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Coming To America Quotes From The Classic Comedy

After 33 years, this classic romantic comedy finally released a sequel.

In honor of the new release, here are 45 of the best quotes from the original Coming to America.

Starring Eddie Murphy (as multiple characters, of course), based on the original story written by Eddie Murphy, and directed by John Landis, Coming to America has spent the last three decades becoming one of the most quotable comedy classics.

Murphy’s story, and the screenplay written by David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein, follows the young crown Prince of a fictional African country, Zamunda, Prince Akeem.

Believing there is more to love and life than his pampered palace and arranged marriage, Akeem comes to America to experience real life and find true love.

Besides Eddie Murphy, the film also co-stars Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and John Amos.

The film was released in the United States on June 29, 1988, and received generally positive reviews.

It was nominated for two Oscars and grossed over $350 million worldwide.

Before you watch the sequel, be sure to check out the best quotes from the original Coming to America film below.

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Funniest Coming to America quotes

1. “I want a woman that will arouse my intellect as well as my loins.” — Prince Akeem

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2. “So you see, my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea.” — King Jaffe Joffer

3. “Put a sock in it, Jaffe, the boy is in love.” — Queen Aoleon

4. “But how can a man get excited about a woman he’s never seen?” — Prince Akeem

5. “If loving the Lord is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!” — Reverand Brown

6. “But it is also tradition that times must and always do change, my friend.” — Prince Akeem

Coming to America quotes and lines from Prince Akeem

7. “I’m warning you. I will be forced to thrash you.” — Prince Akeem

8. “No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks.” — Prince Akeem

9. “When you think of garbage, think of Akeem.” — Prince Akeem

10. “What does dumb f*ck mean?” — Prince Akeem

11. “Oha, it is my twenty-first birthday. Do you think perhaps just once I might use the bathroom by myself?” — Prince Akeem

12. “Fascinating! Semmi, look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw glass on the streets!” — Prince Akeem

13. “Listen, I know what I like, and I know you know what I like because you were trained to know what I like, but I would like to know, what do you like?” — Prince Akeem

Coming to America quotes that will make you LOL

14.  “I am King Jaffe Joffer, ruler of Zamunda.” – King Jaffe Joffer

15. “I’m warning you. I will be forced to thrash you.” – Prince Akeem

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16. “What does dumb f*ck mean?” – Prince Akeem

17. “Sir, where can one go to find nice women here?” – Prince Akeem

18. “Behold, Semmi. Life. Real life! A thing that we have been denied for far too long! (shouts from balcony) Good morning, my neighbors!!” – Prince Akeem

19. “I have recently been placed in charge of garbage. Do you have any that requires disposal?” – Prince Akeem

20. “Time does fly fast, my son. It seems only yesterday I ordered your first diaper changed. Now you’re a man about to be married. She will give you much pleasure, don’t you think?” – King Jaffe Joffer

21. “Would you really have given up all of this just for me?” – Lisa McDowell

22. “This is beautiful. What is that? Velvet?” – Saul

23. “Is it just me, or does every woman in Queens have some kind of an emotional problem?” – Prince Akeem

24. “Well, that’s where you messed up, son, you can’t go to no bar to find a nice woman. You gotta go to a nice place, a quiet place like a library, there’s good women there and ‘erm, church, they’re good girls.” — Clarence

25. “Now I want you to reach onto God’s unchanging hand. He helped Joshua fight the Battle of Jericho. He helped Daniel escape the lion’s den. He helped Gilligan get off the island.” — Reverand Brown

Which Coming to America quote made you laugh the most?

Coming to America is a hilarious and heart-touching classic filled with memorable quotes that are still being repeated more than 30 years after the film’s release.

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In fact, Coming to America became such a cult-classic that Paramount pictures recently released the long-awaited sequel, Coming 2 America.

If you enjoyed these Coming to America quotes, then you are sure to enjoy the sequel where Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Akeem (now crowned king), as he heads back to New York for a brand new round of shenanigans.

Did you enjoy these Coming to America quotes and lines?

Which quote was your favorite?

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