Solo and Indiana Jones made him a household name. If you are a gamer, it might thrill you to know that it looks like Bethesda is coming out with a new Indiana Jones video game!

Are you excited to see Indiana Jones on the screen again? What is your favorite Indiana Jones movie and quotes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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