50 Vinyl Quotes For Vintage Music Lovers

Get your groove on with our vinyl quotes. 

Vinyl is often associated with vintage music lovers and all things old school. 

But could a vinyl resurgence bring back the classic sounds of the past?

Find out below with our vinyl quotes below. 

What is vinyl? 

Vinyl is polyvinyl chloride which is used to create synthetic resins and plastics.

Vinyl is used for construction, wallpapers, covering materials, flooring, and record production. 

Check out these vinyl facts below: 

  • PVC comes in rigid or flexible forms. 
  • Forty million tons of PVC are produced annually. 
  • Vinyl is the world’s most widely used synthetic polymer. 

What are vinyl records?

Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to the juicy stuff! 

Vinyl records! 

When most people hear the word vinyl, they are referring to records. 

Vinyl records hold a special place in the heart of music lovers and the generations that grew up listening to vinyl. 

Today you may see hipsters or music buffs at record stores looking for vintage music.

However, there truly is something special about vinyl.

Holding a record in your hands, allowing your eyes to take in the art, letting your nostrils waft in that unique smell, it’s all part of something larger than just getting some new music. 

There is an aesthetic here. 

But what exactly are vinyl records?

Vinyl records are rotating disks used for storing music. 

They are analog music storage with inscribed modulated spiral grooves ranging from 12, 10, to 7 inches in diameter. 

In the beginning, these records were made of a resin called shellac. 

Vinyl records became popular in the mid-2000s. 

The first records were not vinyl

Early record-making technology was invented in the 1800s. 

The phonograph has been around for a long time. 

Records became the standard for music production as early as 1912. 

The downfall of the phonograph record industry occurred in 1992 when CDs became the norm. 

If you want to learn more, check out our vinyl quotes below. 

Short vinyl quotes reminiscing about the past

Let’s start with these short nostalgic quotes about vinyl.

1. “My kids love vinyl.” — Simon Le Bon

2. “Vinyl is the real deal.” — Jack White

3. “I’m a big vinyl listener.” — Butch Walker

4. “I believe that vinyl will outlast CDs.” — Conor Oberst

5. “I always thought vinyl was just intriguing.” — Pete Rock

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6. “I buy records; vinyl. I have a record player at home.” — Amber Heard

7. “I grew up working at a record store and listening to vinyl.” — Amos Lee

8. “My parents had a huge pile of vinyl records vinyl that I loved.” — Jonny Lang

9. “Vinyl has gotten to the point where it’s exclusively for the collector, I guess.” — Josh Homme

10. “I remember opening up my first vinyl and seeing the incredible artwork it had.” — Nikki Sixx

Vinyl quotes and sayings to live by

Let’s close out our list with these awesome vinyl quotes. 

11. “Japan is brilliant for vinyl.” — Mike D

12. “Vinyl is representational: It has a face.” — Adam Mansbach 

13. “Vinyl is democratic, as surely as the iPod is fascist.” — Adam Mansbach 

14. “I never even had a DJ set where a DJ’s playing vinyl, and I’m spitting.” — Stormzy 

15. “Vinyl occupies physical space honestly, proud as a fat woman dancing.” — Adam Mansbach 

16. “A great song is a great song, whether it’s on vinyl or CD or cassette or reel to reel or mp3.” — Moby 

17. “There’s so much plastic in this culture that vinyl leopard skin is becoming an endangered synthetic.” — Lily Tomlin 

18. “I feel like with the history of this platform, from vinyl to where we are now, it just seems like the next logical step.” Jay-Z 

19. “Whenever I see something that looks like it could be good whether it’s on vinyl, CD or cassette if it’s not too expensive, I’ll take a chance.” — Will Oldham

20. “More people seem to know the Van der Graaf Generator material than my solo work, thanks, I suppose, to their parents’ lingering vinyl collections.” — Peter Hammill 

The top vinyl quotes for record lovers

People love the aesthetics and practicality of vinyl. 

21. “I’ve always been a fan of vinyl. There’s something about the ritual of it.” — Frank Lero

22. “The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel, and vinyl.” — Dave Barry

23. “Water doesn’t hurt a vinyl record. Put it into a dishwasher, and you’re fine.” — Billy Gibbons

24. “Owning vinyl is like having a beautiful painting hanging in your living room.” — Steven Wilson

25. “I’ve always felt like until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album.” — Jack White

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26. “Vinyl survived; we managed not to kill it. Knowing that you’ve taken part in this fight.” — Jack White

27. “The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience.” — Alex Gregory, The New Yorker

28. “A lot of people that buy vinyl today don’t realize that they’re listening to CD masters on vinyl.” — Neil Young

29. “You can’t really take a vinyl record player on a plane, so you’re not going to have the same experience.” — Brendon Urie

30. “I thought I was the only one who still enjoyed his record collection, but after reading How Records Got Their Groove Back, I happily discovered I was wrong. There is something familiar about my old vinyl.” — Anthony Pilla

The best vinyl quotes for great listening

Who doesn’t love quality vinyl?

31. “Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music. But when he went home, he listened to vinyl.” — Neil Young

32. “Oftentimes, when people cut a record from analog tape to vinyl, they digitize the music first.” — Kevin Shields

33. “Our parents surround us with origin stories that create deep grooves in the vinyl records of our lives.” — Amy Poehler

34. “When we were making vinyl records, we had a lot of time limitations for each record, so songs were left off for a number of reasons.” — Ken Hensley

35. “I did a little investigating and discovered that most vinyl records that I’ve ever heard were digitized before they were put onto vinyl.” — Kevin Shields

36. “If I was a billionaire and had my time all over, I would invest all of my money in setting up a factory to produce vinyl records again.” — Roger Daltrey

37. “I prefer vinyl. We talk about this backstage; as musicians, it comes up a lot. It’s a shame the new generation is missing out on albums.” — Jack White

38. “I think it’s important for people who love music to retain physical CDs or even vinyl because it sounds so great and so much warmer than music over the internet.” — Norah Jones

39. “I hate the technological rip-offs that pass for music formats these days, and go back to vinyl to hear a good record because the sound is always so much fuller.” — John Lydon

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40. “It’s also ironic that in the old days of tape and tape hiss and vinyl records and surface noise, we were always trying to get records louder and louder to overcome that.” — Bone Burnett

Famous vinyl quotes about keeping it old school

These vinyl quotes celebrate the way music used to be listened to. 

41. “I guess my biggest influence was actually my Grandfather. He used to play old records on vinyl.” — Ella Henderson

42. “Kit spoke vintage vinyl in all its dialects. And he casually rubbed elbows with stars from all walks of life.” — Suzanne Stroh

43. “You also get that true gritty sound on vinyl that really makes a rock record sound great, which CDs can never achieve.” — Nikki Sixx

44. “There’s no question that a vinyl record is a lot nicer than a CD. It’s nicer to hold in your hands; you can do more with it.” — Simon Le Bon

45. “I’m a big collector of vinyl. I have a record room in my house, and I’ve always had a huge soundtrack album collection.” Quentin Tarantino

46. “The digital world is so convenient and nice, but just playing back a vinyl record is a much warmer, hotter, more present feeling.” — Steve Miller

47. “It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures. Even the smell of the vinyl.” — Martin Gore

48. “Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, ‘Listen, mate, life has surface noise.” — John Peel

49. “Every time I see a kid going out of the store with a vinyl record under their arms, my heart beats faster. Music should only be this. An intense emotion.” — Jack White

50. “I hardly ever listen to any of our old stuff now. Once the songs have been recorded and put on to vinyl, they become someone else’s entertainment, not mine.” — Robert Smith

Is the future vinyl?

The digital age is upon us, but current trends suggest there is a vinyl resurgence. 

People like the dependability and durability of vinyl.

What do you think?

Will vinyl outlast digital?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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