Holistic Health: The Healing Power Of Astrology

Some people scoff when they see or read phrases regarding holistic health, such as the healing power of astrology. 

When the word astrology comes up, most people do not immediately associate it with their health. 

A wise man once said, “The horoscope is the music of the soul projected into the body. It is a graphic representation of the forces that vitalize and maintain your body.” 

Perhaps it is time to redefine our understanding of the connection between astrology and health

Rethinking our assumptions about the healing power of astrology 

In the West, we live in a world where medical doctors are medical doctors and astrologists are astrologists. 

Neither could step into the shoes of the other and be taken seriously.

But what if there was a place in the middle:

A spot where astrology’s wisdom was supported by the practices and technology of modern medicine?

If you consider your health holistically, astrology offers many different approaches that can assist in:

  • Healing 
  • Recovery
  • Increased Health 

The benefits of medical astrology as an aspect of holistic health

Throughout human history, medical practitioners and astrologists have been synonymous with one another. 

Many older cultures put less emphasis on the separation of knowledge. 

While each field had specialists, they borrowed from one another in the past and used each other’s knowledge sets to form diagnoses. 

The traditional model of medical astrology connects the body to the signs and planets.

It also uses natural elements such as herbs, gems, or crystals to assist with energy movement. 

There are many correlations between modern anatomy, physiology, and astrological symbolism. 

Today, scientists and spiritualists are finding new bridges connecting psychology, astrology, and medicine. 

The healing power of astrology and your overall wellness

There are many advantageous ways to approach your health and astrology.

Astrology assists medicine by offering the opportunity for tailor-made ways of improving health and well-being. 

Astrology is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can serve to augment the power treatment can offer. 

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It can assist in stringing together your spiritual, mental, and physical health (3 of the pillars of holistic health) and reveal archetypal ideas and connections. 

The power of natal charts

All of our lives have meaning, but we do not all share the same experience. 

Each of us experiences different themes in life. 

We better understand our life’s mission when we know our life’s themes. 

Astrology can assist by helping to make sense of certain themes in our lives. 

It can help us get in tune to uncover traumas or hidden belief systems that might be holding us back. 

An old astrology saying suggests, “If it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart.” 

Natal charts, or birth charts, utilize the time, date, place, and planetary locations within our solar system to pinpoint how the sky looked when you were born.

I like to think of natal charts as snapshots of the universe from the moment you were born.

For many, becoming aware of these themes, connections, and symbols brings clarity and deeper appreciation. 

Astrology and your mental health:

With respect to mental health, astrology offers tools to identify strengths and weaknesses.

By having a deeper understanding of our gifts and shortcomings, we better understand our destiny in life. 

Little by little, astrology is becoming more accepted as a functional means to assist in mental health.

Western medicine does not focus on maintaining mental health; it usually focuses on mental health crises or emergencies. 

Mental health emergency assistance is useful in many situations.

However, that differs from the everyday type of help a person needs in their daily routine

An understanding of your astrological connections allows you to do the maintenance to keep a healthy mental state. 

When I was a child, people did not really talk about their mental health. 

As we continue to progress as a species, we are opening up to the idea that our overall well-being is multidimensional. 

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We get to live our truth when we know who we are. 

Understanding our energetic connections allows us to make sense of aspects of our personality or other tendencies we may naturally incline to. 

Astrology can aid us in making sense of the connections in themes in life directly tied to our mental well-being. 

Astrology and your physical health:

You may not realize it, but your body wants to be healthy. 

Your body is working as hard as it can to achieve perfect health. 

It might not seem that way to you, but you could take your body’s efforts for granted. 

As stated earlier, astrology is not a substitute for medical care; understanding your connection to an astrological sign will not fix your broken leg. 

However, there are other ways it can assist your physical health.

The body is intelligent. 

Your body completes multiple complex tasks every moment of the day. 

An example is your digestive system, which works hard to take energy from your food and remove the waste you cannot use. 

It is a good thing your digestive system is an automatic response from your body.

Your digestive system is so complex that if it did not work automatically and you had to tell your organs to assist you consciously, it would take all of your capacity.

You would not be able to hold a pencil or complete the simplest task without thinking about digestion. 

Redefining your health holistically

Astrology can assist your body in its goal to always strive toward better health. 

Wisdom regarding our body, health concerns, and their connection to astrology can help us redefine certain experiences. 

Symptoms are usually what bother people. 

You don’t have a problem with the cold you got; you have a problem with the symptoms. 

If the cold or flu entered your body and you did not feel it, it would not make a difference to you. 

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The body constantly works to remove anything that does not promote health.

Your symptoms are a result of your body working to solve a problem. 

When you are ill, you might think to yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” 

Astrology can help us make sense of health concerns or sickness.

Astrology allows us to approach symptoms from a multidimensional perspective.

Such perspectives allow us to experience the physical discomfort of symptoms while paradoxically finding comfort in the healing process. 

Some illnesses can even serve as initiations or gateways to a higher quality of life if we allow them to. 

Astrology and your spiritual health:

We can only do something about a problem once we have identified it. 

Spirituality is an awareness that you are a soul. 

Your soul is the indestructible you, the divine energy that keeps your heart beating and supplies your body with its personality.

Astrology is designed to put you in tune with your spiritual side or soul. 

A mind and heart that are not at peace result in a physical body riddled with a lack of peace or dis-ease. 

Physical symptoms and bodily signs are often seen as communications from the soul.

These communications are spoken to us in riddles and must be deciphered. 

Astrology offers many tools to help decipher these messages. 

Explore the healing power of astrology as part of holistic health

Paying close attention to our physical health keeps us connected to our spiritual health. 

When we unlock the messages in the symptoms, we get closer to the messages our spirit sends us. 

The body is the nexus point where the spirit physically manifests. 

Astrology supplies us with tools to support our inner and outer worlds. 

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