25 Millie Bobby Brown Quotes From The Rising Actress

Catch up with a childhood actress growing up quickly with our Millie Bobby Brown quotes. 

Mille Bobby Brown took the world by storm playing Eleven on the Netflix smash, Stranger Things

Since then, she has starred in films and other series.

Learn more about this talented actress with our Millie Bobby Brown quotes. 

Who is Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown is an English actress.

She was featured as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people by Time Magazine in 2018. 

She is the youngest person appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Millie Bobby Brown has starred in the following:

  • Enola Holmes 
  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Brown started her career in an Alice and Wonderland remake. 

She also appeared in Intruders, NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy

Was Millie Bobby Brown named after Bobby Brown?

It is common for people to name their children after figures who influenced them. 

Many have wondered if Millie Bobby Brown was named after R&B singer Bobby Brown?

People like to make connections, so it doesn’t matter that Bobby Brown is 54 and Millie is 19.

It doesn’t matter to fans that Bobby Brown is from America and Millie grew up in England.

Fans like to make connections. 

So what is the verdict? 

Was she named after the New Edition frontman?

So many people wanted to know that Millie answered this question.

Fans were disappointed with her answer.

She responded, “No, I wasn’t. I was named after myself, Millie.”

She added that her “first name, Bobby,” came “from my father, his name’s Bobby, and my last name goes way back.”

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The sky is the limit

Millie has a strong connection with her family to help keep her head on her shoulders.

She is a pet enthusiast who is working with several brands to promote animal care and awareness. 

To learn more, check out our Mille Bobby Brown quotes below. 

Short Millie Bobby Brown quotes about dealing with challenges

It must be difficult to be young and in the spotlight. 

1. “It can be very challenging as I’m working and doing what I love.” — Millie Bobby Brown

2. “Having lots of people watch and criticize that can be overwhelming.” — Millie Bobby Brown

3. “I’m still finding myself.” — Millie Bobby Brown

4. “Experience helped me to not be afraid.” — Millie Bobby Brown

5. “I’ve grown up in the public eye and, at times.” — Millie Bobby Brown

Famous Millie Bobby Brown quotes about hard work

Here, Brown opens up about her perceptions of work and career. 

6. “At the end of the day, I say if I’m doing my best, it’s all I can give you.” — Millie Bobby Brown

7. “I’m still learning a bit about that.” — Millie Bobby Brown

8. “If you can’t take it, then that’s your problem.” — Millie Bobby Brown

9. “As long as I give my best, and I know I’m centered.” — Millie Bobby Brown

10. “If I know what I’m doing, then that’s all that matters.” — Millie Bobby Brown

The top Millie Bobby Brown quotes about confidence

In her profession, confidence is critical. 

11. “A lot of people have more to say about me. There’s a lot of good and bad.” — Millie Bobby Brown

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12. “But recently, at 15, I started having bad panic attacks and anxiety, and I struggled with it and still do.” — Millie Bobby Brown

13. “When I was ten and in the industry, I was very confident and didn’t care what people would say about me.” — Millie Bobby Brown

14. “It’s getting better. I’m working on it.” — Millie Bobby Brown

15. “I’m not as carefree as I was at age 10.” — Millie Bobby Brown

The best Millie Bobby Brown quotes about privacy

Maintaining privacy as an actress takes discipline

16. “I struggle with anxiety, and in some ways, this has hindered fame.” — Millie Bobby Brown

17. “When people say, ‘Oh, you looked bad at this award show, those things make me a little bit more anxious, and that hinders me a little bit more.” — Millie Bobby Brown

18. “I keep most things private in my life.” — Millie Bobby Brown

19. “I’m putting myself first in every situation.” — Millie Bobby Brown

20. “But this experience changed my perspective.” — Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown quotes and sayings about turning 18

Brown explains how excited she is to transition into adulthood

21. “I’ve always stayed away from bolder looks because I’m quite young.” — Millie Bobby Brown

22. “I’m excited to be bolder in the projects I choose and in my personal life, too.” — Millie Bobby Brown

23. “But as I turn 18, I’m looking forward to wearing a statement lip and bolder beauty looks.” — Millie Bobby Brown

24. “I’m really excited about this year and what it has to offer beauty brand Florence and myself.” — Millie Bobby Brown

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25. “I’m really excited to experiment with red lipstick.” — Millie Bobby Brown

What is your favorite Mille Bobby Brown quote?

For someone so young, Brown has much to say and the courage to let her voice be heard.

What is your favorite quote from the Stranger Things star?

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