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A Brief Introduction to “The Crossover” 

Kwame Alexander is the author of “The Crossover” novel.

This captivating novel takes readers on a mesmerizing journey of the basketball world, family life, and self-discovery.

Josh Bell is a basketball prodigy who has a tightly-knit family.

This novel also exhibits different themes, including:

  • Love 
  • Loyalty 
  • Friendship 
  • Complexities of identity

The Plot 

Josh Bell is the central character of “The Crossover”.

He is a talented basketball player who is passionate about this game.

He, along with his twin brother, creates an unstoppable duo.

The characters portrayed in “The Crossover” are vivid. 

They have unique personalities.

Most of the characters are struggling with their independent issues. 

Sports as a Theme

Basketball is the key theme of this novel.

It serves as a powerful vehicle for other themes like family and commitment.

By using the basketball game, the author tries to explore a variety of concepts including:

  • Teamwork 
  • Dedication 
  • Perseverance

Family Dynamics 

“The Crossover” is a story that also displays the dynamics of family life. 

The Bell family is closely-knit and shares a deep love and respect for each other.

Also, they share some hardships and conflicts. 

Using their experiences, Alexander tries to unfold the complexities of the relationship between siblings.

Exploring Identity and Self-Discovery

Once the story unfolds, Josh struggles with the challenges of growing up.

He is trying to discover his own identity.

Furthermore, he is facing social pressures, as his family is expecting a lot from him.

“The Crossover” invites the readers to a journey of self-discovery by exploring aspects like race, personal growth, and culture.

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The writing style of Alexander is poetic and engaging. 

It certainly adds depth and emotions to the novel and its characters.


“The Crossover” has created a major impact on readers of almost all ages. 

This publication has won numerous awards, including Newbery Medal. 

It is a unique blend of prose and poetry.

The relatable themes also add more value to the overall perception of this novel.

This book has resonated with the youth and sports enthusiasts.

Top 5 The Crossover Quotes

Here are the top 5 quotes from the captivating novel, “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander.

1. “Tricks are for kids.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

2. “I think being an adult must be confusing as hell.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

3. “If you miss enough of life’s free throws, you will pay in the end.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

4. “Because it turns out forever is like the mall—right around the corner.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover 

5. “He’s no longer listening to music, but his tears are loud enough to dance to.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

The Crossover Quotes About Basketball Game

Here are some choice quotes on the central theme of “The Crossover”, basketball, focusing on the passion, skill, and competitive spirit associated with the game.

6. “When the game is on the line, don’t fear. Grab the ball. Take it to the hoop.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

7. “A great team has a good scorer with a teammate who’s on point and ready to assist.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

8. “A loss is inevitable, like snow in winter. True champions learn to dance through the storm.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

9. “See, when I play ball,/I’m on fire./ When I shoot,/ I inspire./ The hoop’s for sale,/ and I’m the buyer.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

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10. “Rebounding is the art of anticipating, of always being prepared to grab it. But you can’t drop the ball.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

Motivational The Crossover Quotes

Here you’ll find a selection of quotes from “The Crossover” that will encourage you to follow your dreams, face your fears, and do what you love.

11. “Always shoot for the sun, and you will shine.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

12. “In this life, rain’s gonna fall, but the sun will shine again.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

13. “Sometimes you have to lean back a little and fade away to get the best shot.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

14. “Never let anyone lower your goals. Others’ expectations of you are determined by their limitations of life.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

15. “In this game of life, your family is the court, and the ball is your heart. No matter how good you are, no matter how down you get, always leave your heart on the court.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

The Crossover Quotes that are Insightful 

In this section, each insightful quote from “The Crossover” provides a unique perspective that will make you think deeply about life and the world around you.

16. “Own the sadness, don’t let it own you.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

17. “When you stop playing your game, you’ve already lost.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

18. “Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t said that kill you.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

19. “There’s a lot of love around you, but if you don’t see it, it’s not there.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

20. “Silence doesn’t mean we have run out of things to say, only that we are trying not to say them.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

The Crossover Quotes About Dad

The following is a collection of heartfelt and inspiring quotes that celebrate the role of fathers across different worlds and genres.

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21. “Dad treats his championship ring like some kind of family heirloom that we can’t wear until one of us becomes Da Man.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

22. “And even though I wasn’t into all that jazz, every time I’d score, rebound, or steal a ball, Dad would jump up smiling and screamin’, That’s my boy out there.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

23. “On the forty-ninth shot, I am only slightly aware that I am moments from fifty. The only thing that really matters is that out here in the driveway shooting free throws, I feel closer to Dad.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

24. “On the way home Dad asks if we should stop at Pollard’s. I tell him I’m not hungry, plus I have a lot of homework, even though I skipped lunch today and finished my homework during halftime.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

25. “Ever since I watched the clip of Dad posterizing that seven-foot Croatian center on ESPN’s Best Dunks Ever; soaring through the air—his long twisted hair like wings carrying him high above the rim—I knew one day I’d need my own wings to fly.” — Kwame Alexander, The Crossover

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“The Crossover” is a masterpiece that relates to the family, personal growth, and power of sports.

The novel is well-known for its engaging narrative.

Also, the characters are well-developed. 

Due to the extensive popularity of this novel, the Crossover quotes are widely shared by people.

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