50 Earring Quotes for the Women Obsessed with Earrings

Finding the best earring quotes isn’t as difficult as you might have thought.

That’s because we have created a list of the best quotes about earrings that are worthy of reading and sharing.

Here, you will also get a chance to learn about evergreen earring designs.  

With so much to offer, this article will be pretty informative.

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Talking about earrings, this piece of accessory is quite popular among women of all ages. 

Fashion and jewelry trends continue to change with each passing year.

However, specific design templates continue to inspire us irrespective of the time or era.  

This is the case with some evergreen earring trends and styles. 

Want to know more, here are some most popular earring trends.

  • Teardrop
  • Studs
  • Hoops
  • Animal Motif 


It is among the fanciest and most elegant designs you have ever seen. 

Teardrop earnings are available in various materials and can be worn with all outfits. 

Designers can also experiment with this design template, which helps to bring desired freshness to the earrings. 


This type of earring style isn’t losing popularity in the coming years.

You can choose between a plethora of materials and colors. 

In addition, stud earrings give a complete and fascinating appearance.


Hoops are among the simplest earring styles yet trendy among women. 

This type of earring is available in a wide range of materials, which helps you choose the perfect piece that goes well with your dress.

The widely used hoop-styled earrings are oversized (gold and silver), but the smaller ones are also popular among teenagers.

Animal Motif

No doubt, animal-themed earrings aren’t going anywhere. 

This style is popular among teens and young women. 

You can choose your favorite animal, like a peacock, dolphin, bunny rabbit, butterfly, kitten, etc. 

Top 10 Earring Quotes

Let’s start with the top 10 earring quotes. You won’t help but share these quotes with friends and family.

1. “Me carrying a briefcase is like a hotdog wearing earrings.” Sparky Anderson

2. “Glasses, earrings, rings, sneakers. I love every little accessory.” — J Balvin

3. “I love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.” Sofia Vergara

4. “If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he’d have made you a girl.” Don Siegelman

5. “I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up.” Lana Turner

6. “I’m not into jewelry. I’ve got some earrings but they’re not too expensive.” Andrew Bogut

7. “Suddenly you’re like a pirate, you’re 65 years old and you’ve got an earring.” Fred Willard

8. “You can put lipstick and earrings on a hog and call it Monique, but it’s still a pig.” Ann Richards

9. “Part of my trademark is my blue sunglasses and cross earrings, which I always have.” Alvin Leung

10. “Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” Jennifer Lopez

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Earring Quotes for Fashion Lovers

These quotes are dedicated to those who love and admire beauty and fashion. 

11. “Did you work for the money to buy those earrings? Or did your Daddy buy those for you?” — Molly Ringwald

12. “I love maxi dresses, I feel so great when I put on a maxi dress, big earrings and sandals.” — Poppy Delevingne

13. “Don’t wear big earrings and a big necklace and a big ring all at the same time. Pick your magic.” Molly Sims

14. “You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”Audrey Hepburn

15. “I’ll have to put more earrings on. I bet that someone could analyze me and tell my condition by my earrings.” — Edie Sedgwick

16. “Earrings are the same as sneezes: Two is okay, but ten in a row is annoying. If you have two then, God bless you.” — Demetri Martin

17. “Statement earrings and statement necklaces each deserve their own moment. I never wear the two together; it looks overdone.” — Ashley Madekwe

18. “I think the accessories look very modern and very exciting. These big earrings, these big hoops. I think the girls are sort of falling in love with… collars, neck collars.” Ralph Lauren

19. “With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style.” — Joan Juliet Buck

20. “Matching your hat to your shoe to your bag, or your necklace to your earrings, has a tendency to look dated. Mixing up your accessories adds interest to an outfit, and can make you look much more modern and polished.” — Stacy London

Earring Quotes for those Who Like Accessories 

Jewelry is something that women can’t live without. Similarly, you won’t forget these amazing earring quotes. 

21. “In Hollywood today, it’s cool for guys to wear nail polish and earrings in their lips and tongues. I don’t get it.” Scott Caan

22. “I would do nearly anything for a laugh, to tell the truth. And I’m a particular favourite with young men with earrings.” Celia Imrie

23. “But I’ll never be one of those women who feel that they always have to wear earrings and aren’t properly dressed without them.” Jennifer Garner

24. “Yes, I’m a small, emaciated teenage girl who struts around fighting vampires in earrings they would rip out of my ears and shove up my * ” Sherrilyn Kenyon

25. “I’m channeling my 14-year-old self. She’s thinking about putting on her big hoop earrings and baggy pants and going to the mall downtown.” Nelly Furtado

26. “I chose the most explosive dress I could find. I put a ton of makeup on and some great round earrings. I looked like Jennifer Jones in Duel in the Sun.” Victoria Abril

27. “You can borrow my two-carat diamond stud earrings,” Aphrodite said. I stopped and looked back at her. “Huh?” She shrugged. “That’s as close to a declaration of love as you’re gonna get from me.” — P. C. Cast

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28. “Coretta Scott King was all about her pearl earrings. At one point, I’m wearing pearl earrings the size of golf balls. They’re enormous! She was bold-she knew that she was the Jackie Kennedy of her community.” Carmen Ejogo

29. “My mother gave me a pair of diamond earrings when I was 13. It symbolised becoming a teenager. I also remember getting a collection of costume jewellery from my grandmother when I was in high school.” Erin Wasson

30. “When we lose people we love, we should never disturb their souls, whether living or dead. Instead. we should find consolation in an object that reminds you of them, something…I don’t know…even an earring.” — Orhan Pamuk

Earring Quotes for Inspiration 

Even if you haven’t tried wearing earrings, these earing quotes will inspire you to wear some. 

31. “It’s no fun getting older. I might be wearing beautiful diamond earrings but they can’t take away the pain of losing my hearing.” Cilla Black

32. “I wore one of my Tanguy earrings and one made by Calder in order to show my impartiality between Surrealist and Abstract Art.” Peggy Guggenheim

33. “I grew up in Dallas, with cowboys. I was the only guy in sixth grade with long hair and an earring. Let’s just say I got a lot of, er, flak for being different.” Barry Watson

34. “I really like to look like a history book. I can look 1940s, I can look 1970s hippie-chic, or sometimes I’ll pull that ’80s Brooklyn hip-hop kid with the door-knocker earrings.” Katy Perry

35. “It is true that in France, women put on less things. If they have a necklace, they don’t put on earrings; if they have nail polish, they don’t put on all their rings and all their bracelets.” Ines de La Fressange

36. “The funny thing is that my husband couldn’t be sweeter. He looks like this bad boy. He’s got tattoos and earrings and a mohawk, but when you talk to him and he’s around you, he’s such a gentleman.” Malin Akerman

37. “I’m never quite sure how far to go with praising young kids because the next thing you will see him probably driving a Mercedes and he’ll have his socks over his knees and four earrings in and a Walt Disney hat.” Paul Lambert

38. “I think my wife saw a picture of the rock group Journey, and they’re kind of aging, and the one guy had dyed blonde hair with black roots, and… my idea was to get a little earring, I wanted to have a dangling earring.” — Fred Willard

39. “A man’s ability to haggle is never a turn-on. The only thing less romantic than how much you paid is how much you saved. The last thing we want to hear is how you talked the jeweler down on our new earrings.” Jennifer Coolidge

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40. “I’m still getting used to changing earrings – It still feels really weird to be pushing bits of metal through holes in my earlobes that weren’t there a few weeks back, and actually seeing and feeling the holes in my lobes is still a bit freaky.” Mischa Barton

Earring Quotes for Every Girl 

These quotes are for you if you are a girl who loves to wear accessories like earrings and necklaces. So, enjoy wearing earrings as well as reading these quotes. 

41. “I am an earring person, so I like wearing just nice big earrings.” Neelam Kothari

42. “I like to wear earrings, but I always have to wear lip gloss or something on my lips.” — Peyton List

43. “As you get older, your tastes get simpler. I like a sleek evening dress with a pair of big earrings. That’s all.” Ivana Trump

44. “My cross earrings are a mini statement; I wear them every day! My whole dream is to be iconic, and the way you dress yourself is so important.” — Sam Smith

45. “I love to use a lot of spices when I cook, so we actually cast a real peppercorn in gold and then just made a bead out of it for necklaces and earrings.” — Padma Lakshmi

46. “Iniesta doesn’t dye his hair, he doesn’t wear earrings and he hasn’t got any tattoos. Maybe that makes him unattractive to the media but he is the best.” Pep Guardiola

47. “A lot of guys do the pretty things. Dunking, tattoos, earrings, sagging jeans. That’s the league now. They have athletic ability, but they don’t know the game.” Charles Oakley

48. “I never wanted to wear skirts or shoes, makeup, nails, dresses, or even wear my hair a certain way. I always wanted to wear sneakers, stud earrings, hair in a ponytail, and play with the boys.” Young M.A

49. “As I get older, I use less jewelry – necklace or earrings each morning, not both; my clothes are getting more basic – fewer colours and simpler cuts; and my make-up is stripped back to basics.” — Tracy Chevalier

50. “Left ear, I wear four earrings. The four is symbolic of the four seasons, spring, winter, summer and fall, the four directions, north, east, south and west, the four gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.” Mr. T

Which of these Earring Quotes is your Favorite? 

The list above consists of various earring quotes that are popular, interesting, and inspiring. 

While going through these quotes, you might have learned how much women love earrings.

On the other hand, you may also notice that some boys love wearing such fashion accessories. 

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