50 Sexuality Quotes Celebrating Your Unique Form Of Intimacy

Get in tune with your intimacy with our sexuality quotes. 

Sexuality is a diverse spectrum, and our sexuality quotes provide insight and context to one of the most critical aspects of the self. 

What is sexuality?

Sexuality is diverse and nuanced. 

Sexuality is based on your sexual behaviors, attractions, and feelings. 

Who you have sex with and how you have sex do not necessarily define your sexuality. 

Your sexuality is composed of feelings that apply to how you feel about yourself and others. 

You can find a person sexually attractive for various reasons, some of which are physical, emotional, or spiritual. 

Everyone has a unique way they engage their sexuality. 

Check out these astonishing facts about sexuality below:

  • Sexuality is diverse. 
  • It can take a person time to figure out their sexuality. 
  • How you identify with your sexuality may change over time. 

Your sexuality is as unique as your fingerprint 

Each human has a unique fingerprint, heartbeat, and sexuality. 

There are sexual archetypes that people identify with, but everyone’s sexuality is unique to them. 

For many, coming to terms with their sexuality is a liberating experience. 

Closeminded perspectives can make it difficult for some to come to terms with their sexuality, but this can be an exciting and positive experience for many. 

By nature, humans are sexual beings. 

It is wired in our DNA to explore sexuality, just like it is wired to reproduce ourselves. 

There is no right or wrong way to pursue this awareness of the self. 

Just like many other life experiences, sometimes you have to experience what you do not prefer to know what it is you do want. 

Some have difficulty accepting others who are different, but this is true in every aspect of life and not unique to sexuality. 

Sexuality is personal, and over eight billion people are on the planet.

That means there will be many ways sexuality manifests itself in the human collective. 

What are the types of sexuality?

This question is difficult to answer in any broad generalization. 

There are countless ways in which people identify with the sexuality spectrum. 

Some of the most common types of sexuality are Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, and Asexual. 

In no way, shape or form do these represent all of the forms of sexuality people identify with, but these are common placeholders that people use. 

Some people are drawn to men, some to women, and some to neither. 

There is no “right” way for attraction to bring people together. 

There are common terms for people to use to categorize or identify with, but everyone is free to adopt the label that works for them. 

For more awesome content and sexuality quotes, check out our selections below.

Short sexuality quotes about exploring all aspects of who you are

These sexuality quotes are short, sweet, and to the point. 

1. “Sexuality is the lyricism of the masses.” — Charles Baudelaire 

2. “Sexuality is one of the biggest parts of who we are.” — Carla Gugino 

3. “I have beauty, intelligence, individuality, sensuality, and sexuality.” — Shannon Tweed 

4. “I think that sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous.” Marilyn Monroe 

5. “Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It’s part of the sizzle.” — Camille Paglia 

6. “All religions, if you shrink them down, are all about controlling women’s sexuality.” — Mona Eltahawy 

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7. “I’d like to think of myself as somebody who has a voice for liberating female sexuality.” — Sasha Grey 

8. “I’ve used my femininity and my sexuality as a weapon and a tool, but that’s just natural.” Dolly Parton 

9. “I am sensual and very physical. I’m very erotic. But my sexuality exists on a sort of a fantasy level.” — Donna Summer 

10. “Through her paintings, she breaks all the taboos of the woman’s body and of female sexuality.” — Diego Rivera 

Sexuality quotes about society and life 

Sexuality is often defined through cultural lenses; these quotes honor that diversity. 

11. “A good way to vilify women is by attacking their sexuality.” — Amanda Knox 

12. “I’ve been through 20 years of torment battling with my sexuality.” — Gareth Thomas 

13. “I put myself on the line with my truth and my sexuality. That is my choice. My choice.” — Anne Heche 

14. “All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.” — Andreja Pejic 

15. “Sexuality is who you want to be with. Gender identity is who you want to be in the world.” — Hari Nef 

16. “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t ever apologize for your sexuality. Just be you.” — Sonya Deville 

17. “I’m very honest and open about my sexuality, being sensuous, being powerful as a woman.” — Trina 

18. “In terms of my work, I’ve never been reticent in terms of defining my sexuality. I write about my life.” — George Michael

19. “It’s not just about being sexy; it’s about being confident and me being confident in my sexuality.” Megan Thee Stallion 

20. “Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.” Alice Walker 

Quotes about sexuality and gender we can learn from 

Many people feel sexuality is something that should bring us together rather than separate us. 

21. “All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what’s sexy or cool or tough.” — Angelina Jolie 

22. “Civility is the recognition that all people have dignity that’s inherent to their person, no matter their religion, race, gender, sexuality, or ability.” — Opal Tometi 

23. “Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.” — Dorothy Allison 

24. “We live in a society that wants to label you with a color, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity. It divides us, but it also allows us to find pride in our identity.” — Logan Browning 

25. “It still strikes me as strange that anyone could have any moral objection to someone else’s sexuality. It’s like telling someone else how to clean their house.” — River Phoenix 

26. “David Bowie is my biggest inspiration. Pretty much the only thing that stayed the same with Bowie was his eyes. Everything else constantly changed, from his sexuality to his songs.” Lil Peep 

27. “Be strong, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don’t judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family.”  Madonna Ciccone 

28. “If repression has indeed been the fundamental link between power, knowledge, and sexuality since the classical age, it stands to reason that we will not be able to free ourselves from it except at a considerable cost.” — Michel Foucault 

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29. “If a person is homosexual by nature – that is, if one’s sexuality is as intrinsic a part of one’s identity as gender or skin color – then society can no more deny a gay person access to the secular rights and religious sacraments because of his homosexuality than it can reinstate Jim Crow.” — Jon Meacham 

30. “The rainbow is a part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it. It’s beautiful, all of the colors, even the colors you can’t see. That really fit us as a people because we are all of the colors. Our sexuality is all of the colors. We are all the genders, races, and ages.” — Gilbert Baker 

Sexuality quotes about inclusion

Honoring our unique sexual natures is one way of treating each other with respect. 

31. “Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law.” — Derek Jarman 

32. “I have never thought about my sexuality being right or wrong. To me, it has always been a case of finding the right person.” — George Michael 

33. “I am doing something I love, travelling the world, meeting fans, feeling confident, and I am no longer restricted by my sexuality.” — Calum Scott 

34. “Sexuality and sensuality exist in every woman, along with innocence, and I have represented only those through my characters.” — Shweta Menon 

35. “If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences, and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.” — Salvatore J. Cordileone 

36. “Sexuality is a big issue, but there are others – how much you commit to a relationship, to social obligation, to honesty and being honest with yourself.” — Ang Lee

37. “I don’t think there’s a direct correlation between my sexuality and my skiing ability. But I think because I was so concerned about it being found out, it was a distraction.” — Gus Kenworthy 

38. “There are wonderful artists who deal in the fashion world only, and you see by their creations that they are changing our understanding of sexuality and freedom and gender-bending.” — Nicolas Winding Refn 

39. “Regarding race or gender or sexuality, one of the great things about art and music is that they can provide people with very little else in common with a similar entry point for discussion, but the discussions still need to happen for life to get more interesting.” — Tunde Adebimpe 

40. “I get kind of, um, bored by all the sexuality and gender labels because I feel like that’s where the problem comes in when people feel that they need to have these particular identities. If you didn’t have these labels, and you just acted on how you genuinely felt at any point, then you wouldn’t have anything to contend with.” — Tig Notaro 

Sexuality quotes about being comfortable in the skin you are in

Our sexuality is one aspect of who we are, and all of us deserve to be comfortable with however that aspect manifests itself. 

41. “I’m very comfortable with myself and my sexuality, but it doesn’t define me. I also read books, believe it or not.” — Eva Mendes 

42. “Our equality bill is specifically designed to protect religion and belief on exactly the same terms as race or gender or sexuality.” — Gordon Brown 

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43. “As a heterosexual man, I’ve never really doubted my sexuality, but I’ve had men in my life and thought, ‘If I was gay, I’d be with him – you know?” — Garret Dillahunt 

44. “The thing that’s so at the heart of Bridgerton’ is intimacy and identity and sexuality – and so, of course, that’s something we’re going to have to make sure we continue with.” — Jonathan Bailey 

45. “A lot of what I’ve been learning in the last two years is due to therapy – about my sexuality, why things go wrong, why relationships haven’t worked. It isn’t anything to do with anybody else; it’s to do with me.” — Boy George 

46. “I think it can be difficult for young lesbian or young gay, bisexual, transgender to come out and be open with who they are because there’s such a huge stigma attached to that preference of their sexuality.” — Nafessa Williams 

47. “I think at 17, if I’d have seen a show that was really geared towards a woman’s sexuality and her finding that and not the male, and not the woman being sexualized, it would have been so interesting to see that growing up.” — Phoebe Dynevor 

48. “In my neighborhood, if you had a nice car, you know what they said about it? You didn’t pay for it. If you wore your clothes a certain way, they questioned your sexuality. If you was smart in school, they called you a nerd. If you had a disability, they highlighted it. There’s no praise. There’s only criticism.” — Rich Paul 

49. “Other than my sexuality, I am vulnerable regarding my physical appearance, as I am not what people considered ideal by most standards. For the entertainment business, I am not the body type of what is typically cast for television or movies.” — Alex Newell 

50. “The United States is in a time of transition. Courts have redefined marriage, and beliefs about human sexuality are changing. Will the right to dissent be protected? Will the right of Americans to speak and act in accord with what the United States had always believed about marriage – that it’s a union of husband and wife – be tolerated?” — Edwin Meese 

Sexuality is an essential part of who we are

As a collective, we have come a long way towards taking steps towards creating a world where everyone’s sexuality is respected. 

Unfortunately, we still have work to do. 

The LGBTQ+ community remains at higher risk of anxiety, depression, homelessness, self-harm, and substance abuse. 

For many young people, accepting their sexuality may be difficult because of noninclusive policies and cultural norms. 

It is difficult enough to navigate through life and determine one’s place in the world. 

Sexuality should be an exciting and fun road to journey. 

Our values, beliefs, bodies, desires, gender, and relationships are all impacted by our sexuality. 

One of the most important things we can remember when it comes to sexuality is that it is self-defined. 

Sexuality is an aspect of life that is ever-changing. 

What we like and how we like it evolves and transforms over time. 

Allowing ourselves the room to explore what makes us happy is vital to enjoying a healthy sexual life. 

Do you have a favorite sexuality quote?

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