25 Ronnie Radke Quotes About Life and Change

Get your jam on with our Ronnie Radke quotes. 

Ronnie Radke has been building a career as a multi-talented musician whose appeal crosses several genres. 

Find out why hardcore rock, hip hop, and pop fans enjoy his music with our Ronnie Radke quotes below. 

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Who is Ronnie Radke?

Ronnie Radke is an American musician who is known as the lead singer of the rock band Falling in Reverse

He is also known for his work as the former lead singer of the band Escape the Fate. 

Check out these Ronnie Radke facts below:

  • Radke is Portuguese American.
  • He was involved in a shooting and spent several years in prison. 
  • Radke has worked hard to turn his life around, leaving drug addiction and violence behind. 

Why did Ronnie Radke go to prison?

Radke’s situation is a reminder of how poor choices can lead to irreversible consequences. 

In 2006, Radke was twenty-two years old.

On May 6, he went to fight another man near Shadow Ridge High School. 

Both parties brought their friends and support to the fight. 

During the fight, one of Radke’s friends shot a member of the other group, resulting in his death. 

The shooter was not charged because the district attorney declined to prosecute on the grounds of self-defense. 

Radke pleaded guilty to battery and owning brass knuckles, which are illegal in Nevada. 

The court ordered him to pay $92,372 in restitution to the victim’s mother. 

Radke violated his probation.

Then he received a two and half year prison sentence. 

Why was Ronnie Radke kicked out of the band?

Radke has been a part of many different musical acts. 

He has been making music for a long time and has joined various bands. 

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However, fans know well the story of how he was kicked out of the band Escape the Fate. 

His bandmates felt his prison sentence and parole violation were too much for them to see eye to eye about. 

Radke moved on and started a new band, Falling in Reverse. 

Both sides have expressed harsh words about the split. 

To learn more, check out our Ronnie Radke quotes below. 

Short Ronnie Radke quotes about living a clean life 

We start with some short and sweet Ronnie Radke quotes about sobriety and good food. 

1. “It’s a dry bus. No one is allowed to bring drinks on the bus.” — Ronnie Radke 

2. “I woke up one day, and for some reason, all the hate and anger was gone.” — Ronnie Radke 

3. “I stick to myself now on tours. I don’t go out party, drink, smoke, do drugs.” — Ronnie Radke 

4. “I think sober is the new black. That’s the cool thing now. I’m trying to make it the cool thing.” — Ronnie Radke 

5. “By the way, the food in prison was disgusting. Like, baked beans every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” — Ronnie Radke 

The top Ronnie Radke quotes about family values 

Radke does his best to stay grounded; these quotes remind us how. 

6. “I’m not disrespectful. I try to be polite.” — Ronnie Radke 

7. “I’m not Mr. Goody-Good or anything, but I’m not stupid.” — Ronnie Radke 

8. “My dad raised me on metal, but my first serious love was hip-hop.” — Ronnie Radke 

9. “It’s better to have a voice without alcohol in my system from the night before.” — Ronnie Radke 

10. “I don’t think many people get second chances when it comes to the music scene.” — Ronnie Radke 

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The best Ronnie Radke quotes about music and avoiding drugs

Ronnie Radke encourages all of his fans to avoid abusing drugs or alcohol. 

11. “Drugs are not the answer because you have to remain focused.” — Ronnie Radke  

12. “There is a lot to be had within music, but you have to stay focused.” — Ronnie Radke 

13. “Stay away from those who would hang around you and drink and do drugs.” — Ronnie Radke 

14. “I feel the world is over-saturated with products, and it isn’t about what you’re wearing as much as it is about what message you are trying to convey.” — Ronnie Radke 

15. “You can’t take a singer out of a band that’s already established and put another singer in and dress him up the exact same way and try to pull the veil over these fans’ eyes.” — Ronnie Radke 

Ronnie Radke quotes and sayings about back in the day

Radke is a nostalgic kind of guy, and here are some of his memorable quotes about the good old days. 

16. “I want to be self-made and leave a mark.” — Ronnie Radke 

17. “I’ve always been into fashion and obscure articles of clothing.” — Ronnie Radke 

18. “I was crazy. And I was too much of a diva. I’m glad I’m not like that anymore.” — Ronnie Radke 

19. “Back in the day, I don’t think record labels were looking at Las Vegas too much for new acts, until the Killers came out.” — Ronnie Radke 

20. “It’s the story of a hero that’s been falsely accused and torn down by society. It shows what happens when you get pushed too far.” — Ronnie Radke 

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Famous quotes from Radkieabout staying on the straight and narrow path

Radke is a proponent of staying out of trouble and living clean. 

21. “I don’t ever want to go back to prison.” — Ronnie Radke

22. “I’m very confident. I did not go off the deep end; it just improved.” — Ronnie Radke 

23. “It feels really good when you get offstage and feel like the audience gave everything they have.” — Ronnie Radke 

24. “I just feel that I need to set my kid’s future as best as I can and my family’s future and my friends’ future as well.” — Ronnie Radke 

25. “I am a huge fan of a lot of artists and actors, although I don’t feel it is necessary to put it on them to help sell the brand. It would be an honor if anyone were to wear it, celebrity or not.” — Ronnie Radke 

What is Ronnie Radke’s clothing line?

Radke has been a fashion fan for a long time. 

He has always deeply appreciated the fashion and trends that come out of hip-hop and rock culture. 

Recently, he started a clothing line that blends the lines of rock and rap. 

He notes, “I’ve got a line called Head’s Up that’s streetwear slash rock wear, rock, and roll.”

Radke says his line is unique because it is a “Kind of a little blend of a line within a line that’s very high fashion.”

Radke knows building a brand takes hard work.

He stresses the importance of living driven. 

He adds, “This first set of Hoods Up includes beanies, shorts, shirts, leggings, sweaters, and duffel bags; that is only the first tier of what we are planning.”

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