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50 Hummingbird Quotes to Help You Better Understand the Tiny Bird

Check out these hummingbird quotes that illustrate the uniqueness of the little bird as well as offer some life lessons for all of us.

Hummingbirds are truly fascinating little creatures! They are tiny (only a couple inches long).

Yet they flap their little wings so fast and powerfully that they actually produce a humming sound (hence their name)!

Hummingbirds can identify and remember food sources.

Therefore, they tend to visit the same places year after year, so you might get regular visitors.

Hummers (as hummingbirds are often called) travel thousands of miles when they migrate.

In fact, they go the farthest of any bird in proportion to body length. 

This is quite the feat for such a tiny bird and a reminder that nothing is impossible no matter how challenging it seems.

Some hummingbirds can travel 500 miles in a single trek!

They fuel up for their journey on sugar and insects.

They can eat more than twice their body weight in nectar and insects in a single day!

Keep reading through these hummingbird quotes to discover just how being like a hummingbird can help you navigate life and love. 

Short hummingbird quotes

Enjoy these short and to the point hummingbird quotes. Take a look below.

1. “I’m more of a culture hummingbird.” — Jai Rodriguez

2. “Hummingbirds have forgotten the words.” — Graffiti at Adelaide

3. “There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird.” — Kehlog Albran

4. “He has the attention span of a hummingbird.” — Christopher Moore

5. “I had the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack.” — Ilona Andrews

6. “The daily hummingbird assaults existence with improbability.” — Ursula K. Le Guin

7. “You tormented a hummingbird of love between your teeth.” — Federico García Lorca

8. “Jeweled coryphee with quivering wings like shielding gauze outspread.” — Ednah Proctor Clarke Hayes

9. “A flash of harmless lightning, a mist of rainbow dyes, the burnished sunbeams brightening from flower to flower he flies.” — John B. Tabb

10. “A rhododendron bud lavender-tipped. Soon, a glory of blooms to clash with the cardinals and gladden the hummingbirds!” — Dave Beard

Anonymous hummingbird quotes

These quotes have unknown authors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great! Check them out and see what you think.

11. “They just fly so fast.” — Anonymous

12. “Hummingbird—with brave wings she flies.” — Anonymous

13. “Time passes as fast as a hummingbird flutters.” — Anonymous

14. “The butterfly has something in common with a hummingbird.” — Anonymous

15. “Hummingbird brings the gift of joy. Learn to laugh and be happy.” — Anonymous

16. “Pray to have the same strength and power as that little creature does.” — Anonymous

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17. “Some of our memories are like hummingbirds—light and indistinctive.” — Anonymous

18. “Hummingbirds are so light and fast that they can compete with the air.” — Anonymous

19. “If fat geese were selling for 10 cents a pound, I couldn’t buy a hummingbird.” — Anonymous

20. “Hummingbird darts lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty, and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence.” — Anonymous

Hummingbird quotes about life and nature

These quotes don’t only teach you about hummingbirds, they also teach you about life and nature! Take a look and see if you learn something new.

21. “Hummingbirds that defend territories of many flowers remember which flowers they have recently emptied.” — Susan Healy

22. “Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything.” — Amethyst Wyldfyre

23. “As long as the hummingbird had not abandoned the land, somewhere there were still flowers, and they still go on.” — Leslie Marmon Silko

24. “Across the downs a hummingbird came dipping through the bowers. He pivoted on emptiness to scrutinize the flowers.” — Nathalia Crane

25. “When you are convinced that all the exits are blocked, either you take in believing in miracles or you stand still the hummingbird.” — Henry Miller

26. “You are Mr. Owl. I am Ms. Hummingbird. We may have come from different species, but as long as you’re a bird, I’m a bird too.” — Glad Munaiseche

27. “Hummingbird shows us how to revisit the past for the purpose of releasing it instead of being caught in a permanently backward flight pattern. It also helps us to see that if we step aside we may see our life differently.” — Constance Barrett Sohodski

28. “One day a hummingbird flew in. It fluttered against the window til I got it down where I could reach it with an open umbrella. When I had it in my hand, it was so small I couldn’t believe I had it, but I could feel the intense life—so intense and so tiny.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

29. “A hummingbird flew up to me and just hovered there staring at me. It’s tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun, and I thought, what a thing to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive, to be constantly on the verge of death.” — Anonymous

30. “All the normal noises of life were gone, leaving behind the secretive sounds, the shy sounds, the whispers and conversations of moss disputing with grass over some soft piece of earth, or the hummingbird snoring.” — N.D. Wilson

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31. “I may feel insignificant, but I don’t want to be like the other animals watching the planet go down the drain. I’ll be a hummingbird, I’ll do the best I can.” — Wangari Maathai

32. “Obviously, he had this native intelligence—this sensitivity and this ability to move rapidly through a whole range of material. You could just feel him taking stuff in with that gadfly energy—that hummingbird energy—taking a little something from here, there and everywhere, taking a little something from everything.” — Peter Sellars

Poetic hummingbird quotes about love and matters of the heart

These quotes are poetic and wise. Enjoy the quotes below.

33. “Furious flutter awakened hummingbird heart, hello, hello, love.” — Meghan McCafferty

34. “Gentle day’s flower—the hummingbird competes with the stillness of the air.” — Chogyam Trungpa

35. “Quick as a hummingbird, she darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly—dipping into the flowers of my heart.” — James Oppenheim

36. “If I were a flower, the hummingbird would be my favorite bee; and if I were blind, the light of darkness I’d love to see.” — Munia Khan

37. “I always loved those little creatures, always feeling blessed when they appeared nearby. There’s a magical quality to them. I finally put one in a song.” — Leonard Cohen

38. “Some of my old memories feel trapped in amber in my brain, lucid and burning, while others are like the wing beat of a hummingbird, an intangible, ephemeral blur.” — Mira Bartok

39. “A day so happy. Fog lifted early. I worked in the garden. Hummingbirds were stopping over honeysuckle flowers. There was no thing on earth I wanted to possess. I know no one worth my envying him.” — Czesław Miłosz

40. “Some people never find the right kind of love. The kind that jolts your heart, sets it beating apace, an anxious hiccuping of hummingbird wings.” — Ellen Hopkins

41. “Most elegantly finished in all parts, the hummingbird is a miniature work of our Great Parent, who seems to have formed it the smallest, and at the same time the most beautiful of the winged species.” — J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur

42. “Calliope feathers on the wings of my hopes and my dreams, to some day fly high in the lavender sky. The dawn breaks to herald a dazzling new day, as I hover, zip, zoom the hummingbird way.” — Sherri Lynea Gerek

Be like a hummingbird quotes

Have you ever wanted to be like a hummingbird? Take a look at the quotes below to see how passionate some people are about hummingbirds.

43. “Flutter like a hummingbird, dive like an eagle, ain’t no bird that’s my equal.” — Twilight Kathryn Lasky

44. “May my faith always be at the end of the day like a hummingbird returning to its favorite flower.” — Sanober Khan

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45. “I’d like to be like a hummingbird. You see them every now and then. You don’t see them everywhere.” — Shailene Woodley

46. “She spoke quickly, her tongue feeling like a hummingbird’s wing; she was so afraid of boring him if she took too long.” — Shannon Hale

47. “Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything.” — Amethyst Wyldfyre

48. “In Mexico, people wear hummingbird amulets around their necks to show they are searching for love. Here, people pretend that they aren’t searching.” — Francesca Lia Block

49. “You’re like a hummingbird, defying reality, a beautiful mystery, spreading your sweetness to all the needy flowers. Well, I’m no pretty garden blossom and I don’t need your brand of sugar.” — Karin Kallmaker

50. “You were like the hummingbird to me, and I am rather inclined to feel that you and I know the best part of one another without spending much time together. It is that I am at this moment willing to let you be what you are to me—it is beautiful and pure and very intensely alive.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

Hummingbird facts that will make you appreciate the little bird

When it is cold out, the hummingbird will enter a state similar to hibernation.

Torpor is a deep sleep in which their metabolic rate drops as much as 95%.

A torpid hummingbird maintains a hypothermic threshold that is close to death.

It can take a hummingbird anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to wake up when they are in this state.

These little wonders also fly in a unique manner.

Not only can flap their wings up to 50 times per second, they also don’t even land to eat, but rather, hover over their food source.

They are much stronger than they look, with 25 to 30% of a hummingbird’s weight being due to their pectoral muscles

As impressive as their wing speed is, their heart rate is even faster!

That tiny bird’s heart can beat up to 1260 beats per minute!

Consequently, relative to body size, this is the most beats per minute found in nature.

Their survival depends on them remaining in a constant state of motion.

So, be like the hummingbird and tap into your innate strengths.

Keep going and stay in motion. Take a nice long nap when you need recharging, and bring joy wherever you go!

Do you have any other hummingbird quotes or facts to add?

You can do so in the comment section below!

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  1. Allene reeves

    September 13, 2022 at 9:02 PM

    Each season a hundred hummers keep me mystified. More feeders bring more beauty. Well worth 200 pounds of sugar. They are a joy. Next year i will have a dozen feeders

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