50 Coconut Quotes About the Refreshing Fruit

Take a look at these coconut quotes to learn more about the versatile fruit.

Coconuts are fibrous one-seeded drupes that are loosely defined as a fruit, a nut, and a seed.

Coconuts are a great symbol of tropical locations and fun times.

They are a major part of people’s diets in the tropics and subtropics.

The coconut is the fruit that comes from the coconut tree, which is a member of the palm tree family.

Coconuts are so versatile that they provide food, fuel, cosmetics, medicine, clothing, and more.

One thing that makes coconuts unique is that their endosperm contains a large amount of liquid called “coconut water.”

Take a look at these coconut quotes to learn more about this fun and versatile fruit.

Top Coconut Quotes

Here are a few simple quotes focusing on coconuts.

1. “I can’t live without coconut oil.” — Stella Maxwell

2. “I like sweet scents like coconut and vanilla.” — Jeongyeon

3. “Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?” — Graham Chapman

4. “I was sometimes called ‘coconut’ when I was at school.” — David Oyelowo

5. “I ran a 100-mile marathon, and I was powered by coconut water.” — Jesse Itzler

6. “For I am coconut, and the heart of me is sweeter than you know.” — Nikki Grimes

7. “Use coconut oil to remove makeup, and do it before going to bed.” — Disha Patani

8. “The only time I feel at ease is swinging up and down in a coconut tree.” — Ray Davies

9. “There is one fat that diabetics can eat without fear. That fat is coconut oil.” — Bruce Fife

10. “A coconut palm in your balcony and cool winds can spawn the most splendid vibes.” — Saud Fadl

Coconut Quotes from Lyrics

Coconuts are mentioned more than you may think in song lyrics. Here are some examples.

11. “She put the lime in the coconut” — Harry Nilsson

12. “Have you seen the evening coconut / Bobbing” — Neil Young

13. “Put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up” — Tyga

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14. “On a coconut island / I’d like to be a castaway with you” Louis Armstrong

15. “Up high in a coconut tree / Layin’ low, just my baby and me” — Willie Nelson

16. “Coconut woman is calling out / And every day you can hear her shout” — Harry Belafonte

17. “Coconut water / Coconut water / We flying to Bora / We sip on Bacardi / We toast in the morning” — TKO

18. “Coconut cabana / Pineapple banana / Come into my land-a / Listen to my band-a” — Simulated Youth

Coconut Quotes on the Many Uses of Coconut

People use coconuts in many ways, as you’ll see in the following quotes.

19. “Coconut is one of those love-hate ingredients.” — Marcus Samuelsson

20. “Yes, we could solve for why, but we could also eat another slice of coconut cake.” — Sam Lipsyte

21. “I enjoy using coconut oil—not only for my skin and hair, but I’ll digest it.” — Nicole Ari Parker

22. “I’ve tried coconut water straight up before, and to me, it’s a little funky.” — Yvonne Strahovski

23. “I have fruit juices, cucumber juice, and coconut water to cool myself in the hot weather.” — Lara Dutta

24. “I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances out all the other toxic stuff I put into my body.” — Rihanna

25. “I grew up with coconuts as the main flavor in food in Jamaica. It’s part of our culture.” — Ziggy Marley

26. “I’m just taking care of myself: Eating less, exercising more, drinking a lot of coconut water.” — Jennie Garth

27. “I’ll admit that I do quite like drinks that come in coconut shells. So there’s always that.” — Danica McKeller

28. “I happen to love coconut, particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish.” — Marcus Samuelsson

29. “Coconut aminos help give a soy sauce, meaty flavor with a hint of sweetness to all my vegan dishes.” Tabitha Brown

30. “I try to eat healthy all the time. I don’t eat takeaways. And I drink mostly water or coconut water.” — Conor McGregor

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Coconut Quotes Showing How People Feel About Coconuts

People seem to either love or hate coconuts, as shown in the following quotes.

31. “The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk.” — Dustin Hoffman

32. “In the garden of gentle sanity, may you be bombarded by coconuts of wakefulness.” — Chogyam Trungpa

33. “It’s one thing to talk the talk; it’s another thing to walk after getting whacked with a coconut.” — Roddy Piper

34. “My wife is on a new diet; coconut and bananas. She hasn’t lost weight, but can she climb a tree.” — Henny Youngman

35. “My friend has hand soap that smells like coconut. It’s nice, unless your hands are dirty from coconuts.” — Demetri Martin

36. “I loved the smell of coconut oil. And I don’t want to hear any lectures about how bad tanning is for you.” — Charlaine Harris

37. “I drink coconut water before my workouts. It has just the right mount of calories and electrolytes to get me going.” — Jennifer Morrison

38. “How can I tell if I was born hating coconut or developed a hatred of coconut because my father distrusted it as an ingredient?” — Mae Martin

39. “I love making a body scrub with ground-up coffee and coconut oil. It’s really good for circulation, and it smells delicious.” — Lily Aldridge

40. “I don’t really have a beauty routine. I always use coconut oil, and I always wear mascara. That’s kind of it; I’m pretty simple.” — Zoe Kravitz

More Coconut Quotes for Your Enjoyment

Enjoy a few additional quotes talking about all things coconuts.

41. “Her hands were empty now, as empty as her heart, which itself was a coconut shell with its meat scooped out.” — Thirty Umrigar

42. “150 people die every year from being hit by falling coconuts. Not to worry, drug makers are developing a vaccine.” — Jim Carrey

43. “I think I was a mermaid, and I used to swim the shores of Hawaii and used to pop up and see coconuts and pineapples everywhere.” — Ella Henderson

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44. “Love is also like a coconut which is good while it is fresh, but you have to spit it out when the juice is gone; what’s left tastes bitter.” — Bertolt Brecht

45. “I miss that jellied coconut and that / invigorating coconut water, / Oh, how I miss my sweet Barbados, / ‘Yes, this is your lost daughter’” — Charmaine J Forde

46. “Coconut oil has been described as the ‘World’s Healthiest Dietary Oil.’ There is a mountain of historical evidence and medical research to verify this fact.” — Bruce Fife

47. “Be productive like a coconut tree, the tree which has all useful parts right from its fruit, its leaf, and its dried shell too. Make use of every bit of yourself.” — Shivkumar

48. “I think that the heart is a lot like those wonderful fruit, like coconut and mangoes, you know, you have to break the skin, you have to break it open to get to the good part.” — Sual Williams

49. “I am the MacGyver of cooking. If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pigs feet, pine cones, and a woodpecker, I’ll make you a good chicken pot pie.” — Si Robertson

50. “The tantalizing scent transported me to a white, sandy beach lapped by a turquoise sea under a tropical sun. Lime and coconut were the getaway flavors my bakery customers needed in April, tax time.” — Judith Fertig

What Other Things Are Coconuts Known For?

Coconuts are also known to be used by women as bras, as an object to be put into a slingshot, and their husks can even be weaved into husks.

Coconuts are great, but they are also known for “death by coconut” because falling coconuts can injure or even kill people.

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