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In addition to the quotes, we have also discussed the necessary items you need while doing your eyebrows.

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Tools you need when doing your eyebrows

If you want your eyebrows to look amazing, make sure to have all the necessary tools. 

This is essential for the proper grooming of your eyebrows. 

Here is the list of must-have accessories for your eyebrows. 

  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Brow Powder
  • Highlighter


Tweezers are used for shaping your eyebrows and removing the tiny hairs that are hard to remove. 

You can use tweezers irrespective of the type of your eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Brush 

When choosing an eyebrow brush, you can choose an angled one. 

This will help you to do your eyebrows in a precise way. 

You can use this brush in two ways, as it also has a spoolie brush for grooming and blending.

Eyebrow Pencil

These pencils are also referred to as precision pencils. 

You can easily draw eyebrows and fill them with an eyebrow pencil. 

With this tool, you can create perfect and natural-looking eyebrows.

Brow Powder 

Try to find a comfortable brow powder. 

There are two basic types of eyebrow powder: soft natural finish and multi-perfection. 

Sometimes, you can also use pomade or gel to prevent rashes or bruises.


This is the essential tool used for doing eyebrows. 

It helps to enhance the overall look and shape of the eyebrows. 

You need to glide a highlighter on the eyebrow lines. 

When choosing a highlighter, try to find a brand that blends easily.

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Top 10 eyebrow quotes

These are the best eyebrow quotes you will love to read and share. 

1. “I think eyebrow gel is genius.” — Suki Waterhouse

2. “No one is born with a perfect eyebrow.” — Linda Evangelista

3. “Left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised.” — Mary Kay Ash

4. “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” — Jack Black

5. “If you don’t have eyebrows, you don’t really have a face.” — Saoirse Ronan

6. “There’s nothing wrong with a thick eyebrow; Frida Kahlo had them.” — Paloma Faith

7. “I am too old for an eyebrow piercing but too young for an eyebrow lift.” — Max Cannon

8. “Bowie would show up with one eyebrow, so we all shaved our eyebrows.” — Bebe Buell

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9. “This tragic brow, these closed eyes, eyebrows raised and knotted.” — Frederick Leboyer

10. “I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows.” — Janette Barber

Eyebrow quotes from showbiz stars 

Some famous eyebrow quotes are associated with showbiz personalities. A few such quotes are listed below. 

11. “Michael C. Hall is an incredibly detailed actor who can convey so much with just an eyebrow.” — Jimmy Smits

12. “I’m getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know.” — Angelina Jolie

13. “I think an eyebrow can change the way you feel. It changes everything about your confidence.” — Anastasia Soare

14. “I can do a lot in 30 seconds. With Tattoo Liner I can do eyeliner, eyebrow, and, if I want to get creative, a lip look, too.” — Kat Von D

15. “For events, I do use make-up, but normally I don’t. I might use a bit of eyebrow pencil and lipstick but nothing else.” — Alicia Vikander 

16. “Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.” — Kevyn Aucoin

17. “My acting range has always been something between the two extremes of ‘raises left eyebrow’ and ‘raises right eyebrow.” — Roger Moore

18. “When I was a teenager, I was fat. I was shy. I wore glasses. I had a big eyebrow and hair all over my body. They were years of torture.” — Gloria Estefan

19. “I’ll be honest: I naturally have a pretty good eyebrow shape. I always have. I would get made fun of when I was younger because they were so thick.” — Jessie James Decker

20. “People always make fun of my eyebrows and think that I shape them this way! But if you see a picture of me from when I was two years old, I have the same exact eyebrow shape.” — Gigi Hadid

Eyebrow quotes to engage your attention

The eyebrow quotes provided below are attention grabbers. 

21. “I would say an eyebrow pencil – a brush and pencil, I cannot leave home without that.” — Rachel Lindsay

22. “The eyebrow pencil and false eyelashes were essential; my mother didn’t feel dressed without them.” — Lorna Luft

23. “I see guys with, like, eyebrow art, and I wanna tell them, ‘You don’t have to go too crazy on your brows. Take it easy, man!’.” — Ryan Reynolds

24. “When I was a kid, I was at a bowling alley and I ran into a soda machine. I still have the scar on my right eyebrow obviously.” — Luke Perry

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25. “It’s crazy because I have a scar on my right eyebrow, but people who don’t know me very well think that I just intentionally shave that part of it.” — Charlie Puth

26. “What if someone created some sort of eyebrow pencil that was revolutionary and that was made specifically to help eyebrows look more realistic.” — Michelle Phan

27. “I don’t think thin brows will make a comeback; women have finally seen how much more beautiful their look can be with a properly shaped eyebrow.” — Anastasia Soare

28. “I have become a bit obsessed with eyebrows. I used to never have any, and then I realized big eyebrows are good, and now I’m an eyebrow fiend. Everyone comes to me to get their eyebrows done.” — Jessie J

29. “There is better than a good chance that while relaxing on a beach somewhere or sipping a martini in your favorite lounge, you have heard music that makes raise your eyebrow and ask, What kind of music is that.” — Om Malik

30. “What we don’t realize when we watch a normal film is how many times someone has run in just before a shot quickly to wipe away that sweaty moustache. You never see a normal spot, a bag under the eye or an unplucked eyebrow, because that’s not how Hollywood works.” — Florence Pugh

Simply impressive eyebrow quotes

These eyebrow quotes are on another level. You would be simply amazed while reading the quotes below.

31. “Eyebrows are the anchor point for the rest of the face.” — Unknown

32. “Relationships, like eyebrows, are better when there is space between them.” — Demetri Martin

33. “My eyebrows make a more profound impact on [other] people than they do on me… I just let ‘em grow.” — Peter Gallagher

34. “When I’m filming a documentary, I feel like I should be the straight man, watching with a raised eyebrow.” — Jon Richardson

35. “Hair on the eyebrow droops because of aging, so a groomed eyebrow on a man opens the eye and makes him look younger.” — Anastasia Soare

36. “I never let anyone pluck, including myself, unless my mom approves. She guards my eyebrows. She’s like the eyebrow police.” — Isabelle Fuhrman

37. “I wanted to be the Six Million Dollar Man as a child. I learned how to raise each eyebrow independently, just like Lee Majors.” — Jason Winston George

38. “I’m obsessed with brows, so Revlon’s ColorStay Eyebrow Liner is a must, and the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous is another obsession.” — Zoe Foster Blake

39. “When I was 14, I couldn’t be bothered to tweeze my eyebrows, so I would shave them in between. One time, my hand slipped, and I had half an eyebrow.” — Suki Waterhouse

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40. “Living in a small Italian hilltown, and having lived in a small town in south Georgia, I understand that you can recognize a family gene pool by the lift of an eyebrow, or the length of a neck, or a way of walking.” — Frances Mayes

Other inspirational eyebrow quotes

If you haven’t found the best eyebrow quotes that you were looking for, check out the ones below.

41. “I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows.” — Andy Warhol

42. “The raising of an eyebrow, how you do it; when you look, how you look. All those little things are physical.” — Chevy Chase

43. “When I’m a little bit upset, my eyebrow goes up, and that is a trait that my beautiful mother passed down to me.” — Selenis Leyva

44. “I love my brows, but I have to fill them in to look a certain way. And with the eyebrow tint, I don’t have to fill them in as much.” — Karrueche Tran

45. “I can slip a punch, not by three inches, but by a centimetre. Just have it brush past me. And raise an eyebrow at the same time.” — Chris Eubank Sr

46. “The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.” — Frank Zappa

47. “Cara Delevingne and I took an eyebrow selfie. We both have prominent eyebrows, but hers are much better than mine. Maybe we should do a swap.” — Will Poulter

48. “Trimming is tricky. If you trim the eyebrow too much, you ruin the arch. Eyebrow hair has a curl and when you brush and cut it, it’s easy to snip it too short.” — Anastasia Soare

49. “A handy pair of tweezers go a long way. You never know when you’e going to have to pluck out a few of those eyebrow hairs. Keep the tweezers in the purse.” — Sufe Bradshaw

50. “Eyebrows are really important because they structure the face. In school it was funny because I was always the one walking around with tweezers plucking my girlfriends’ eyebrows.” — Rita Ora

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