25 Succession Quotes from the Popular TV Show

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Succession” is a critically acclaimed TV drama series produced by Jesse Armstrong.

Its first episode was aired on June 3, 2018, in the U.S. 

It relates to the tumultuous world of a wealthy family owning a media “Waystar RoyC”.

The narrative is built using different elements, including:

  • Tapestry of power struggles
  • Complex characters
  • Strong social commentary

The last episode of this drama was aired on May 28, 2023.


“Succession” revolves around the lives of the Roy family.

Logan Roy is a formidable and somewhat ruthless head of the media empire. 

As Logan weakens physically due to his health issues, his children start to fight for their succession. 

The series also gives an insight into the aspects like:

  • Political maneuvering
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Moral dilemmas 

Characters List

Here is the list of the top characters who appeared in the “Succession” TV show. 

  • Logan Roy by Brian Cox
  • Kendall Roy by Jeremy Strong
  • Roman Roy by Kieran Culkin 
  • Shiv by Sarah Snook

Themes of Power and Morality

“Succession” is all about the power and how it is wielded.

The show lets the viewers explore different themes. 

There is a theme of moral ambiguity, which adds depth to the story.

It allows viewers to understand the dynamics of self-interest.

Besides, the story also creates a distinction between familial loyalty, corporate ambition, and personal integrity.

Resonance and Realism

The show is popular for its authenticity. 

The media giant is portrayed in a way close to reality. 

Also, the internal dynamics of the powerful family also feel real. 

Due to its ability to rely on realism, the show provides a glimpse into a world that is recognizable by the viewers.

Social Commentary and Dark Humor 

Dark humor and razor-sharp wit are two of the most prominent characteristics of this show.

The absurdity and dysfunction of the Roy family offer some light moments between tense situations. 

The humor tends to offer an insight into different issues like: 

  • Media manipulation
  • Wealth inequality
  • Complexities of Family Legacies

Top 5 Succession Quotes

Browse the top 5 quotes below to immerse yourself in the enthralling universe of the iconic TV show Succession.

1. “Killing hobos isn’t a hobby.” — Shiv Roy

2. “We just made a night of good TV.” — Roman Roy

3. “Everything feels very vivid today.” — Willa

4. “He fed a certain kind of meagerness in men.” — Ewan Roy

5. “It just makes an election so much more interesting when you’re in it.” — Connor Roy

Succession Quotes from Logan Roy

This selection of Logan Roy quotes captures the character’s keen thoughts, strong leadership, and deep understanding of power dynamics.

6. “Smart people know what they are.” — Logan Roy

7. “Why am I looking at all of this pizza?” — Logan Roy

8. “I love you, but you are not serious people.” — Logan Roy

9. “In this city, the rats are fat as skunks. They hardly care to run anymore.” — Logan Roy

10. “I was about to take advice from a clown who dives headfirst into the shallow end of the pool.” — Logan Roy

Succession Quotes from Kendall Roy

These quotes emanate from the complex and intriguing character of Kendall Roy.

11. “Stay hydrated.” — Kendall Roy

12. “Who said I didn’t kill anyone?” — Kendall Roy

13. “When you say the thing that’s not, that’s a lie.” — Kendall Roy

14. “You tell yourself you’re a good person, but you’re not a good person.” — Kendall Roy

15. “The dinosaur is having one last roar at the meteor before it wipes him out.” — Kendall Roy

Succession Quotes from Cousin Greg Hirsch

The following are some of Cousin Greg Hirsch’s most memorable quotes, illustrating the awkward hero’s special blend of naivety, ambition, and off-the-cuff wit.

16. “I’m a sturdy birdy.” — Cousin Greg Hirsch

17. “I never intended to soil these halls.” — Cousin Greg Hirsch

18. “What am I gonna do with a soul anyways?” — Cousin Greg Hirsch

19. “If it is to be said, so it be, so it is.” — Cousin Greg Hirsch

20. “A lot of very important people want to scream at you.” — Cousin Greg Hirsch

Succession Quotes from Tom Wambsgans

Get a kick out of these quotes that capture the ambitious yet insecure nature of Tom Wambsgans’s complex persona.

21. “Hanging around, like the threat of nuclear war.” — Tom Wambsgans

22. “I have of late decided not to tarry too much with hope.” — Tom Wambsgans

23. “My digestive system is basically part of the Constitution.” — Tom Wambsgans

24. “This is like Israel and Palestine, but way harder and way more important.” — Tom Wambsgans

25. “I just wonder if the sad I’d be without you is less than the sad I get from being with you.” — Tom Wambsgans

Which One of these Succession Quotes is your Favorite? 

“Succession” gained popularity due to its powerful storytelling, timely themes, and complex characters.

This led to the popularity of succession quotes.

As a result, people love to share such quotes with their friends and family. 

The quotes provided above are carefully selected to offer you the best possible experience. 

You can find different sections offering similar types of succession quotes.

So, it won’t be difficult for you to find a succession quote that inspires you the most. 

If you have found one, do share it with us via the comments section.

We are looking forward to your reply.

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