What Are Angel Numbers, And Why Should I Pay Attention To Them?

Angel numbers have existed for thousands of years but have become more popular recently.

If you have been wondering what an angel number is and why you should pay attention to it, this article is for you.

This article will explore:

  • What are guides?
  • What exactly are angel numbers?
  • How can I understand or interpret what the numbers are communicating?

Opening the doors of communication from your guides

If you are reading this, the chances are high that you have seen, heard, or noticed people talking about angel numbers like 1111

You might have thought to yourself, “Well, what are angel numbers?”

Angel numbers are a form of communication from your guides. 

Trends might keep people’s attention briefly, but they tend to lack substance. 

Angel numbers have been trending and gaining popularity, but what are they?

Angel numbers are a great way for you to gain perspective, celebrate your strengths, and shine some light on aspects of yourself that you may be avoiding. 

Today, we will take an angel number journey, learn some new things about the past, and potentially gain insight into the future. 

What are guides?

It is important to remember that in life, you are always your first guide. 

Nobody knows you better than you do, and nobody can interpret the meaning of life’s message like you can. 

Earth has over eight billion people, so there will always be many interpretations, ideas, or ways of being. 

You are the ultimate determiner of what is true for you!

Now, despite you being your best source of wisdom and enlightenment, you are not your only source of wisdom and enlightenment. 

This might be news to you, but you are not alone. 

You are never alone. 

Even when you think you are alone, you always have a team with you. 

This is where angel numbers and your guides come into play!

That team is made up of your guides. 

These guides are beings directly tied to your evolution. 

When you grow, they grow; when you heal, they heal.

Just hear me out before you stop and remind me that you do not have any “guides” giving you messages on what to do. 

Your guides are made up of a diverse group of beings 

For some, guides come from deceased loved ones and ancestors.

Others enjoy connections with animal and elemental energies. 

There are those who feel connected to angels, gods, extraterrestrial, or extradimensional beings. 

Some even feel a deep sense of connection with future versions of themselves. 

Even if none of those ideas fascinate you, we all have life guides. 

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Parents, family, mentors, s/heroes, or even philosophies can serve as guides that impact our lives and direct us on our journey. 

If numbers are involved in all aspects of reality, they certainly play a part in our connection to our guides. 

However, your guides do not live in the same physical reality you live in. 

Your guides live in the etheric world, in a reality you would perceive as nonphysical. 

If that sounds too much for you, consider that many realities exist around you that you cannot see with your eyes. 

The quantum world exists, yet our eyes, brains, or other senses cannot register or perceive it. 

To us, it is a non-physical reality, something only to be theorized or measured with instruments. 

Yet, we do not scoff at its existence; we understand it to be so. 

A person could go a lifetime and never consider the quantum world or even hear of its existence. 

Communication from your guides is similar in this way.

If you want to hear, you have to listen

Your guides are always talking, sending you love, encouragement, gratitude, and energy.

Sometimes, in the form of angel numbers.

Whether or not you receive it is another story.  

We live in a world of distractions that make it easy to miss messages entirely. 

We must put ourselves in a state to receive if we wish to comprehend. 

How often do you center yourself?

How often do you close your eyes, relax your mind, focus on your breath, and see what messages or energies come to you?

Those feelings from your heart’s center, those emotions, those inspirational thoughts: that is you connecting with your guides! 

If you are not open to receiving communication directly from your guides, sometimes they take the indirect approach.

The veil between the physical and non-physical world makes it so that beings cannot interface directly. 

However, it does not mean all communication is limited. 

This is where angel numbers come in. 

  1. Angel Number 111: A powerful message of alignment with your thoughts and intentions.
  2. Angel Number 222: A symbol of balance and harmony in your life and relationships.
  3. Angel Number 333: Encouragement to express your creativity and expand your horizons.
  4. Angel Number 444: A sign of protection and guidance during times of change and uncertainty.
  5. Angel Number 555: Indicating transformation and personal growth on the horizon.
  6. Angel Number 666: A reminder to find balance between material and spiritual aspects of life.
  7. Angel Number 777: Signifying divine guidance and alignment with your life’s purpose.
  8. Angel Number 888: A message of abundance and financial blessings coming your way.
  9. Angel Number 999: Indicating the completion of a phase and the start of a new spiritual journey.
  10. Angel Number 1010: Encouragement to stay focused on your life’s purpose and intentions.
  11. Angel Number 1122: A message of spiritual insight and alignment with your higher self.
  12. Angel Number 1133: Signifying support and guidance from your angels on your life path.
  13. Angel Number 1144: A reminder to trust the wisdom and guidance of your inner self.
  14. Angel Number 1212: Encouragement to stay positive and have faith in your dreams.
  15. Angel Number 1221: A sign that your thoughts and intentions are manifesting.
  16. Angel Number 123: Indicating that you are on the right path and in alignment with your purpose.
  17. Angel Number 1234: A reminder of the sequential nature of your life’s journey.
  18. Angel Number 212: Encouragement to maintain a positive attitude and trust your intuition.
  19. Angel Number 717: Signifying that your efforts and intentions are being supported.
  20. Angel Number 818: A message of financial abundance and prosperity.
  21. Angel Number 808: A reminder to maintain balance in your material and spiritual pursuits.
  22. Angel Number 5555: A sign of major transformation and positive change.
  23. Angel Number 1222: Encouragement to pursue your spiritual path with dedication.
  24. Angel Number 555: Indicating that significant changes are coming into your life.
  25. Angel Number 999: A reminder to let go of what no longer serves your highest good.
  26. Angel Number 666: Signifying the need to balance your material and spiritual life.
  27. Angel Number 777: Encouragement to trust your inner wisdom and intuition.
  28. Angel Number 333: A reminder of your connection to the divine and your spiritual purpose.
  29. Angel Number 444: Signifying protection and guidance from your angels during challenges.
  30. Angel Number 1010: Indicating that your thoughts are manifesting into reality.
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These angel numbers are believed to carry special messages and guidance from the universe and your angels, offering insight and support on your life’s journey.

How do angel numbers shape our reality?

We should start with some basics about numbers to best reap the benefits of angel numbers. 

Many of us take numbers for granted. 

Numbers are found at the core of everything, from sound to sacred geometry, the human body, and even physical existence! 

Numbers are more than just a means to keep track of things. 

They are deeper than just addition and subtraction. 

Numbers are a universal communications system, the implicit language of frequency, vibration, and energy. 

They construct ideas, messages, and worlds. 

If we open ourselves up to the wisdom numbers have to offer, we gain new perspectives.

Numbers offer wisdom to assist us on our life’s journey and everyday practice.

Curiosity is the first step to developing a closer, more intimate relationship with your guides. 

You are not alone if you wonder what angel numbers are or what benefits they offer. 

Numbers are the language of the universe. 

What exactly are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are messages from your guides. 

They often manifest as repeating sequences of numbers such as 555 or 999

Have you been seeing repeating number patterns?

Angel numbers are one form of communication our guides take to send us messages.

These messages vary depending on our circumstances, but the numbers carry archetypal ideas and energies that are universal. 

The power of archetypes is that they allow the viewer the freedom to interpret them accordingly. 

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This means you are the best person to determine the meaning behind a number that keeps presenting itself to you, is you. 

How can I understand or interpret what the angel numbers mean?

Learning how angel numbers apply to you is your personal undertaking. 

You must work to learn about the number’s meaning and take the time to reflect on how this meaning best applies to you.

Remember, your guides come in many forms, and the word angel literally means guide.

However, if your guide connection is embodied in something other than an angel, that makes sense and is totally fine.  

Your guides cannot always directly communicate with you in physical reality. 

This is why much of your guide communication occurs in the dream state or meditative state

Our brainwaves reach different states while dreaming or meditating, allowing for more fluid communication from different sources. 

However, our guides still “talk” to us in our everyday waking state. 

Sending numbers your way is a gentle way for your guides to share information, wisdom, warnings, or other information with you. 

Each number carries its own signature vibration, so if a number keeps presenting itself to you, it could be an opportunity for you to reflect, refine, and evolve yourself. 

You can determine how those ideas apply to you by looking at the numbers. 

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