Mind-Blowing Questions That Make You Think Differently

Discover some mind-blowing questions that will make you rethink who you are and where you are going!

When I was in fifth grade, the teacher asked the class, “What is the largest number?”.

We each grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and toiled away at our best guess.

One by one, we raced to the teacher’s desk and showed her various numbers with long strings of zeroes or nines.

One by one, we returned to our desks, puzzled as to what that elusive number might be.

Finally, the teacher asked, “What is your number plus one?

Or plus two?

Or plus one hundred?”.

And at that moment, I grasped the concept of infinity.

It was mind-blowing to a ten-year-old.

Mathematics would never be the same.

That happens when intriguing, mind-blowing questions get asked. They often lead to mind-blowing answers that forever change how you view things.

Below are seven mind-blowing questions that might make you rethink your life if you take the time to give a thoughtful answer.

Remember that while the questions themselves might seem fairly ordinary at first glance, what you do with the questions might have a life-changing impact!

Mind-Blowing Question #1: Where do your thoughts originate?

If you said “my brain,” think again.

It may not be that simple.

Science has yet to explain how physical materials—brain cells and neurotransmitters—bring about the non-physical result we call “thought.”

Plus, how do we explain phenomena such as telepathy or premonitions, where minds communicate with one another when there is no physical connection to allow it?

Some experts postulate that consciousness exists outside the brain and that the brain operates more as a filter.

Our minds are not “local” to our brain but “non-local.”

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We simply download it from a place outside of ourselves.

If you believe that your spirit lives on after your body dies, you acknowledge that your consciousness does not originate in your brain.

Many writers of songs or books cannot fully explain how they created a certain melody or beautiful turn of phrase.

“It just came to me!” they would say.

If you consider the idea that your thoughts can come from a source outside of you, does that inspire you or frighten you?

#2: If you lost everything important to you—money, relationships, health, etc.,—what could sustain you?

If you live long enough or love hard enough, you will eventually lose something or someone who means the world to you.

Then what?

How strongly do you embrace faith, hope, gratitude, beauty, and love to still discover a meaningful life after a great loss?

Believe it or not, cultivating such virtues now can give you strength in times of great need.

Mind-Blowing Question #3: Where do you have peace of mind in your life?

The less at peace you are, the more stressed and unhappy you will be.

The mistake people make is assuming that peace of mind can only occur when all is well.

Or when one’s troubles are resolved and the future is completely bright.

But how often does that happen?

When you can learn to:

  • Find beauty in the beautiful
  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Follow the light instead of the shadow
  • Discover the hope within the despair
  • Trust in the belief that you can always change your life for the better

…your inner peace will blossom.

#4: What if you believed you exist for a Divine purpose?

Even if you don’t believe that at all, what if you believed that?

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What difference might that make in your actions, your attitudes, and your choices?

If you answer these mind-blowing questions, what does that tell you about the course your life is on right now?

The search for that purpose may be unknown to you.

If so, examine your passions—that which truly excites and fulfills you—for your Divine purpose may have something to do with those yearnings.

Notice when “random” events or “coincidences” occurred that pointed you in directions you might not otherwise have taken.

Those are clues to your Divine purpose.

#5: What do you wish people understood about you that they don’t understand now?

The answer to this question might reveal why you have problems in certain relationships or why you feel lonely or misunderstood.

It might be a clue that you haven’t made it clear to others what you need them to understand.

Perhaps it shows something about yourself that you are afraid of revealing.

It might even be an aspect of yourself that even you don’t fully understand or appreciate.

If others understood that aspect of who you are, then what difference might it make in your relationships, happiness, goals, or sense of fulfillment? 

#6: What if you were certain that every thought, feeling, or action of yours had a timeless ripple effect?

The truth is your thoughts and deeds do have a ripple effect.

If you took that into consideration, much more than you now do, how would that change your decisions and actions?

If you believed that even simple actions, such as how you treat the cashier at your favorite coffee shop, would have a ripple effect that affected dozens of other people—loved ones and strangers—what effect would you want that to have?

In every interaction you make, YOU have the power to open another person’s spirit or close it. Be mindful.

Mind-Blowing Question #7: Can you peacefully co-exist with uncertainty?

If you can’t relax unless you know what an outcome will be before it happens, if you must always have fallback plans to ensure that nothing can go wrong—then you will rarely have calm moments.

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You might also be unknowingly driving people around you crazy.

Uncertainty is a huge part of everyday life and is impossible to eradicate.

Examine the most important things that happened in your life—good and bad—you will realize they were unexpected.

You may be happily married, but the day before you met your spouse, you may never have known they existed.

The same is true with your best friends.

Who your parents were, where you grew up, who your teachers were—meeting them was all unplanned by you.

When you can embrace uncertainty as a friend and not fear it, you can quiet your mind and have access to inner guidance or insights you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed when your mind is full of chatter and scary “what ifs?”

Which Mind-Blowing Question is Your Favorite?

If any of these mind-blowing questions made you rethink who you are and where you are going, then you are on track to make some truly amazing changes in your life.

So the next question is: What’s your next step?

Tell us in the comment section!

Also, tell us your favorite mind-blowing question from above or if you would add anything to this list.

We would love to hear from you!

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  1. abdhalah rashriz

    August 24, 2019 at 5:27 AM

    when do u have a peace of mind?it isn’t when u have all things going well

  2. Jamie Smartkins

    February 1, 2019 at 6:41 AM

    Wonder article on mind blowing questions. I liked the fourth point – everyone of us are born with divine purpose. The only problem is that we don’t see it. We are so busy in our daily workaholic lives, we neglect our true self. I definitely believe one identifies his/her true divine purpose in course of time. Thanks for the article.

  3. meshack

    October 8, 2018 at 4:14 AM

    To achieve a peace of mind,recognize if you’re judging yourself in your head with phrases like “I should have” or “I shouldn’t have.” Replace those thoughts with, “I do the best I can, my best is good enough, and I’m learning and growing every day.

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