25 John Owen Lowe Quotes About Second Chances

Learn about the power of redemption with our John Owen Lowe quotes. 

John Owen Lowe is an American actor, writer, and producer. 

He has been living under the shadow of his very famous father, Rob Lowe.

Learn how this determined son is breaking free from his father’s shadow with our John Owen Lowe quotes.

What has John Owen Lowe worked on?

Lowe has appeared or written for films and series such as: 

The son of a Hollywood star

It is easy to paint John Owen Lowe as a person born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. 

He is the child of actor Rob Lowe and makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff. 

Most people know his father from his roles in The Outsiders, Youngblood, St. Elmo’s Fire, or Parks and Recs.

Despite his attempts to carve his own lane in the entertainment industry, it is challenging not to be associated with his father. 

Lowe has been candid about these conditions. 

Concerning his father’s imprint, he said, “I’ll never separate from him. Is this my destiny?”

Thankfully for Lowe, he learned to come into his own and make the most of his famous father-son connection.

Turning lemons into lemonade

John Owen was happily working on a show when he found out his father would be added to the cast. 

This drove him nuts!

The idea that he would never find success without his father’s involvement concerned him.

Instead of allowing this pressure to mount, he decided to make it work for him.

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He and his father made a show about their disgruntled professional and personal relationship called Unstable

Lowe found a way to use his pain as a creative engine to produce a hilarious series. 

Lowe and the road to sobriety

Like his father, Lower suffered through several battles with addiction

He has been sober for years and uses his time to promote sobriety

To learn more, check out our John Owen Lowe quotes below. 

Short John Owen Lowe quotes about balance and family

We start with these short quotes from Lowe. 

1. “I had established this rapport with my dad that was entertaining to people.” — John Owen Lowe

2. “You have to have balance.” — John Owen Lowe

3. “I think humor is necessary.” — John Owen Lowe

4. “I think we did find a good balance.” — John Owen Lowe

5. “Wikipedia and Google took care of that for us.” — John Owen Lowe

The top John Owen Lowe about his love of comedy

Lowe has comedy genes running through his veins. 

6. “I’m really proud of Unstable.” — John Owen Lowe

7. “I credit whatever traumas I experienced with the sense of humor that I have now.” — John Owen Lowe

8. “I think that for me, the way I live my life is to inject comedy or humor or levity into almost any situation.” — John Owen Lowe

9. “I feel like it’s a coping mechanism I learned from a young age.” — John Owen Lowe

10. “So I think that it came sort of like secondhand nature to just want to joke about these rather serious or even dark things.” — John Owen Lowe

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Famous John Owen Lowe quotes about seeing his father’s sex tape

Lowe had to find out about his famous father’s sex tape through his friends at school. 

11. “I was like, What?” — John Owen Lowe

12.“You know what it’s kind of like? Santa Claus.” — John Owen Lowe

13. “There weren’t milestone markers, like, Okay, he’s 16 now, time for them to learn about this part of our life!” — John Owen Lowe

14. “I was in eighth grade or freshman year of high school, and some kid said, You know, your dad has a sex tape online.” — John Owen Lowe

15. “I don’t think most parents ever have that moment where they sit the kids down and go, ‘Okay, we’ve got to tell you something.’ A kid just figures it out.” — John Owen Lowe 

The best John Owen Lowe quotes about nepotism

Lowe opens up about the pressures of being a famous actor’s son. 

16. “I guess I was ahead of the nepo baby discourse there.” — John Owen Lowe

17. “I was going insane working in that level of proximity to him.” — John Owen Lowe

18. “I think the way I described it was like the least cool version of Jaden Smith.” — John Owen Lowe

19. “I was working with my dad on Lone Star, and I would complain to my manager” — John Owen Lowe

20. “It’s just a matter of to what degree and then getting serious about the funny stuff and the little stuff is also important.” — John Owen Lowe

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John Own Lowe quotes and sayings about addiction

Here, the actor opens up about his battles with drug abuse. 

21. “Many times I could have died.” — John Owen Lowe

22. “I’ve been to many hospitals many times.” — John Owen Lowe

23. “I’ve been very lucky.” — John Owen Lowe

24. “The more insecure I grew, the more aggressively I used to medicate.” — John Owen Lowe

25. “I really liked to push the limits of my body and numb out as much as I could.” — John Owen Lowe

Lowe credits his parents

Lowe’s life could have ended up much differently.

He had several scary bouts that almost led to his death.

He thanks the love of his parents for helping him overcome his addiction.

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