17 Signs You’re on Your Way to Being a Massive Success Story

Do you consider yourself a massive success?

Are you living how you want to live?

Are you doing what you want to do?

How do you even define success in the first place?

I know many people who define success as having degrees, such as College, Masters, or Doctorate.

Some people define success as making a six or seven-figure salary.

But how about having a beautiful, loving family?

Or being at peace with who you are, right now at this moment?

Something I’ve learned in my own life is that, in order for me to be successful in anything, I must recognize what I’ve already been successful at.

I had to tell myself that it’s okay if I am not great from the start.

I had to tell myself it’s OK to be where I am at this moment.

I even had to see myself as a success, which is not always easy.

It was then and only then, that I felt enabled to take the next step in my journey.

When I saw myself as a success, I unconsciously gave myself permission to move forward.

Odds are, you are on your way to being a massive success – and you might not even know it!

You’re on the way to massive success if…

1. Failure doesn’t scare you.

I was watching the 10-minute YouTube video of “Who Moved My Cheese”.

It was so powerful to see the concept of trial and error, how it affects our levels of success, as well as our overall quality of life.

The video reminds us that the people who are not scared of failure are the ones who become massively successful.

While the people who are ‘not trying to lose’ will never reach their full potential.

Failure is not permanent.

It should not scare you out of action.

Trial and error (emphasis on error) will teach you everything you need to know about the next stage of YOUR journey.

2. You have strong social skills.

You can think on your feet, you’re willing to have awkward, challenging, and difficult conversations.

You’re able to communicate with people with whom you just met or with whom you don’t agree with.

But having strong social skills doesn’t mean that everyone likes you, or that you can persuade everyone.

It means that you know how to communicate effectively.

You’re willing to share your voice in order to get what you want and have the influence you desire.

So dare to be heard.

3. You constantly work on yourself.

Every day, you’re conscious about what you eat, what you’re reading, what you’re learning.

You’re constantly thinking “How can I do this better?

How can I grow?”

You sift through opportunities for growth.

You refuse to work at places where you won’t.

For you, growth and expansion are top values that you’re not willing to compromise.

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4. You don’t compromise your character.

Your character and integrity are extremely important.

Money will never be something that can sway you.

Your values, the relationships you have, how you treat people: those will not be negatively influenced by any external rewards.

To become a massive success means maintaining and developing extraordinary character.

5. You are dedicated to serving people.

While everyone else is running around on the hamster wheel of life, you are focused on serving people.

You’re dedicated because that excites you.

The idea of having a legacy and impact gives your life a sense of meaning, purpose, and direction.

You are here to serve.

6. You wake up early.

Even if you’re not waking up early now, you are willing to and you have before.

You are willing to wake up early to get a head start on the day.

We can never get as much done with as much focus and clarity as first thing in the morning.

Even if you’re not getting up at 5AM now, you have the awareness that getting up early is a powerful tool for your success.

7. You give love.

When I first got into the teaching profession in Harlem, New York City, my mantra was simple: GIVE LOVE.

No matter what the situation was about, how stressed out I was, how many meetings I have to attend, how many calls I had to make, or how many difficult conversations I will have today.

That changed everything.

When we approach things with a loving mindset, we’re able to perform at extraordinarily high levels.

We’re able to forgive, not hold grudges, and remain in emotional control.

Maintaining a positive mindset doesn’t just make us feel good, it’s a productive strategy that helps us get things done, improves our concentration, and develops our poise, character, and influence.

8. People notice you.

When you walk in the room, you light it up, and when you leave, everyone knows.

There’s just something about you.

People have been telling you your entire life that you have the ‘IT’ factor.

You have energy about you.

You have this charisma.

Maybe it’s because you’re very optimistic.

Or perhaps it’s because you have an empowering worldview.

Possibly it’s because you communicate your beliefs and your love for others.

Whatever it is, people want to be around you.

9. You’re confident.

Confidence is the biggest key factor when it comes to getting things done and creating massive success.

When we believe in ourselves, we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and do things that will lead us to growth.

We know that we might just surprise ourselves.

Maybe our fears will not come true.

Whatever it is we’re pursuing just might work out.

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You’re not arrogant.

People love your confidence and it inspires them to believe in their selves more.

Your confidence will allow you to take action when others freeze up.

10. You surround yourself with great people.

I once heard my mentor, Les Brown say:

“If you hang around nine people who are down, you will be the 10th one, if you hang around nine people who are broke, you will be the 10th one, and if you hang around nine losers, well…you will also be the 10th one. See, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that we are who we surround ourselves with.”

We can’t control our family, where we grow up, or what we’re born into.

But we can control who we spend our time with.

People who are a massive success know that you can only surround yourself with folks who want to be extraordinary.

Watch who you hang around with.

11. You’ve learned to say NO.

This was always difficult for me.

I always saw myself as a nice guy and to be honest with you, I’m still working on this one.

The idea of saying NO to engagements, to people you love and care about, is not always easy.

I’ve learned that I can’t be great at 10 to 15 things, but I can be extraordinary at one to three things.

I’ve learned to treat time like gold and honor my priorities.

I’ve learned that saying no is a sign of confidence and self respect.

Saying no will free up your time and lessen your commitments, so you can focus on what is truly important for you.

12. You focus on your time.

You are great with time, or you studied and learned how to be great with time.

You don’t take it for granted.

You’re aware that we all have the same exact 24 hours in the day.

What we do with it is completely up to us and you take 100 percent responsibility for it.

You spent time studying how to create routines that will help you develop the habits necessary for massive success.

You’re not just focusing on the reward – you’re focusing on the habit, time, and effort that you’re putting in.

13. You don’t complain.

Of course you want to be honest, authentic, and truthful – but some people just complain way too much.

You know exactly who they are; you might even be one of them.

This isn’t to call you out, but to create awareness that criticizing, condemning, and complaining does nothing for you.

You’ve learned in life that when you’re positive, you’re able to find solutions when others are stuck.

When you’re not complaining, you’re in a better mood.

This affects how you think, how you speak, and how you communicate with yourself.

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You made a commitment to not complain anymore.

Your words are precious.

14. You are patient.

Patience is another key to becoming a massive success.

Many people give up on their dreams because they don’t get it when they want it.

I once heard somebody say, “Be in a rush to be patient. The only thing you should be rushing towards is greater patience.”

You know your goals and your dreams are a marathon, not a sprint.

This is something you’re dedicating your life to.

This is not a get-rich quick scheme; this is your livelihood, your legacy, your character, and your reputation.

So be patient.

You’re going to build it, brick by brick.

15. You practice discipline and self-control.

You know the power of discipline and self-control.

Everybody wants stuff right now, but you know the power of staying on course.

You don’t beat yourself up when you mess up.

You practice self-control and discipline on a regular basis.

You are highly intentional and deliberate with everything that you say and do.

16. You’re a self-improvement junkie.

As the old adage goes, “every day in every way you’re getting better and better.

Even on days you don’t feel like it.

Even on days that are difficult.

Even on days when you just feel like sitting in bed.

There’s always a little something that you do each and every day to get better.

17. You hate average.

Well, maybe hate is a bit strong, but you get the point.

You don’t want to be average because you’re driven to do and achieve great things.

You believe that average is NOT an option as greatness is possible.

You want to give in a great way.

You want to serve in a great way.

You want to take care of your family and your friends in a great way.

As Eric Thomas says, you are “Allergic to average!”

Your drive will be a major key to make you a massive success.

Through trial and error, through movement and activity, it will soon become clearer exactly where you want to go.

When other people say slow down, you say sit back and enjoy the show.

You go, greatness junkie!

The goal is to work your way up to embody all 17 characteristics day in and day out.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of these qualities do I express all the time?
  • Which qualities do I express sometimes?
  • Which qualities do I rarely express?
  • If I expressed this one quality, how would it have the biggest positive impact on my life?
  • What quality do you think will be the most difficult for you to express?

The key is consistency.

Commit to your daily practice in becoming the best version of yourself.

Use your Everyday Power push yourself to massive success.

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