Angel Number 1010 For Honoring Your Intuition And Trusting The Process

Have you seen angel number 1010 in different places lately?

Maybe you check the time, and it’s 10:10, your lunch bill is 10.10, or an address or phone number ends in 1010.

Your guides may be subtly communicating with you using this angel number

One thing is for sure: you have probably never considered the connection between angel numbers and The Wu-Tang Clan

But today, we will make that connection. 

Find out if you seeing 1010 everywhere is an affirmation or a coincidence

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are number patterns that repeatedly appear in a person’s life

Many people believe that it is no mistake when these numbers present themselves to you repeatedly on receipts, addresses, prices, clocks, phone numbers, or other places.

Some believe that because the veil between the physical and nonphysical world separates you from some of your guides, they use other means to communicate with you directly. 

These other means sometimes come in the form of angel numbers. 

Each angel number has its own frequency, vibration, or archetypal energies. 

These energies highlight areas of our lives where growth or reflection would be helpful. 

Even when you feel alone, your guides are always with you. 

Angel numbers are a powerful way to get in touch with your guides.

Why pay attention to angel numbers?

Many people believe that angel numbers appear in your life for various reasons, 

Many angel numbers show up in times of difficulty, which is often a sign that your guides communicate with you. 

Seeing repeating number patterns over and over again can be spiritual messages designed to help you make sense of your life.

What is angel number 1010?

Angel number 1010 is an elusive number. 

It is not as commonly observed as some of the other angel numbers. 

Think about how often you have seen 1111, 777, 666, 444, or 555.

1010 is an angel number with multi-dimensional messages designed to communicate to different parts of you. 

Angel number 1010 may encourage you to make some adjustments or reflections on different levels of your being. 

All of you might not be ready to listen to angel number 1010 truly, but the parts of you that are will surely benefit from this encouraging teacher.

If you see angel number 1010, you are likely being encouraged to trust as your life progresses. 

It might look scary, but it has looked scary before. 

Remember when you were afraid or concerned, and ask yourself, were your fears justified?

Angel number 1010 is the number that encourages you to be mindful about your energy. 

As things speed up, manifestations will occur faster and faster. 

Be careful about your heart and mind’s intent

Angel number 1010 reminds you that the feelings and thoughts you have on the inside will manifest in your physical reality.

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Take care to direct that energy in a way that best serves you. 

Angel number 1010 encourages you to trust your path and lead with love, not fear.

Angel number 1010 shows up as a validation for those with intuitive abilities. 

If you see 1010, assess your intuition, trust it, and play with it. 

1010 wants you to trust yourself so you can begin to take the time to get serious about your intentions so the universe can show you what is possible. 

You dream of only a fraction of what your higher mind and guides can help you experience. 

Angel number 1010 is the reminder you need to let you know you are the master you have been seeking! 

What does angel number 1010 mean?

Angel number 1010 is full of positive energy

In numerology, one is the energy of individualism and creation, and zero is the divine state of creation. 

Numerically, 1010 would break down to 1+0+1+0, which of course equals two. 

Two is a number that symbolizes integration or merging. 

Two blends the potentially polarized energies, such as logic and intuition, into unison. 

As an angel number, 1010 combines archetypal energies of zero, one, and two. 

1010 is a powerful energy of magic and creation. 

If it is coming across your path, see it as a validation of your natural intuitive and psychic abilities. 

Angel Number 1010 and The Wu-Tang Clan

Yes, you read that correctly. 

We are about to make a connection between the greatest hip-hop group of all time and angel number 1010.

I fell in love with numbers partly because of Wu-Tang’s music and message’s influence on me. 

I was eight years old when Enter The 36 Chambers debuted. 

Their music content encouraged an appreciation for math, science, philosophy, history, and culture. 

I learned many things from listening to Wu-Tang Clan that I would never have learned in school. 

Numbers fueled and supported many of these new insights. 

I learned about the Earth’s weight and how the planet’s meridians connect to the body’s meridians. 

I learned about the history of African royalty, like Queen Hatsetseput. 

The GZA has several songs where he rhymes about the creation of the universe and breaks down the atomic weight of elements from the periodic table. 

Wu-Tang appreciates numbers

They always incorporate angel number wisdom in their songs and album skits. 

There is a mathematical connection to the concept of the 36 chambers. 

Wu fans know that you have the thirty-six chambers and nine clan members. 

Each member has four chambers of the heart. 

Working as a unit, they multiply each other’s energy and heart capacity. 

Nine multiplied by four equals thirty-six chambers.

When they rhyme, they are metaphorically throwing darts. 

There are thirty-six fatal points on the body. 

If you multiply the thirty-six fatal points by the ten degrees of separation between each point, you get 360 degrees. 

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In this way, when they practice their culture and rap, the Wu-Tang Clan and the 36 Chambers represent the perfect circle or the perfect cipher.  

Angel number 1010 and The RZA’s wisdom

One of my favorite lines comes from the RZA, where he is featured on Ghostface Killah’s song, Nutmeg

In that song, he raps, “Multiply myself ten times, standing next to zero.” 

The imagery and science behind his message is fascinating. 

In one sentence, he captured the essence of some very complex ideas regarding ten and the energy of manifestation it naturally exudes. 

Zero represents nothingness.

This state is more profound than simply the idea of nothing as a state of lack. 

No, this is the cosmic darkness, the divine state of consciousness, the beginning of all creation. 

The infinite. 

We all start in darkness, in the void, in the nothingness.

We remain there until we come into contact with the knowledge of self. 

This knowledge gives us the drive to imagine dreams and accomplish goals

One represents the individual self, manifestation, and creation. 

Yet, when one stands next to zero, it multiplies its energy and becomes ten, symbolizing completion. 

In this way, the message is that even when we stand next to nothing, we can harass the forces of creation to manifest something tenfold. 

Angel number 1010 and your life:

Below, we introduce the archetypal ideas of how angel number 1010 may present itself to you. 

Remember, only you know the meanings of your guides’ messages. 

The information below is designed to help you come to your own conclusions. 

Angel number 1010 and your career/finance:

Angel number 1010 is a positive omen concerning your career and finances. 

Numerically, one represents manifestation and new opportunities. 

Zero represents limitless possibilities. 

Together, they remind you that you have endless options to manifest the financial experience you want and the career that leaves you feeling fulfilled. 

When you insist that your dream job or higher levels of abundance must happen in a specific way, you limit all the other forms your excitement might manifest. 

However, 1010 is a reminder that cycles of abundance can be followed by cycles of lack for careless people.

Angel number 1010 encourages you to be mindful of your resources and spend carefully. 

Angel number 1010 and your love life:

Just how does angel number 1010 relate to romance

1010 has a few awesome ideas about love to share. 

For starters, 1010 is a repeating number, indicating new chapters and soulmate energy!

1010 is an action number, meaning you cannot just sit and wait for love to show up; it is all about the chase.

The idea of acting and initiating is natural to angel number 1010. 

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1010 encourages you to trust more to be vulnerable without fear of rejection

This is the angel number equivalent of the remarkable friend who encourages you to ask out that special person you have an eye for. 

Energetically, 1010 represents the completion of a goal or cycle, so it naturally is a number based on confidence.

1010 wants to activate that confidence inside of you! 

Speak your needs; don’t be shy. 

Take the lead. 

Angel number 1010 and the twin flame connection:

Our twin flames are the perfect matches for our souls. 

They are the beings who enlighten us and set us ablaze. 

A twin flame reflection can point out our qualities or highlight our shortcomings. 

1010 is a repeating sequence or perfect match to itself. 

If you see 1010 while seeking a twin flame match, stay open to what is possible. 

You must reflect on being a high-quality soul to attract a high-quality soul. 

1010 encourages you to love yourself fully.

Others learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself. 

If you are seeing 1010, you should also consider your happiness. 

Sometimes, 1010 reveals itself to test if you are happy

It would ask you, how much of your unhappiness results from your own doing?

Shifting your thoughts and redefining definitions is a great start to gaining insight. 

1010 reminds you that if you seek a twin flame, you must let go of what does not belong to make room for a new cycle. 

Angel number 1010 and your spirituality: 

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. 

Angel number 1010 reminds the non-physical world to stay rooted and grounded every day.

1010 represents illumination through inspiration; it brings awakening and awareness through encouragement. 

1010 is the number that will appear if you start doubting yourself. 

This gentle angel number lets you know you have guides, and they are rooting for you. 

If you are inspired to connect with your spiritual side, angel number 1010 is the key. 

You can continuously tap into your infinite spirit because you are infinite! 

If you have forgotten, 1010 is showing up to remind you of your unbreakable connection to the divine. 

Angel number 1010 wants you to win!

What are your goals? 

Are you stepping closer to them, or are they slipping through your fingers?

Angel number 1010 wants you to take an honest assessment of your progress. 

Without negatively judging yourself, how far along are you on your journey?

Do you feel good about where you are? 

Angel number 1010 is the validation that you are protected and on the right path to your best self. 

Have you been seeing angel number 1010 anywhere?

We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments. 

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Clifton Sankofa has Master's degrees in English, Teaching, and School Leadership. He is a veteran educator and school leader. Clifton has built his career around teaching language arts, social-emotional learning, hip-hop(e), and vegan cooking. Across the country, Black and Brown communities die over preventable diseases. Clifton's aim is to help reverse this trend through cultural shifts. Using hip-hop and cultural-centered activities, he educates young people on how to reclaim their health and heritage through sustainable vegan eating, cooking practices, and literacy skills.