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Is it Possible to Control Emotions? 

Yes, it is possible to control your emotions, as you are the one who is in charge of your feelings and emotional behavior.

However, it would be best if you mastered the art of managing and controlling your emotions.

If we leave our emotions unbridled, this could result in damaging our social and matrimonial life.

To avoid this, you can try many things to gain emotional control. 

Some of these ways are discussed in the section below.

You can manage or control your emotions by following these tips:

  • Relax and take a deep breath
  • Keep your thoughts positive 
  • Explore the elements that trigger your emotions
  • Divert your attention 

Relax and take a deep breath

If you have encountered a situation where you are likely to lose your temper, don’t react immediately.

You need to pause and think about what has happened and how you should react. 

The best way to do it is to take a deep breath, which will help your body and mind relax. 

Keep your thoughts positive 

The first thing that triggers your emotions is that someone has done wrong to you.

This is the negative approach, which proves to be devastating in any relationship.

On the contrary, make sure to stay positive and keep yourself apart from negative thoughts. 

By simply changing your thoughts, you can successfully control your emotions.

Explore the elements that trigger your emotions

This is another essential aspect to consider when thinking about controlling your emotions.

You need to ask yourself how you feel when something bad happens to you.

For this purpose, you can talk to your family members and close friends. 

This allows you to understand what circumstances trigger your negative emotions. 

After understanding and knowing your emotions, you can exercise better control over your reaction to a certain situation. 

Divert your attention 

Diverting your attention is a great way to control your emotions.

Our emotions are powerful but not stronger than our determination. 

We have better control over our emotions by channeling our thoughts.

For instance, you can divert your attention by doing the following things:

  • Going out for a walk
  • Take part in some sort of physical activity
  • Talk to your best friend
  • Watch your favorite movie or TV show 

Top 10 emotional quotes

The moving words of the top 10 quotes in this section are sure to inspire you.

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1. “I’m a very emotional guy.” — Donnie Yen

2. “Music is the emotional life of most people.” Leonard Cohen

3. “I’m an emotional gangster. I cry once every month.” Cardi B

4. “Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.” — James Thurber

5. “I am not a victim of emotional conflicts. I am human.” Marilyn Monroe

6. “Families are about love overcoming emotional torture.” — Matt Groening

7. “Time flies when you’re on an emotional roller coaster.” — Kaitlyn Bristowe

8. “What matters is hard work, and emotional intelligence.” — Mickey Drexler

9. “I am a family person and also very emotional by nature.” — Rashi Khanna

10. “Full, saturated colours have an emotional significance I want to avoid.” — Lucian Freud

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Emotional quotes on emotional intelligence

These emotional quotes about emotional intelligence are worth reading to expand your knowledge and honor those with good emotional management.

11. “By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be convincing as people.” — Ray Kurzweil

12. “Some of the greatest moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence.” Adam Grant

15. “Leadership is all about emotional intelligence. Management is taught, while leadership is experienced.” — Rajeev Suri

13. “You need emotional intelligence; to be happy to take risks; to be competitive and to look forward not backward.” — Deborah Meaden

14. “Empathy and social skills are social intelligence, the interpersonal part of emotional intelligence. That’s why they look alike.”Daniel Goleman

16. “Teach your kids emotional intelligence. Help them become more evolved than you are. Explain that, for instance, not everyone will like them.” — Pamela Druckerman

17. “In most job interviews, people say they are looking for people skills and emotional intelligence. That’s reasonable, but the question is, how do you define what that looks like?” — Susan Cain

18. “Having emotional intelligence allows you to manage your emotions, show empathy, and prevent you from getting distracted. It also helps you solve problems and be a more likable person.” — John Rampton

19. “I think for leadership positions, emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence. People with emotional intelligence usually have a lot of cognitive intelligence, but that’s not always true the other way around.” — John Mackey

20. “People who fail to use their emotional intelligence skills are more likely to turn to other, less effective means of managing their mood. They are twice as likely to experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even thoughts of suicide.” — Travis Bradberry

Thought-provoking emotional quotes

To satisfy your quest to learn, here we have compiled a list of the most insightful and significant emotional quotes.

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21. “Music, I feel, must be emotional first and intellectual second.” — Maurice Ravel

22. “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth – both financial affluence and emotional security.” — Suze Orman

23. “Dance music is an emotional journey. It’s how well you can make people feel something that they haven’t felt.” — Steve Aoki

24. “The more emotional distractions you have the harder it is to accomplish your goals – especially at the extreme levels!” — Dan Pena

25. “Writing is such a weird emotional thing. It’s hard. If you sit down with a plan to write something, it’s going to be harder.” — Lauren Miller

26. “When you really listen to another person from their point of view and reflect back to them that understanding, it’s like giving them emotional oxygen.” Stephen Covey

27. “That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.” Albert Einstein

28. “Health is relative. There is no such thing as an absolute state of health or sickness. Everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional condition is a combination of both.” — Theodore Isaac Rubin

29. “Painful as it may be, a significant emotional event can be the catalyst for choosing a direction that serves us – and those around us – more effectively. Look for the learning.” Louisa May Alcott

30. “Emotional well-being is more than the absence of a mental illness. It’s that resource within each of us which allows us to reach ever closer to our full potential, and which also enables us to be resilient in the face of adversity.” — Vivek Murthy

Emotional quotes about life

The emotions in life and emotional quotes are equally fascinating. Hope you’ll enjoy reading the emotional quotes on life given below.

31. “Never build your emotional life on the weaknesses of others.” George Santayana

32. “Your emotional life is not written in cement during childhood. You write each chapter as you go along.” — Harry Stack Sullivan

33. “The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.” — Julius Erving

34. “I will perform My Heart Will Go On for the rest of my life and it will always remain a very emotional experience for me.” — Celine Dion

35. “I’m giving life lessons and tips on how to take care of your emotional heart because heart disease is the number-one killer in America.” — Leeza Gibbons

36. “Poetry is what we turn to in the most emotional moments of our life – when a beloved friend dies, when a baby is born or when we fall in love.” — Erica Jong

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37. “Sometimes a script comes along that really makes you sit up and pay attention… ‘Life at These Speeds’ has an emotional intensity that really kicked me in the guts.” — Douglas Booth

38. “I do think I have the ability to record sensual and emotional facts and factoids, to construct a convincing surface of what life feels like, both physical life and emotional life.” Anne Carson

39. “If war occurs, that positive adult contact in every shape is needed more than ever. It will be a matter of emotional life and death. There’s not a handy one-minute way of talking to your kid about war.” — Richard Louv

40. “Everything has a purpose or premise. Every second of our life has its own premise, whether or not we are conscious of it at the time. That premise may be as simple as breathing or as complex as a vital emotional decision, but it is always there.” — Lajos Egri

Unforgettable emotional quotes

Take pleasure in reading these emotional quotes, which are short enough to memorize and mention in the relevant situations.

41. “Acting is a total physical, emotional sensation.” — Armand Assante

42. “No one writes about the emotional things you go through.” — Jimmy Chamberlin

43. “Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.” — Peter De Vries

44. “There is always an emotional element to anything that you make.” — Oscar De La Renta

45. “As a viewer, my own work elicits a strong emotional reaction from me.” — Jim Hodges

46. “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” Zig Ziglar

47. “I’m quite an emotional person… I ain’t just this Northern brat all the time.”Yungblud

48. “The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.” — Daniel Goleman

49. “I’m not that interested in recreating reality. I’m interested in recreating an emotional truth.” — Guillermo del Toro

50. “You have to follow every melodic line, every emotional idea, or you don’t get your money’s worth.” — Kristin Hersh

Which of these emotional quotes is your favorite? 

The quotes above are a great way to understand emotions and how they can influence our lives.

You can also better understand how powerful human emotions can be. 

We have divided our emotional quotes into sections to make it easy for you to read and enjoy your favorite.

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